Rafael Albuquerque Takes Over Art Duties on ANIMAL MAN

The Los Angeles Times‘ Hero Complex blog has broken the big news that American Vampire artist Rafael Albuquerque will be joining writer Jeff Lemire on Animal Man. Here’s a look at the cover to Animal Man #24:

Animal Man_24

Animal Man #24 cover courtesy Hero Complex

While Albuquerque is a great fit for Animal Man, what this means for the future of the currently-on-hiatus American Vampire remains to be seen. On Twitter, Lemire claimed that Albuquerque would be able to handle both books at once (along with the back-ups in Batman, I guess) and that there would be no effect. Time will tell!


  1. This could really help save the series.

    Lemire is great, but this will really help carry the load!

  2. Think maybe I’ll jump back on!

  3. So I’m not doubting Rafael but this maybe a bit to much of a work load. I know Lemire said Rafael can handle the art but worst case scenario let Sean Murphy take over after the Wake is done.

    • Murphy take over Animal Man or American Vampire? Both sound great to me. Although since AV is creator owned with an eventual end I would prefer Albuquerque stay on AV.

  4. I had dropped Animal Man months back, but this peeks my interest again.

    I have been wondering why Am. Vamp. has been put on hiatus when it was and all the various projects the creators have on their plate keep pushing it away.

  5. YES!! Animal Man has been really good again after finally getting out of Rotworld. The only problematic spot was the art but this definitely takes care of that. I really hope this isn’t one of those situations where it’s only three issues but they don’t tell us that up front, I hope he’s able to stick around for a long time.

  6. Alright, I’m jumping back in. Didn’t really like Pugh’s art and the Rotworld story was wearing thin. But I’ll give it another shot for Rafael’s art.

  7. I’m really excited about this. To be honest American Vampire hasn’t really been doing it for awhile. I would be ok if they put that one down.

    • Ouch! The last arc was pretty weak, I’ll give you that (in fact I wrote reviews of those issues voicing my disappointments), but the last issue before the hiatus was solid and the premise leaves the door open for lots of great stories. AV is one series I will grieve over at its completion.
      That said, this could be a great match, and like a lot of these folks this might be enough to get me back on board with Animal Man. Haven’t read it in about a year. But I will probably wait and see if this is a “permanent” thing or a “promotional” thing to get back those readers that Rotworld lost.

    • I’ll say that Animal Man has been pretty fantastic post Rotworld regardless of art but Rafeal is an upgrade. That and it’s always fun to see him in super hero’s comics when he ends up there. I loved American Vampire up to the final issue of the rockabilly 50’s arc where the greaser dude gives Skinner a speech about being cool. I thought that was really weak and it’s kind of left me cold ever since. I did really dig the Long Road to Hell. A break away might be good for it to come back later but, yeah I’m satisfied with everything they did through the WW2 arc in Japan and I would be fine if it ended there. Let me ask you, considering that American History is a huge part of the series how far would you like to see the series go? 70’s? 80’s? The present?

    • Haha! You are definitely right about the “cool” speech. Skinner as a Vassal is kinda lame in general. Seems like ever since Batman fired up AV has suffered. Id be down for AV stories all the way to the present. Take it to 90’s Vampire clubs, do something with the internet and tech, definitely want a skateboarding AV with an old school 80’s board and a flipped bill hat. I just enjoy the hell out of the idea, and that’s why.I hated the “special agent” vampire shit that went down. It got too Superhero feeling.
      I dug the hell out of Albuquerque’s Batman, the variant to #10 (I think) is awesome and his interiors were great. He’s an upgrade to almost everything in my opinion, but I too have never minded the art on AM, it just started dragging on too much for me. Maybe I’ll pick up a couple post rot issues and see if I like it again. Buddy is a very interesting guy and I loved the family aspect of the early issues. I heard about his son, but his daughter is still around right?

    • Yeah the whole family is there still outside of the son although it seems possible that could be retconned based on the last issue. The family dynamic is really cool. If nothing else it’s worth checking out the issue that finished off the second half of the movie he was in. I think it’s two or three issues back. I could see what you saying in regards to AV although I never thought of it that way. Also I forget now but didn’t Skinner flip on the Vassels at the end? Also is he dead now? Btw I think I remember you not really liking Rick Remender but if you like Albuquerque (who’s name I hate spelling) you might want to check out his art on Uncanny X-Force 5.1 to see him draw Wolverine, Deadpool, Lady Deathstrike and a bunch of thugged out android in Australia. It’s pretty fun.

    • Yeah, I haven’t liked what I’ve read of Remender (Cap and Fear Agent- The ideas are cool, I just don’t care for his writing style), but I would love to see how Rafa draws those characters. Thanks for the info, I had no idea he drew that. Skinner got away at the end-at least that’s how it seemed, but I’d have to reread it to remember how it went down. I thought there was a twist where he was basically playing both sides, but ultimately ended up saving Pearl and escaping . So far you’ve been right about Swamp Thing and Suicide Squad, so I guess Im gonna be giving AM another shot.

    • Ha thanks. Totally forgot what happened at the end of AV. UXF is only issue 5.1 so it’s doesn’t necessarily constitute a large investment in Remender.

  8. Avatar photo consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    looks like I’m back on Animal Man

  9. This is a coup. Pretty exciting.

  10. And just like that, I’m picking up Animal Man again.

  11. Very happy i stayed with AM. This is awesome.

  12. Also travel Foreman back on the annual, i’m coming back guys.

  13. Nice. I want to read Animal Man again.

  14. I’m glad I never left. But after a very long rot world I can understand why people did leave.

  15. So glad I hung on!

  16. Yeah, this is great news. Issues 7-16 or whatever bored the hell out of me, but this title has picked up steam like crazy in the last few months, and with R.A. taking over the art duties… it looks like the great promise of issues #1-6 will be fulfilled. Fantastic.

  17. This is going to be awesome, I thought the hiatus happened so he could draw everything, and the break was for him to draw it ahead quite a bit so this feels odd. At least we will get some great looking animal man, although I would have taken foreman back in a heartbeat also.

  18. Well this is a good sign to jump back on Animal Man….curse you Lemire and DC!

  19. I dropped this because the whole rot world story was way to long but i’ll be back here with R.A. on art. I hope it won’t affect American Vampire

  20. Great artist for a great series! I am all for it! As long as Lemire writes Animal Man, it will never leave my pull list, or my heart (yep, I went there)!

  21. Kirby wrote AND drew 4 books for months on end in the 70s. Maybe Rafael has that kind of gift. My guess is most of his work has already been turned in or he has a huge headstart on it which is why everyone is saying AV and AM won’t conflict with each other. I’m kinda sad to see Steve Pugh leave, I wonder if its permenant or if he’ll come back after Albuquerque is done? I’m stoked for this either way.

  22. I finally had enough of Animal Man and dropped the book after the last issue. It wasn’t just Steve Pugh’s art, I guess I just don’t care for Jeff Lemire as a writer of super hero books. I loved Sweet Tooth, The Underwater Welder and Essex County, but I’ve never really liked his run on Animal Man or Justice League Dark. I’ll probably be dropping Green Arrow soon as well. Frankenstein I did enjoy however.

    For those that like the book I’m glad you’re finally getting a better artist on the title. My pull list is way too long anyway and needs culling.

  23. Aaaaaaaand I’m back on board!!! I’ve been wanting to give this a peek since the end of that rot world business.

  24. Sooooo great!