Read The Sixth Gun #1 for FREE

Oni Press went the extra mile with their Free Comic Book Day offering. The Sixth Gun, the new supernatural Western from Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, is now available for free online.

I have this to say about The Sixth Gun: Go read it now.

It was, by far my favorite thing from Free Comic Book Day, and I was looking forward to it, and it delivered and then some.  Cullen and Brian had previously worked together on The Damned (which we talked about here), and the quality continues with their new project.  If you want to hear the creators talking about The Sixth Gun, they were on our C2E2 show, just this last week.


  1. Hmm should’ve picked this up at FCBD when I had the chance.

    This was seriously good though. A little wordy at times, but a nice set up to an interesting universe. I’m all down for a western with demons.

  2. I am so glad this book is getting a good push from the comic community. It was a lot of fun and the creators are really nice guys. If you get your books from DCBS or any other pre-order site, it would seriously help these guys out, to pre-order the next few issues. I guess that’s true of any book, but something creator owned, can sometimes live or die by pre-orders.

  3. Very cool, my LCS didn’t have this one and after watching your C2E2 coverage I really wanted to pick it up.  Hopefully more issues of The Damned will be out soon as well.

  4. This was my favorite book from FCBD. Great setup, and I’m REALLY looking forward to the series launch. Great team — LOVED The Damned. Is this actually an ongoing?

  5. this was pretty cool, I think when it starts coming out I’m gonna pull it. Although, and I may be wrong, it seems alot of Oni Press books cant keep a monthly schedule. But then again I just get Stumptown through them so what do I know

  6. They said it was.

  7. I don’t understand why free digital media is treated like some sort of…refuse. I love Oni press, and I love it that they are giving this full issue for free, but give me PDF, a CBZ or even an Epub. Its free, nobody can steal it. Thankfully I have the FCBD issue, still haven’t checked out.

  8. @muddi900

    You sir, are absolutely correct!  We’ve updated our blog post. You can now download a complete PDF of the first issue of THE SIXTH GUN



    Brian Hurtt is a champ!  First five issues are penciled, inked, lettered and the first three are colored and completed.  The first six covers are in house and they’re amazing!


    Thanks to everyone for your support and PLEASE ORDER AT YOUR LCS NOW! It’s imperative that you let the retailers know you want to read this series.  Often indie series wont get ordered until someone comes in and asks for a copy and by then it may be sold out, so make sure to use secure your copy today.  We’re hoping the order form will make it easier for fans and retailer alike: 

  9. This book was the highlight of my Free Comic Book Day. Everyone should check this out!

  10. @CasoniOni: Thank you for the update sir, If that’s the case then I will gladly pick this up monthly!

  11. Thanks Josh! My LCS was out of this when I got there and I was most looking forward to reading this for FCBD.

  12. Fantastic book – definitely the best of FCBD.  Seemed like a mix of Wild West and Lord of the Rings to me.  I’m going to push this book hard for sure on my podcasts.

  13. cool. I missed every FCBD comic this year as the only shop I could make it to didn’t get ANYThis was one that I wanted and I already planned on buying #1 and #2 when the come out.

    To be fair to the shop I went to though, they did give anyone a free comic or two from their dollar bins.  I got an early issue of Nexus.

  14. @CasoniONI

    OK, that was freaking awesome of you.

  15. @muddi900 

    Glad we could help 🙂


    Thanks again to everybody and please USE THE ORDER FORMS and tell your retailers to buy you a copy!  This is an excellent book and we at Oni want to make sure everyone that wants a copy gets one.  The goal is to empower the fans!  You’ve read the book, you know it’s good, make sure your comic shop knows too 😀

  16. Just read it and loved it. I almost get a brisco county jr feel to it. Looking forward to reading more.

  17. Hey, everyone! Thanks so much for the great feedback. I’m really thrilled that folks seem to like the book. It’s been a long time in the making.