PREVIEW: Chris Samnee on DAREDEVIL #12

If you’re a fan of Chris Samnee, and a fan of the current run of Daredevil as written by Mark Waid, well then you’ve got something to be happy about, don’t you? Alternating with Paolo Rivera, Samnee will make his debut in Daredevil #12, and this is what it’s going to look like.

Let us begin with the Paolo Rivera cover, in which Samnee’s pages will be sheathed.

And of course, we have your first look at the pages themselves, which you’ll be able to purchase on May 2.


  1. Man. That looks fucking good!

  2. I’m throwing money at the screen but nothing’s happening.

  3. this is great news. love samnee’s work on USM. a rotation between him and rivera is a better combo than when martin was in the picture. stoked

    • I though Marcos Martin was great, too.

      I wouldn’t mind those three guys being the only artists on this title for its first three to eight years.

  4. This makes me happier than I can say. It’s been such a good book and it’s nice to know that there will continue to be premium talent on it.

  5. Marvel is beginning to show they know what they are doing.

  6. If I could ride Samnee’s art like a bicycle, my leg muscles would be the size of Italy.

  7. a Blind-Date! Too funny!

  8. Wow! Who’s coloring this book? Looks awesome.

  9. Damn that is some good art. Can’t wait.

  10. This looks like a better match than USM.

  11. How do you compensate for the loss of one of the best artists in comics today? By going out and getting another one.

  12. He seems like an excellent fit

  13. I really do wish Samnee could draw ALL the books i read. ALL.

  14. Wow. I didn’t think he was gonna be a good fit but this shut me up.

    Fantastic work and it fits well with the other artists….especially Emma Rios. In fact it looks a lot like Rios.

  15. Great to see Daredevil is getting some great artists. Though, I don’t know what it has been lately with Samnee drawing carnivals lately. First, Captain America and Bucky, now this.

  16. Daredevil really has become one of those books that often has creators bringing their A game. Like Marvel’s Batman. Samnee’s been called up to the big leagues and is clearly killin it.

    When can I just but the Ominbus of this Daredevil run already???!!!

  17. I didn’t even know this was happening. Made my day.

  18. alright, just for the fuck of it.
    top 5 DD artists of all time

    5. rivera
    4. miller
    3. maleev
    2. lark
    1. mazzuchelli

    quesada, romita sr. and sale get an honorable mention.
    here’s hoping samnee can one day be put on a simular list and debated over