PREVIEW: Daniel Acuna on AVENGERS #18 and Beyond

Avengers #18 Cover by Daniel Acuna

So…Black Goliath has a tendency to die with an alarming frequency. He’s going to have a rough go of reclaiming his social security number again.

Following the horrific attack and ultimate destruction of  the Avengers Tower, Steve Rogers is tasked with rebuilding and reassembling the Earthiest mightiest superhero team. Who will make the cut? It’s time to spread out the Sears portrait studio glossies, pour out some java, and get ponderin’.

Brian Michael Bendis teams with new series artist Daniel Acuna to scour the wreckage and audition a new roster of heroes to combat Norman Osborn’s nefarious Dark Avengers. And he’s probably going to have to call in some cranes for all the whole Goliath thing.

Pencils & Cover by DANIEL ACUÑA
ON SALE – 10/19/11

Beginning with Avengers #18, Acuña joins Marvel Architect Brian Michael Bendis and pits the world’s premiere super hero team against their biggest threat yet! Following the events of Fear Itself, the Avengers must regroup, and rebuild – including looking for new members as Norman Osborn pulls together a fresh batch of Dark Avengers.

How’s about a preview?


  1. That first splash page is meant to invoke images of 9/11 right? Cause I’m not sure how I feel about that, lack of proper context notwithstanding.

  2. Love Acuna.

  3. i agree with MaxPower, a lotta 9/11 imagery here that i just don’t know how i feel about…

    otherwise, i like this artwork so much more than the previous artist. To be honest this book was on my bubble list but this art style will keep me around a little longer

  4. That cover and the premise just reminds me of Meltzer’s relaunch of Justice League, where Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman say around a pile of pictures and files and chose the team.

    • I’m curious how they got Man-Thing to pose for that photo. “Smile! This is going in the Avengers archives and may be dramatically pored over later, so you want to look your best!”

  5. I don’t normally like Acuna – his figures lack definition and the coloring muddies the images. Maybe he just needed the right inker/colorist combination, but I would have had a hard time pinpointing this as Acuna art if I didn’t know differently. This is pretty good, much better than I would have expected.

  6. I just dropped Avengers from my standing order because I got so disillusioned by what happens to this book during the big crossovers. I know I’ll regret that as I’m sure some great issues will come along. However, I’m just a bit sick of the flow of this book getting interrupted. Maybe I’ll pick up this one though…I do like a recruiting issue…

  7. As Mr. Burns would say, Excccelllent!

  8. Yeah I don’t like the idea of replacing actual human remains with Iron Man armor to convey a 9/11 image.

    I mean overall these are great pages by Acuna….But man this looks inappropriate. Especially with all the 9/11 tributes Marvel has been doing.

  9. So that IS, Goliath?! When the hell was he killed?

  10. This good Acuna, I may stick with Avengers after all. Despite no Thor 🙁

  11. I’m asuming thaqt the Goliath page is a flashback to Civil War that the woman with the glasses is having. Unless SHIELD also returns.