PREVIEW: Daredevil #1 by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera & Marcos Martin

We here at iFanboy love us some Matt Murdock, Daredevil at Law. But we all got kind of tired of a decade worth's of mopey and depressed Matt. So you won't find many people who are more excited for Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, and Marcos Martin's new Daredevil series that promises to bring the fun back to ol' hornhead.

Daredevil #1 written by Mark Waid, with art by Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin, hits stores July 7. Here's a preview (including one unfinished page):


  1. oh sweet lord

  2. OMG! This looks soo good.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This is exactly what it needs to be. 

  4. Its good but it seems a little too much like Spider-man to me, but I will reserve judgement when the issue comes out.

  5. Cool.

  6. Waid’s writing is fairly hit or miss with me, but Marcos Martin’s work is enough for me to try it out.

  7. Marvel sure knows how to get my money.

  8. I was sure I’d be letting this slide by, but the way they’ve depicted Matt “seeing” the Spot with his radar sense is mindblowing. I’m in.

  9. Preview looks really cool so i’m really optimistic…Daredevil is a character that i’ve wanted to be into for a while, but have stayed away from cause of the bad reviews. Hoping this can be as good as we all hope. 

  10. @ActualButt  Agreed – that panel made it for me. The art is a little more “Archie” cartoony that I would prefer, but I think it will grow on me. Waid definitely hasn’t lost his touch – really great opening, good monologue. I’m in!

  11. Wow.  I was totally going to let this one go.  But, holy moley, I am totally hooked.  I must see where this goes and if they can keep it up.

    I love:
    1) Waid made the issue accessible with a simple explaination of Matt’s powers
    2) Daredevil *doing* something, not getting torn down
    3) Martin’s depiction of Matt’s powers

    Wow.  This is such a breath of fresh air for Daredevil! 

  12. Great art and I like the idea The Spot is his first villain back.

    Still want to trade wait though. Not fully convinced this is gonna be a more light-hearted Daredevil. 

  13. I’m super excited for this. I recently finished Bendis’ Daredevil so I’m pretty jazzed up for any Daredevil. I think this is going to be awesome.

  14. Looks fantastic. Can’t wait.

  15. @TNC – the first villian is ***the Spot***. To me, that does sort of seem less grim and gritty and perhaps more lighthearted.

  16. I really like the art….and i’m really itching to see how night scenes in the city are going to be depicted in this style. The colors are going to be very important. Looking at the “Murdock Vision” i just think thats such a cool way to visually convey his senses. More excited than before. 

  17. Can’t wait to read this.

  18. I’m excited.  Daredevil’s been a downer book for too long.  It’s time to build him back up (even if it’s only to tear him down again a few years down the road).

  19. This is amazing work, but the coloring and the way the wedding scene looks makes me feel like Daredevil walked into a Hernandez brothers book. I know Martin has a lot of range, so I’m curious to see how he pulls off noir.

  20. @doomwad You never know, he could murder his next girlfriend in this run.

  21. The Cloisters is nice but I wouldn’t want to get married there

  22. Way to go Wally Wood on DD! It’s been DECADES since someone’s tried that!

  23. I will get this book. 


  24. Mark Waid writing Daredevil with Marcos Martin on art? GET OUT OF MY BRAIN, MARVEL!!! HOW DO YOU KNOW MY SECRET DESIRES???

  25. Love this preview!  The Spot is such an odd villian but makes a great random foe for Daredevil.

  26. While I would like a change of pace for Daredevil I don’t want it to be to drastic. I would like the book to retain the noir aspects that has been carried through the Miller, Bendis and Brubaker runs but I hope Waid understands that it doesn’t mean Matt’s world has to be in constant turmoil. However I do have faith in Waid and I’m sure he will find a good balance. Oh and the art and the colouring are absolutely gorgeous!

  27. @Hornhead  — “i would like a change but i don’t want it to be too drastic” you’ve just summed up 99% of people who read superhero comics. =)

  28. LOVE IT! This is exactly what Daredevil (and DD fans) need

  29. will definitely give this a shot-Mark Waid is awesome and I love spot back in amz Spider-man

  30. love the “Daredevil vision”

  31. @wallythegreenmonster: 8) (I lol’d)

    This looks great. Been waiting months for this.

  32. I’m neither a fan of any of these creators nor daredevil, but an upbeat vibe in a superhero comics is just what I’ve been looking for, so I might just give this one a try. If my pocket can take any  more hemorrhaging that is.

  33. O baby.

  34. My favorite run is Karl Kesel and Cary Nord, this appears to be right up my alley.

    Daredevil has been grim too often. iFanboy nailed it on the head with their recent Miller videocast.

  35. This looks good. Hope it’s as good as I’m expecting, defintely like the art.

  36. I’m not biting. Without the noir and crime aspects DD becomes a b-list Spiderman.

  37. B-But… When does the Kingpin start ruining his life?

    (This looks pretty cool.)

  38. @wallythegreenmonster  Hahaha you got me there!

  39. I’m seeing all the right things here.

  40. Love the art, love the tone.  No doubt Daredevil will cycle back to it’s moodier tone eventually, but right now this is the breath of fresh air it needs.

  41. I love the way he strategically has daredevil’s eye covered through most of the panels.

  42. so excited for this, i’m a huge fan of Daredevil and im glad to see some swashbuckling coming back to the series, and the art is so good,can’t wait for it.

  43. Money vacuum.

  44. Seriously excited.  I’ve been waiting for a while to jump on board Daredevil.  I lost touch shortly after Smith’s run, and read the whole Bendis run.  I’ve been waiting, and this is perfect incentive to jumping back on. It’s hitting all the marks with me, there’s a bit of the swashbuckler thing going on, the writing, and the set up are engaging enough, and I can’t say enough about Paolo and Martin!!  I mean, ANYONE who wants to draw comics for a living has just recieved a whopper of a lesson with this tiny preview.  

  45. I haven’t read Daredevil since the 90’s – but I’m glad to be back on board now!