Read What You Eat, Eat What You Read

Like most people I like to speak in gross generalizations that have little to no basis in fact or reality.  I find a certain comfort in it and a little challenge.  The challenge comes when somebody questions me.  Example – I don’t eat fast food.  This is a common statement that I make.  My sister had the nerve to say – well you go to Subway and Quiznos, so explain that.  So – after plenty of research (that means I asked the owner of my local Quiznos franchise) – from a planning and marketing standpoint they fall into the “quick service restaurant


  1. The same laziness and broad generalizations have stopped me from getting this. When even Gordon is recommending it, I don’t think I can hold off anymore. Soon, I tell you. Soon.

  2. sounds like the whole bias i had. Then i read Scott Pilgrim…damn. I had been missing out for sure. Though i dont think other books would much appeal to me Scott Pilgrim did very very very much.

  3. I’ve never understood why people are so loudly opposed to manga. First, it’s just a damn comic so who even cares? And second, it’s just not nearly as uniform and and stereotypical as people assume. Cup noodle proves this. Here’s a manga that is NOT full of the standard manga tropes, and is fun. Guess what…there are actually other manga out there that are good too. I’m not saying it’s ALL good, far from it. In fact, I find MOST of the stuff being translated into english nowadays uninteresting…still, it’s not really worth it to write off the whole genre. Check out Toriyama’s Sandland…single volume, kind of fun.

  4. I subscribe to the I won’t drive a foreign car because it might leave an American unemployeed ideology.  Same thing with comics.  It would break my heart to know that an American soul was left destitute because I, an unpatriotic sap, bought a Japanese comic.  I just couldn’t live with myself.  God Bless America.  Bring the Troops Home.  Don’t buy foreign comics.  Tie a ribbon around the old oak tree.   These colors never run.  Etc. 


  5. I picked this book up from my LCS a few months ago and had a blast with it.  Like you, I’m not a Manga fan and I usually dislike anime/manga related things.  But this book was just fun, and it was really cool seeing how the process worked in getting the noodles in the cup.  I highly recommend it.

  6. I wish the iFanboy nation would shut up about this book already.

  7. I bought it about 5 months ago and have yet to read it, but I don’t really know why.

     What I find shocking is how people take pride in not eatting fast food.  Why?  It’s delicious!  French Fries! Hambergers!  Nuggest!  Tacos!  Burritos!  Fried Chicken!  Deeeeeeeeeeelicious!  I understand some of the health concerns, but if you refrain from eatting it every day, that just makes it more of a treat when you eat it.  Man, I could go for some McDonalds right now…or Jack In the Box…or Taco Bell…maybe even Arby’s.

     In all honesty, I am excited for this next week when my wife will be out of town and it will be the highly anticipated Fast Food Week for me!

  8. @Andrew  Excellent!  You turned this page into a crossover event of the week.   You have this book but it’s on your Stack (see Josh’s column earlier in the week).  And I notice Esophagus is featuring variant avatars again.  Please, no foil or embossed shenanigans! 

     As to Japanese business culture and the stress it induces: I did a robot project funded by a Japanese toy/media company.  They intended to break into the American toy market instead of making deals with Mattel or Hasbro or whoever it was.  To do this they HAD to be on Cartoon Network, Mon.-Fri. afternoons.  As the project developed we learned CN had a moratorium on robot shows.  Didn’t matter what they were, no robots because their robot shows had tanked.  So we brought up the idea of moving ahead but also preparing a "Plan B" of direct to DVD movies.  The Japanese wouldn’t even discuss it.  It was weird because we were bringing up quite logical points.  Finally, the head guy said, "In our culture, to have an alternate plan is to admit the possibility of failure."  Then the wall came back down as if it had never been said but we proceeded with the project that we knew to be doomed.   

    A little OT but it really brought home the difference in cultures at a really basic level.  Now, that may have been just his "company culture" but it was still a glimpse into an alien mindset. 



  9. i’ve been trying to find this book ever since ron started singing its praises. finally picked it up at a random book store on tuesday. i was almost gidding. my two great loves, comics and ramen, all in one.

    i loved the story too. thanks ifanboys for pushing it. it’s a bit hard to find. my lcs can’t order it…

  10. I COULD HAVE swore someone was going to give me this book…. It was my first book suggestion from iFANBOY that I wanted to read.  I can’t find it… but if I do… It will be added to my collection.  Thanks iFANBOY for creating a long to do list for me to read….


    nice article 

  11. Generalizations are like opinions and assholes, everyone has one. 

    My absolute favorite generalization is "I don’t have time to read".  I always counter this statement with turn your TV off and you would have plenty of time. My second favorite is "I don’t watch TV".  This is of course followed up by generalizer having a lengthy conversation about Lost.  My 3rd and final favorite generalization is that "I don’t like country music".  You mean to tell me in the 125 year history of country music you haven’t like a single Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, or Elvis song.  I call bullshit. 

    With all tha said I don’t like Manga, I really, really, don’t. 

  12. Since it was first featured in the video show, I have been trying to find this book in our local shops. I read both Western and Asian comics, so this being Manga doesn’t bother me at all. There are a lot of different Manga out there that are aimed at almost ALL kinds of readers. I hope one day iFanboy will start reviewing more Manga, or maybe a bi-monthly episode in the video show on what their favorite Manga is.

  13. I’d read this article if Gordon didn’t write it. LOL! I don’t read intern posts.