Preview: Moon Knight #1 from Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev

Moon Knight #1

With just about a month away from the release of Moon Knight #1, Marvel provided us with a preview of the first issue from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.  Bendis and Maleev previously worked together on an epic run of Daredevil and most recently on Scarlet,  and now the big question is if this superstar team can create some of that magic again with one of the lower tier, street level characters of the Marvel Universe.

The premise behind Moon Knight for this new series revolves around the multiple personalities of Moon Knight (Marc Spector) as he relocates to Los Angeles to combat a criminal syndicate that has been terrorizing the city.  This is notable because it's one of the most recent attempts to expand the Marvel Universe outside of New York City.  Previous series such as Runaways and The Order have attempted to do the same and while providing some great stories, haven't really stuck.  The relocation of the X-Men to San Francisco along with Moon Knight to LA now gives the Marvel Universe a foothold on the West Coast

The first issue of Moon Knight features variant covers from superstar artists such as Humberto Ramos, Bryan Hitch and Mark Texiera.  We've got those variant covers below, along with a few pages from issue #1.


Moon Knight #1
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Alex Maleev
Marvel Comics – $3.99
On sale May 4, 2011



Check out the preview of Moon Knight #1 along with the variant covers:



  1. Is there a baboon underneath the mask of Captain America? Look how long his face is in some of those panels!

    Plus I find it hilarious I can tell how big the word balloons are going to be because of the panels. The one with the car is going to have a lot of them. 

  2. love that Maleev interior art. This could be really good. The covers are kinda generic though…but i like Ramos’ the best. 

  3. I’ve been a little dissappointed with Bendis’ recent work, but this I’m actually looking forward to. Him and Maleev got their groove back on Scarlet, and the pitch sounds really interesting. 

  4. Keep giving Mooney a try….now that he’s in my neighborhood- one more time

  5. Looks good, but is Wolverine standing on a box when he’s talking to Tony Stark? He actually looks as if he’s looking down at him.

  6. now this is a book i could get into. love moon knight.

  7. Moonnie taking his talents to Long Beach

  8. “…he relocates to Los Angeles to combat a criminal syndicate that has been terrorizing the city”

    The Lohans?

  9. Cap’n Steve!!!!

  10. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Totally on board. 

  11. @K5blazer … I agree Wolverine is super tall!

  12. I’m excited about this, but it also seems like it’s going to be like a Cowboy-Ninja-Viking of sorts.  More like a Captain-Spider-Logan if you will…

  13. please god, let something live on to the hype. just once

  14. It looks good but I’m not sold on the concept yet.

  15. Can’t wait.  I’m on board.

  16. It looks like Maleev was using Matthew Bomer from White Collar as reference for Marc Spector.

  17. That art doesn’t look so good…

  18. Love Maleev’s Moon Knight. I keep buying Moon Knight comics and they keep getting cancelled. Hopefully this one will stick. 

  19. Really really really wishing that the rest of the artwork is much better than this, as for this preview alone, Maleev’s work is really disappointing me. Also, based on this preview & the cover preview last time, could Moon Knight be creating new personalities that reflect those of Wolverine’s, Cap’s, & Spidey’s? Maybe, if so that does sound quite interesting.

  20. The art looks fantastic! Nice to see Maleev move away from the photo-referencing and I can see a lot of early Sienkiewicz in this new direction (which seems appropiate). I wonder if Wolvie is being so tall is intentional because thats the way Marc Spector perceives him.

  21. I thought Cap’n Steve wasn’t becoming Cap again until June or something? May’s before June right?

  22. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ChrisSnell  Really good point. 

  23. Can’t wait. I really enjoyed this team on the DD run. Can lightning strike twice? I hope so.

  24. what happened to Maleev? This art is definitely not on par with anything i’ve ever seen from him. This looks awful, sorry.

  25. I really want Moon Knight t obe it’s own unique character- maybe not make Kushu such an ass and more the keeper of an anicent power and fighting style -that he bestows upon marc—

  26. @Hornhead  Your explanation of why Wolverine is a foot taller than he should be is CLASSIC “Marvel NO-Prize” material from back in the day! I love it!

  27. @JohnVFerrigno  Glad you enjoyed it! I wonder what the chances of Stan the Man seeing this are 🙂