PREVIEW: Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #1 by Paul Cornell and Javier Pina

Here's your first look at Stan Lee's Soldier Zero #1 from BOOM! Studios, written by Paul Cornell, with art by Javier Pina.  If this sounds like the kind of thing you're interested in, and I think it just might be, you're going to want to make sure your retailer has a copy for you, aren't you?



You can also watch Stan's entreaty to retailers for this line of books coming up.

For more on the new BOOM! books with Stan Lee, check out this video show, and for more with Paul Cornell, where he talks extensively about Soldier Zero, you're covered here.


  1. Stan didn’t sell me…but the Boom line has impressed me and I like Waid’s stuff…I’m in for issue 1 accross the board….

  2. Man… Stan Lee talks like he tweets.  Either way, I guess I’m in.

  3. I’m in

  4. I really enjoyed the Paul Cornell inverview from comic-con.  I would buy this book for Paul’s writing and Javier Pina’s pencils.  I could care less if Stan Lee’s name was attached to the book, if anything it might be a detractor at this point.

  5. That comic doesn’t look too bad

  6. @ato22o  I agree.  Stan Lee had to look down at his script just to sell us on the idea.  If he had so much input, why would he have to do that. 

  7. The dude is 82 years old. You ever try to talk to a camera? It’s not easy. People much younger than Stan couldn’t do it half as well.  Him checking his notes doesn’t denote thing one about his involvement in this project. 

    When we interviewed him, he said he’s like an executive consultant. He didn’t think up the ideas, and he’s not writing the stories.


  9. I’m in for the Waid and Cornell books at least.  Who is doing the other one?

  10. @josh:  So it seems to me like he’s more of a marketing tool, which seems to be working because its doubtful we would be talking about this book at all had he not been attached to it.


    A little pet peeve – When people say " I could care less"

    What they are trying to say is -I could Not care less"

    Bty saying -I could care less- you are saying that you Do care to some degree.

     As for someone thinking that Stan Lee attached to a project is a bad thing- I ask anyone here

    – What was the last comic book universe you helped create??

  12. it just seems down right wrong to fuck with "THE MAN".