I heard one thing about the new Thor series coming out of Marvel NOW! while I was at New York Comicon, and that was that it’s very good. With Jason Aaron on scripts, and Esad Ribic and Dean White doing art, we’re in for some fantastic Asgard.

So I was excited to get this preview in my inbox, and I’m excited to show it to you.

Gods are gonna die.

Look for the issue on sale November 14, verily.


  1. I haven’t read a Thor title in quite some time, so I think this is the that time.

  2. Can’t. wait.

  3. Jason Aaron hasn’t let me down yet.

    • I bet if you asked him nicely, he would put you back on the ground. 😉 (Couldn’t be helped.)

    • I feel very safe where I am thank you.

    • I felt the same way until I read Ghost Rider…..but I think that was more due to the character(s) themselves. Too ludicrous but takes itself seriously. (I know I know, what about the rest of the super-hero pantheon?). Ghost Rider just automatically makes me roll my eyes (Ennis’s portrayal notwithstanding).

    • I agree with Ghost Rider not reading great consistently throughout Aaron’s run but it had its moments and the mini series that followed Ghost Riders: Heavens On Fire was awesome, much better then the series’s arcs he wrote.

  4. Looks great. I heard a lot of good talk about the book at NYCC, too. I can’t wait for it. I’m a bit hit or miss with Ribic, but we’ll see. I’ve been longing for a good Thor book since JMS life (JIM is a great book, but it’s not a Thor book, if you catch my meaning.)

    Can we get an issue of Thor sampling various kinds of latte?

  5. I’m ready to get my jäfvla Asgård going

  6. Looks cool, but i’m opting out of double shipping four dollar Marvel books. May pick it up in trade.

    • This one is coming out twice a month also?

    • It’s double shipping the first month and i just don’t trust Marvel to leave it as a monthly. Eats through my comic budget. Can’t do it.

    • the first few issues of USM were double shipped, but it’s been a consistant monthly for about a year now. not saying that will happen here, only that it has happened before.

    • Tricky Marvel. Not sure if I can swing it in that case. As much as I love Thor and Jason Aaron there’s only room for one double shipping $3.99 book in my budget at present and that would be Wolverine and the X-Men. And since Wolverine and the X-Men is written by Jason Aaron I feel slightly less bad.

      On the plus side this potentially frees up a space for Guardians of the Galaxy depending on the remaining NOW solicits.

  7. Jason Aaron’s writing is always so dark and depressing. God killers seems right up his alley.I’ll pass and wait for the next writer to see how my favorite God of Thunder is doing.

  8. I’m in!! That jaw-dropping preview makes me hopeful for a “max” type story.

  9. Looks great, but no desire to read it with Aaron as writer.

    I feel like Hickman would be a much better choice at writing Thor.

  10. That’s a lot of wasted space in those pages. Don’t know if that’s the artist’s fault or the writer’s. Aaron packs “Wolverine and the X-Men” with a lot of content per inch of page real estate. I get the impression here that those 2 issues shipping the same month could have been done in one comic. If the comic is 20 pages of art, then we have 20% of the “story” here, but there’s nothing to really hook you.

  11. That Esad Ribic artwork looks amazing!

    Kudos on the Naught By Nature reference, Josh! 🙂

  12. Wait Thor is surprised at a bunch of random dead gods? This happened what maybe 2 years ago in the Chaos War? I remember Thor not doing crap when an Asian god slaughtered hundreds of alien deities and Herc had to save the day.

  13. Those are some of the most intriguing Thor panels i’ve seen in years….beautiful and I don’t mind moving the story along with images (it is comics after all) but hope we get a little more script as it gains momentum.