Project: Rooftop Announces Webhead 2.0 Winner!

You might remember that Ron, Conor, and myself were to take part in the judging of Project: Rooftop’s Webhead 2.0 contest, where folks could submit their idea for a new take on Spider-Man’s classic costume. Take part we did!

You can go see the honorable mentions, which is a great and meaty read, the third and second place designs, and first place winner right now. The opinions and scoring are all over the map, and as you’re used to on this site, the three of us have vastly different tastes. Several other excellent judges weighed in as well. It was a lot of fun, and actually quite challenging to pick from these imaginative designs inspired by the ideas of WebDesign499.

I want to issue more congratulations to the winners and participants. It takes guts to put your stuff out there like this, and there’s a wealth of talent available.

Rosy Higgins' design, and 3rd place winner

It proved that there’s a lot of life left in Spider-Man, and a great many people with amazing imaginations and design sense out there. I recommend you visit Project: Rooftop regularly, and if you ever want to try your hand at a re-design, it’s a great time with an active community as well.


  1. These are always a lot of fun as there are some great designs and concepts, like the webbing coming from the fingers (amazing!). My favorite was from the honourable mentions post and was completed by Corey Lewis. The hoods a neat idea, and i like the DIY concept from a teens perspective.

    The only thing that I think Spidey should really have is a full mask. It’s a great way to create that feeling of mystery behind spider-man that he could really be anyone, and i think it’s a feature that appeals to a lot of fans of his.

  2. This is awesome stuff.

  3. I think this design should have come in first. Love the punk-street urchin, DIY feel. Very original. Fantastic

  4. Really fun to read your opinions guys, there was lots of cool designs (and really bizarre ones). Hey Ron, those aren’t knee high boxer boots, those are knee high Converse Chuck Taylors and I think a lot of kids have them.

  5. Im not so sure about the winning design’s emo scarf, but I love the idea of 10 seperate web fingers.

  6. This was a really great bunch of designs. Great picks with those top 3.

  7. Looks awesome. The shoes are inconvenient for wallcrawling. But great concept.

  8. Hmmm, I’m surprised nobody has picked up on it, but the first place winners design was definitely inspired by the Shinobi video game, hence the scarf.
    check it out

  9. wow, awesome. don’t know about the fingerless gloves, but everything else is great.

  10. i’m a big fan of Project: Rooftop, when i get some time I’m submit something

  11. Ron. How in the hell did you give the Rosy Higgins design a TWO?! I’m not saying that one’s my favorite (it’s my second favorite) but it’s a score that’s so out of whack with all your other scores AND the scores the other judges gave that design… if you had given that design a still-undeserved-but-more-palatable 4, it would have won! Did you mean to press 5 on the keypad and aimed too low or something?!

    And the multiple eyes thing IS creepy. Not a fan.

    Oh… my fave was the Samir Barrett design, the first design on the HM page, with the hood and the yellow piping. Really dig that for an Ultimate Spidey or animated costume.

    • Yeah Ron’s score did seem overly harsh but to each his own I guess. Personally I absolutely love the entire upper half of the costume and it would be really easy to get your hands on a pair of knee high converses if you so desired. One other thing I disagree with Ron on is the exposed webshooters, which is something I would really like to see (if done right). It just doesn’t make sense that you wouldn’t be able to see the buldge if they were concealed underneath the costume and having them on the outside would be much more pratical for reloading. The individual webshooters for each finger on the winning design is fantastic though.

    • I agree on the exposed webshooters, but I don’t like the finger webshooters. From a pure aesthetics point, it’s new and cool and something really different. From a practical point, how does he get a grip on the webbing?

    • that was my first thought when i saw that score of 2, killin me here ron.

      Not a fan of the headpiece or scarf for the winner, and while the fingershooters are a great idea, i just can’t see them on spidey. Good stuff all around though.

  12. I LOVED the design by Vanni LoRiggio on the honorable mentions page. But I may be being swayed by the brilliant artwork. That guys needsto draw some spidey covers

  13. Third is hands Down my favourite. I do like first a lot though.

  14. I don’t think they make knee high converses for guys, but awesome costume none the less.

  15. Loved just about all of them,except for the winner. Some really great ideas among the honorable mentions.