Preview: KICK-ASS 2 #3 by Mark Millar & John Romita JR.

Hey! Remember Kick-Ass? That fun and fucked up mini-series from Mark Millar and John Romita JR. that lead to a fun and fucked up film? Yes? Remember the sequel mini-series? No? You'd be forgiven for not remembering it– the last issue came out in March and it was pretty forgettable.

Well, the third issue is finally on it's way and it comes to stores… at the end of August.

While you wait another month enjoy this preview of Kick-Ass 2 #3, written by Mark Millar and drawn by John Romita JR. It hits stores August 24, 2011.



  1. I think you have a linking issue. All hyperlinks are currently pointed towards image 4. But otherwise, great stuff. Can’t wait to check this out.

  2. Wow, I completely missed the second issue.

  3. I’m reading this in Clint, which seems to be around 19 pages into this issue. Is it Clint having the exclusive or Romita’s workload holding up the release on this?

  4. @azrael1213  Fixed.

  5. @36Chambers  From what I’ve read, it’s Romita’s commitments to Marvel that’s holding Kick Ass 2 up.

  6. You see when Millar says he’s done with Marvel and he’s got 2 more projects to go; he means that it’ll take until 2016 to be truly done with the company. Especially if Quitely is gonna be involved with a book. I mean I love Quitely but there is no way in hell that maxi is gonna come out on time.

  7. @TheNextChampion  What do you mean? Icon doesn’t count as mainstream Marvel work, and it’s Romita’s Marvel work that is holding this up.

  8. @Suicidalkangarooz  And it was McNiven for Nemisis, and it’s Yu for Superior, and McNiven again for Old Man Logan.

    Either he’s picking artists that can’t do a monthly book on purpose or there’s something else involved.

  9. @TheNextChampion  I think it’s probably a bit of both.  

    And in response to the clint thing, i do believe they have some sort of exclusive, as (albeit about 3 pages at a time) the story has continued to unfold there, beyond issue 2

  10. @TheNextChampion  I think that he wants the best talent, and he’s getting it from Marvel, no matter the schedule. Even though it makes the books late, I’m happy he picks those artists because I don’t read any mainstream Marvel/DC books, and my biggest regret about that is all that great artists I miss out on, and I get to see some of them through Millar’s books.

  11. That’s an awful lot of chatting going on for a guy with a dog gnawing on his nuts. I some think I’d be less articulate given the circumstances.

  12. At this rate Millar may finish Kick-Ass 2 within our lifetimes. And who knows after that he could finish Superior or Nemesis maybe

  13. @darknite125  he DID finish Nemisis

    Anyway, I feel Millar does great work with pre-exsisting characters like Wolverine, but when it comes to his own characters….they feel ripped off, obvious, and cliche

  14. Chopper, sic balls. That really looks good. can’t wait

  15. This is why the news that Millar is leaving to Marvel to just do creator owned makes me smile. He will never have anything on time, Kick Ass 2 has been a pathetic excuse for a comic. Many of the “shocking” things that have happened in this series thus far were done in Preacher years back I noticed after putting down issue #2.

    Is Romita JR. still only doing ‘outlines’ or ‘finishes’ or whatever it is? It’s just so lazy, everything about this book is half assed.

  16. See, there’s a hidden value to books coming out super late. I completely forget what happened in the previous issue, so I have to re-read it before I read the new one. In effect, it doubles the page count of each issue except the first one! See? It’s not all bad!

  17. I’ll probably buy this buuuuut… I’m rapidly losing intrest due to the lateness.

  18. Oh yeah. This book. Right.

  19. Remind me again next month, willya?