PREVIEW: Journey Into Mystery #635

Journey Into Mystery #635Well, you all got me on board with Journey Into Mystery, and now I can’t stop talking about it. Shooting to the top of the list of “Books you should be reading, but aren’t,” Journey Into Mystery is hands down in my top 5 reads month in and month out.  The latest story arc pits Kid Loki and Daimon Hellstrom against Nightmare (don’t call him Morpheus), lord of the dreamscape.

Marvel Comics was kind enough to provide up with a preview of the upcoming issue, Journey Into Mystery #635, and it’s got Fear Lords. You hear me? FEAR LORDS.

Get on board now so you’re in place for the upcoming crossover with the New Mutants that I wrote about on Monday!

Here’s the full solicitation info and the preview of the first 4 pages below. The issue is in stores on March 14, 2012.

Journey Into Mystery #635

Kieron Gillen (W)

Richard Elson (A/C)

Cover By Stephanie Hans

• Nightmare Has Forged His Ultimate Weapon…With The Help Of A Certain Diminutive Norse God. Oops.

• Will Daimon Hellstrom Let Loki Get Away With It?

• Fear Lords? You Want Fear Lords? We’ve Got Seven Of Them. Get Your Fear Lords Here.

32 Pgs./Rated T+ …$2.99


  1. Last issue was phenomenal. I love little Loki on the internet and him arguing with the narration. So much wonderful.