PREVIEW: Uncanny X-Force #21

Uncanny X-Force #21It can be argued that following Jerome Opena on Uncanny X-Force is a tough act to follow, but artist Greg Tocchini is bringing is own unique level of awesome to the book. The latest story arc, Otherworld, kicked off with the last issue and today we’re excited to get a preview of Uncanny X-Force #21 from Marvel Comics.

As you can see from the preview pages below Tocchini is bringing to life the Otherworld story by Rick Remender in a wholly unique and visually engaging way that continues to keep the energy and vibe that makes Uncanny X-Force the best book at Marvel Comics right now.  As a Captain Britain fan, it’s great to see Remender bringing back the wonderful story concepts that made me a fan of the character in the first place. I can only hope that everyone is enjoying this as much as I am!

Uncanny X-Force #21 hits stores next Wednesday with a cover price of $3.99.

Here’s the solicitation info and below is a preview of the first 4 pages.

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Greg Tocchini

• Wolverine and AOA Nightcrawler face a strange and deadly new foe in Otherworld
• Fantomex’s sentence is carried out and he is injected with an anti-reality serum…
• Psylocke becomes Lady Briton!
• Deadpool is decapitated



  1. Why has the art in this book completely sucked the last three issues? Where is Jerome Opeña?

    • I liked Robbi Rodriguez.

    • I dug Rodriguez’s art too but I hate Tocchini’s art. It’s ugly, muddy, and the story-telling from panel to panel is poor. Even Tocchini’s splash pages push me to turn the page, instead of admire the art.

    • Yeah, I dug Robbi’s art too. It was fitting for that single issue, a little lighter. A breather for a second before plunging back into the drama, as Remender put it.

    • The number one reason people seem to be giving for not liking the art is that its muddy, that sounds like the problem is in the colors not the pencils. People do tend to blame the guy who drew it for everything. Maybe I enjoyed it more because I had just read Uncanny X-men with art by Greg Land. At the very least every character looks like they should. Go read the Secret Invasion arc of X-Factor, you can’t tell people apart until someone actually says their name.

    • “sounds like the problem is in the colors not the pencils.”

      I was thinking this as well. Forcing Tocchini’s art to match up with the rest of the series, and in turn back-firing as a result. Should have gotten someone whose colors compliment the pencils. Opena and White were an amazing combination. Need to let Tocchini find his “other half”. Once he does, I imagine it would be awesome.

  2. I like tocchini’s style, but his story telling is often clunky. That is really hurting an arc that is ethereal and confusing to begin with. On a lighter note, that cover looks awesome. I like this Elf.

  3. I haven’t seen Betsy in that costume in 25 years

  4. I’m shocked at how polarizing Tocchini’s art has been among the iFanbase. I for one really dig his stuff. Sure it’s not Opena, and sure every character is constantly tilting his/her head to one side (not sure what that’s about). But he’s a very competent artist, and the surreal flavor to his work really compliments the story Remender’s telling in this arc. And the coloring is off the wall.

    I miss Opena too, but ya gotta have variety. It could be worse.

    • My problem with Tocchini is to ME, it didn’t fit the book? When Esad and even Tan filled in, they all had a very similar style. Tocchini is very dissimilar. I liked his work on FF. To ME it fit there. Also, the way Tocchini ended the last issue left ME very confused.

  5. So Tochinni’s not Opena. One of the most intriguing bits about comics is that the creative teams change fairly frequently, keeping things fresh (hopefully). Tochinni has an expressive hand that Opena lacks (though I do like Opena, as well).

  6. uhhh Ron you might be drinking a bit too much of the kool-aid on this one.

    “It can be argued that following Jerome Opena on Uncanny X-Force is a tough act to follow, but artist Greg Tocchini is bringing is own unique level of awesome to the book.”

    That is a Fox News worthy amount of spin to put on the fact that Tocchini’s art doesn’t hold a candle to what we are used to from Opena. I have loved this book since the beginning but this is the first time i’m seriously considering dropping it because the art is such a let down. I will most likely stick with it because I love Remender but man Tocchini art is turning my favorite book into a slight eye sore. Tocchini isn’t horrible but I say Below Average would be a lenient summary.

    • Some people like the art, some don’t. Ron likes the art. I like the art. Some people above you in the comments like the art.

    • I think the art looks pretty good except for the Psylocke costume/hair-helmet thing… yikes…

    • Your favorite artist isn’t going to draw every comic you want to read. It’s just a fact of life. I like Opena’s work better but Tocchini’s art isnt that bad. It’s just a different style.

    • @conor ugh I guess to each their own if you like it. I just remember the comments on the last issue being a pretty overwhelming majority of the people not enjoying the art. Whatever though I just find my enjoyment of the book lowered with Tocchini on art.

    • ok, if we’re going to mince words you have to do it with a grain of salt.

      “unique level of awesome” means absolutely nothing. it’s an abstraction. you see and interpret it as you like.

    • “Unique level of awesome”- That recommends it to me as having a singular superlative quality.
      A bit of flamboyant language, but not very abstract at all.

    • Duly noted, Maty. Thanks.

  7. I got excited for Phil Noto coming on the book in April, so I don’t have to look at Tochinni’s artwork anymore.

  8. I think this is an instance of art fitting the tone and style of the story. I liked Tocchini’s art on the last issue and in this preview, and I think he really fits this story. It has a loose feel that I think goes hand in hand with a story about a loopy interdimensional crossroads. That being said, I can see his art not fitting other stories.

  9. I’m now imagining Alan Davis drawing this, and I weep, because I know it will never be and it makes the reality that much harsher.

    It’s nice to want things.

  10. Tocchini is intersting and bound for great things

    • Looking through his blog (which I’ve seen before, a while back) it’s obvious the guy is talented. I certainly wouldn’t mind having a sketch by him. But when it comes to his sequential work (that I’ve seen) I find absolutely nothing to like. Mostly because it looks unfinished and not up to a standard I expect from $4 Marvel comic.

      Perhaps it will grow on me during this arc. But for now X-Force is pushing the limits of my tolerating art I really don’t like for a story I really do like.

  11. Hopefull Noto will take this book to even greater heights- could be a magical combination there- tought to top Opena- but he might.

    I had hopes for Tochini hte way Remender was going on about him in interviews- but writers gushing about whatever artist they are working with is getting more cliche than a half time interview.
    “We’re just going to go out there- do what we do- play our game and god willing- the art will be amazing”

    • To be fair, what do you expect them to say? “Oh yeah, I got the artwork in. It’s uh…eh. I can’t wait for Opena to come back, man”. That’s why I can’t follow any of the writers on Twitter, its a big circlejerk of everybody talking how amazing they and the people they work with are. Its like listening to “Don’t Stop Believing” all weekend, the shit gets old and you grow a cynical bent against it.

    • There’s also the fact that Remender genuinely loves Tocchini’s art and has worked with him on multiple projects.

    • Yes, from what I have read around the net I am convinced that Remender genuinely loves Tocchini’s art. And after seeing this previews and some stuff from this blog I am inclined to share that.

    • @Jeremy ROFL! So true.

  12. I mean, sure, Tocchini’s art is different, but artists rotate in and out. Personally, I think it still works, even though I do miss Opena’s highly-detailed work. Somebody said something about Noto being the next artist on UXF? If his work on X-23 is any indication of style, *that’s* the guy I don’t think I’m too thrilled about. His art always seemed too static to me.

  13. Tocchinini’s art is so divisive. I think it fits the tone of the writing and I look forward to Remender experimenting with a variety of collaborators. Still a great comic book magazine.

  14. We are all agreed this is still a great book, right? Guys? *sound of crickets*

  15. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stand Tochini’s art. It’s messy, and I can’t understand what’s going on have the time. It’s more like a drunken sketch.