PREVIEW: Blink Returns in NEW MUTANTS #34

New Mutants #34

One of the go to fan pleasers in the X-Men world of books has been bringing back Blink.  Originally introduced in the Age of Apocalypse event, Blink was an instant fan favorite. In the early 2000s, we were treated to alot of Blink with the alternate dimension hopping title Exiles, but since then, it’s been a few years since we’ve seen the purple teleporting mutant.

Cue X-Men: Regenesis and New Mutants #34.

Coming out of the latest X-Men status quo adjustment, writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and artist David Lopez are bringing Blink back in the pages of New Mutants #34.  Dispatched by Cyclops, Dani Moonstar and the New Mutants team have to find out what trouble Blink has gotten herself into.  Personally for me, I’m a Blink fan, so I don’t care what the situation is, having her back in the fold is a good thing.


NEW MUTANTS #34 (SEP110609)
Pencils by  DAVID LOPEZ
FOC – 10/31/11, ON SALE – 11/23/11


  1. the popularity of that character is mind-boggling

  2. Poor Blink has been gone so long, she didn’t realize she’d grown out of her shirt. Hopefully this story is about her going to buy a shirt that fits before all those buttons or clasps or whatever break while she’s striking one of those dynamic throwing things poses.

  3. I’m assuming this will be 616 Blink and not AOA/Exiles Blink.

  4. I picked up the first few issues for X-Man Nate Grey but found the other cast members to be decidedly one-note. I may have to check it out again with Regenesis if Nate take’s on a bigger role and if Blink is back.

    @D I’d say it would be 616, but she was not pink, Pink Haired, pink tattoo, but grey otherwise. I hope it’s not Exiles blink, though. I like the idea that she’s out there fighting for other realities as we speak.

    @Edward Clever. Not witty, but clever.

    • I’m not sure exactly what she looked like when she originally died during the Phalanx Covenant, but I’m looking at my copy of Necrosha: The Gathering, and when she is resurrected by Selene she is definitely pink, a little muddy, but pink.

  5. Short hair means 616 Blink who was recently resurrected during Necrosha. Long hair means AoA Blink. Not to get too geeky, but I still don’t see AoA as an alternate timeline. The whole point of the original story was that it was the same timeline. Damn. I got too geeky. Sorry.

    • It’s an alternate timeline- b/c Time travel was involved which altered the normal course of events creating a divergent time line. Even still they were altered back to the original course.
      Definitely an alternate timeline no matter how you look at it.

    • @TomSwift I hear you. I just don’t like the idea of it as an alternate reality. To me, the emotional part of the original story was that the characters were willingly erasing their reality for ours. I like the idea that that world was gone. I’ve sort of ignored all the AoA stories that came out since.

    • I’m with you, Phillies. IIRC, it was the crystal that destroyed that alternate timeline. This is heavy, Doc.

    • Fair enough-
      I have to say as much as I enjoy Remender’s X-Force this recent AoA story line was ridiculous in it’s depiction AoA.

  6. i bought all of zeb wells run and loved every issue. the minute abnett and langing came aboard IMO this whole series fell apart and now is in the limbo of not having a real purpose and seems tangential to the whole X world.
    hopefully things can turn around and A&L can find a steady focus for this book

  7. Honestly, this run has had its ups and downs for me. Even though the LaFluente art in the Fear Itself crossover was fantastic….it’s still part of the Fear Itself crossover. Hopefully this book gets going again post-schism.

  8. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are great… they have been a bit off their game on this but.. thankfully it is still early in the game. Frankly the art work is the worst thing about these books…. Having said that… all i really care about is that one of my favorite characters ever is getting some more lines… right “Self friends”! I mean granted.,.. he does repeat himself quite a lot… but.. i could listen to that all day.

  9. Blink wasn’t introduced during age of apocalypse. She was introduced during the Phalanx Covenant along with most of Generation X.

  10. With Power Girl gone in the New DCU, there seems to be a boob-window-power-vacuum that Marvel is taking advantage of here. Nice art.

  11. Ron, how could you make a mistake about the X-Men universe? 🙂 Blink was originally introduced in Uncanny X-Men 317 (616 universe) and died the following month. The AOA version appeared later on.

    • Did she even last a month? I think she died in the same issue she was introduced. She was also in a black Spandex-like suit too. The imagery of Blink that everyone has been using was introduced in AoA.

    • She died off panel, in between issues if my memory recalls.

  12. I’m fairly certain this is the 616 Blink who was resurrected after the Necrosha event. It will be interesting to see what they do with her but I was really hoiping for the AoA Blink.