PREVIEW: Thor #615 by Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry

Everyone's got Thor fever! Especially Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry because, you know, they're working on the book. They're the new creative team!

Check out the preview for Thor #615, which marks the beginning of a new direction for Thor, courtesy of writer Matt Fraction and artist Pasqual Ferry. There's even a variant cover by Joe Quesada.

Thor #615 hits stores on September 22, 2010



  1. This book was supposed to hit in June, then was pushed back to July, now September?

    I wrote an article for my college newspaper for summer recommendations of comics, and suggested this, I’m very unhappy I did, because this book never showed up, and now anyone who was excited about it is totally effed.

    But….the art does look cool…..

  2. What’s up with the speech bubbles there? Is that some kind of makeshift lettering they threw together for the preview?

  3. What’s Ferry done before?  I can’t decide how I feel about this look and how much is the coloring. 

  4. That preview looks awesome–I can’t wait to read this. 😀

  5. I’m not sure what to make of the art either, I’m not crazy about it but I don’t dislike it either.  This preview makes him look a bit mopey but we’ll see.

  6. The art looks different but very cool. Anything by Fraction gets at least 3 issues from me.

  7. the colouring in the faces seems really poor, and the lettering is off too. with the amount we’ve heard and seen from thor this week, it seems like marvel is really pushing him, which is great.

  8. Personally I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m an unabashed Fraction fan and I love the fact that he’s playing up the sci-fi Kirbyesque parts of this character.

  9. I hope this isn’t as decompressed as his Iron Man

  10. I guess I’m going to have to wait and see on this.  I was pretty tempted to give this a shot, because I really enjoy Thor a a character, but this art is a complete and utter turn off for me.  Less the pencils than the awful coloring, but even the pencils aren’t doing anything for me.  And the lettering just makes it look really cheap, like it was made by a drunk intern or something.  Still, if I hear good things, I’ll try it in trade.

  11. @ohcaroline~  Ferry did an awesome mini on Adam Strange with a writer who’s name escapes me.  He’s also done work on Ultimate FF, which he drew for a year or more I think.  I will admit that his art does look a bit over colored in the preview, sort of taking on that Daniel Acuna look to it.

  12. the shading and coloring on the faces do look weird to me.

  13. @cromulent: reminiscent of Larrocca

  14. Art looks fantastic but shockingly so does the writing. Never been a fan of Fraction’s work but this was pretty good to read. Of course it’s only 3 pages….

    What was the reason for the delay? Was it Ferry’s art? If so that does bode well for the future.

  15. Yeah, the delay was apparently to give Ferry time to get more done.  Which to me means that at some point either they’ll have a fill-in artist for an arc or eventually there’s going to be delays.  Hopefully they’ve got a stand-by artist.  I don’t see anything wrong with having two different artists switching on each arc if they’re not the fastest bunch.  That’s a lot better than months of delays.

  16. duuuuuuuuuuuude, that art is sweet! 

  17. And thats one more to add to my pull list

  18. I’d really want to see the pencils on this art. or me, the coloring is just off. But I can’t tell if it’s partly due to the pencils or it’s just the colors. I’ll give it a shot because I love Thor, but I’m not all that excited for it.

  19.  This reminds me of chocolate,SWWWEEEEEET!

  20. The artwork looks good enough-not terribly bad but not amazin iether. The preview looks like an image book, especially the speech bubbles and font style. I will give it a three issue shot and then decide, because I really like the character of Thor and want to see some great things done with him.