PREVIEW: Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne is upon us, shipping 5/12! DC Comics let us take a look at what's in store, including a couple of variant covers for your enjoyment.  Whether you think it's too soon, or that a caveman Batman is awesome, it's coming, from Grant Morrison and Chris Sprouse.  You might want to play that 2001 music when you're reading it. It will be a six-issue miniseries, with a different artist on each chapter.

Even if you say you don't want to read it, you know you kind of do, right?







  1. Who’s Da-Man?

  2. I am VERY weary of this title, but I cannot deny my love of Batman.  I will be buying this no matter what…

  3. Awesome! I wonder if that is the bat cave he is coming out of?

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Really dig the stylistic cave-speak. 

  5. I can’t stop thinking about Captain Caveman and his is his battle cry …Anyway it looks great.



  6. The art looks great, but I am unlikely to be reading this.

  7. This looks silly as hell.  I’m all over it.

  8. Anyone else annoyed by the way the cavemen talk

  9. So is Bruce Wayne gonna invent fire and the wheel? 


  10. Who wouldn’t want to read this?  I am sooooo in!!!!   I’d like to see some Anthro but I think he died in Final Crisis?  I dunno by the last issue I had tuned out of what had started as a great story.

  11. @wally-And those patents will form the basis of the Wayne fortune.

  12. The art looks great. Red Sky! Hmm this is kind of like the Flash being the Flash that created the Flash. So Batman goes back in time and is the Batman that created the Batcave that inspired the Batman, is there a Batforce?

  13. @wally – nope… that caveman mention fire so it was "invented" pre-Bruce… LOL

  14. This is going to be so awesome. You know the Caveman speak alone is gonna take hours to comprehend.

    Morrison at his finest it looks like.

  15. I love me some Chris Sprouse.  Dudes a genius.  I’m so looking forward to this series, especially after Batman and Robin this week.


    Too bad it’s not Guy Gardner. NOW THERE’S A STORY: "i AM man of ring! beware my glowy ring! and hand me your woman!"

  17. Gonna wait for the trade, but it looks fun.

  18. Wow, Final Crisis continued.  I’m excited to read this.  Could be good, great, bad, horrible, I don’t know, BUT, I’m definitely going to read it. 

  19. ha ha. look at bruce’s big hairy chest. that’s some ultra man-ness right there

  20. I am so excited. I love Morrison, Sprouse and Batman. And he’s now hanging out with cavemen. This is like the perfect comic.

  21. i like the fact that each issue has a different artist. chris sprouse is one of those artists i’ve never followed, but now that’s all changed. time for me to buy some alan moore stuff.

    while they all sound good, i am looking forward to the noir/detective issue the most.

  22. Dialogue reminds me of mad max and the thunder dome

  23. I was disappointed to learn Kubert wouldn’t be drawing the entire series, but this Sprouse art more than makes up for it on the first issue. I hope the rest of the series is as good.

    Also, caveman talk is very annoying. 

  24. Looks fun. Also, typo in the third page. Fire the editor.

  25. I wish there C Sprouse did more work. 

  26. Does this mean that Batman and Robin will end?

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Well, we all end eventually, Bob.  

  28. I think I already read this elseworlds.

  29. I haven’t seen anyone put forth the theory that Batman and Robin won’t end- but change-  Nightwing and say… Raven?  or something like that  What’s to stop Dick from taking on his own protege outside of being Batman?

  30. Status quo.  The only "dramatic changes" allowed at DC Comics are: a) death, b) name changes, and c) resurrection.  

  31. But if Tim goes back to Robin – there is still a Batman and Robin.  Status quo preserved.  I don’t think anyone would be ruffled if Nightwing’s status quo changes.

  32. Plus Dick has never been more interesting- and not bc he’s been playing Batman- but bc he has stepped up to that league – finally and part of that process is Damian.

  33. What an intro! I can already tell I’m probably gonna love this. 

    Totally dig the cave-man speak. My guess is the Blood King is gonna be Vandal Savage. Who are the shining ones?

    @Hawkboy: The old man they’re referencing in the preview is Anthro. He’s dead. It’s the same old man that Bruce drapes his belt over at the end of Final Crisis.

  34. Love the cave-speak. Very cool. I think the concept of Bruce Wayne vs. History is pretty awesome. My only concern is how Morrison approaches it. I didn’t care for some of his narrative choices in books like FC or RIP, but I’ve mostly been enjoying Batman and Robin.

    Overall, looking forward to this.

  35. I had ZERO interest in this story until I saw these pages.  The cover alone makes me want to buy it!