PREVIEW: Avengers #20

Who could’ve guessed that the Red Hulk would have such staying power, embraced by some of Marvel’s top writers? He features heavily in December’s Avengers #20 from Brian Michael Bendis and Daniel Acuna. But that’s not the only Hulk crashing the party judging by today’s preview.

To further complicated the metaphor, the forecast also calls for some Storm…

Art & Cover by DANIEL ACUÑA

The latest and greatest roster of Avengers head down the rabbit hole to find out who is behind the all-new H.A.M.M.E.R. in your first look at Avengers #20! Just when the world thought it was safe, Norman Osborn has recruited a powerhouse team of new Dark Avengers and he’s out for revenge. Combined with the might of the former leaders of H.Y.D.R.A. and A.I.M., the Avengers will need serious firepower to tackle this threat. Luckily, that’s where their new recruits come in. Get in on the action, courtesy of the red-hot creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Daniel Acuña this December, in Avengers #20!

And now, a preview:


  1. Gah. Dumb.

  2. I hope Acuna has a spot at the table with Gabe Hardman and those guys.

  3. That might be the worst Red Hulk I’ve ever seen.

  4. When did Ultimate Hawkeye come to the 616 universe?

  5. We seem to be inching closer to the Marvel Adventures : The Avengers team. Nothing wrong with that. Just need Giant-Girl

  6. I really want to love this but I’m completely indifferent.

  7. In Bendis I trust.How about the original Giant Man showing up? I miss Dr.Pym.

  8. Much like DC’s goatee-less Green Arrow, movie Hawkeye looks incredibly boring.

  9. Guys, what are you talking about? Hawkeye has a sweet pair of sunglasses now

  10. Hawkeye hasn’t had sunglasses since his weird armor costume. His eyes must appreciate the rest.

  11. Hulked out Hydra soldiers…didn’t we go there already in Secret Invasion? The whole, we’ve got the secret of and can tap into your powers thing, I mean? Is it different now that they appear to be copying powers AND cancelling them out on the heroes themselves?

  12. Interesting.

  13. i’m not going to read another Avengers book until Bendis is off. Wasted too much money on transparent story plots and “witty” banter during a fights that would be just silly to have hapen in the middle of a firefight, Same story every issue.