PREVIEW: Wolverine and the X-Men #4

Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men has been one of this year’s best-reviewed books around these parts. Nick Bradshaw has been awarded highly coveted iFanboy Upstart status. On January 11th, Marvel gets Bradshaw’s art chocolate in the peanut butter of excellence, and the result is sure to be better than that metaphor just was. Gaze in wonder at what awaits you below!

Written by JASON AARON
Pencils & Cover by NICK BRADSHAW

Just when Logan has a moment to breathe, the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning is visited by THE FUTURE as red-hot artist Nick Bradshaw joins superstar writer Jason Aaron in Wolverine & The X-Men #4!

After a rocky opening courtesy of the new Hellfire Club, school is in session with new students and new faculty joining the roster – including X-Force’s Deathlok.


  1. That’s pretty.
    I love the opening arc but I am really waiting to see more classroom stuff.

  2. I wonder if the art change is temporary. There were some problems last issue, but over all I dig Bachalo’s art way more. This is a bit too… anime? But, y’know, I’m still reading it even if they get Liefeld or something because Jason Aaron + Wolverine is an automatic buy for me.

  3. I have no issues with this art, kind of like it actually, but I love Bachalo’s.

  4. I don’t know why, but Deathlok as a teacher is pretty damn funny….Also, he’s a character Aaron LOVES to use because I think he’s been involved in almost every title Aaron has worked on involving Wolverine.

    Speaking of Logan, does Bradshaw’s ‘anime like’ interpretation of him bother anyone else?….Kinda looks like Tim Allen with muscles.

  5. My only real dislike of Bradshaw’s art continues to be that I don’t like how he draws a lot of the faces. It’s not as bad as I was afraid it’d be from some of his previous X-Men stuff, but I still greatly prefer Bachalo.

  6. Love it. Also love the Nick Bradshaw variant cover of issue 1.

  7. Bachalo, oh how I loved thee in the early days of Gen X… how a hate thee now… I feel his art has conistantly drifted into a more and more abstract style from his original funky-cool but still clear and insainly detailed style. I only bought the second issue of this because I had fogotten to tell my LCS to stop pulling it for me… but with this on the horizon I’ll stick on it for a bit now.

  8. Well this looks very nice.

  9. My brain is giggling thinking of the other X-Force members that could possible come to the school as substitutes. Deadpool teaching weapons combat, Phantomex teaching mind strenghtening, I’m assuming Deathlok is there to prepare students for the future.

  10. Nick Bradshaw is fantastic.

  11. Bradshaw’s been around for a while. His art style in the last year or so has evolved into a more cartoony version of Art Adams, and that’s not a bad thing.

  12. Looks gorgeous.. but it doesnt seem that it will please the bachalo haters… looks similar to me..

  13. Deathlok!

  14. Now I’m intrigued.