PREVIEW: Avengers #2

Marvel has provided us with an early look at three unlettered pages and three covers for Avengers #2 by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist John Romita Jr.

Avengers #2 is scheduled to hit stores on June 23, 2010.



  1. Nice to see Noh-Varr back in action!

    Now let’s see him in a different outfit.

  2. Holy shit that 3rd cover is incredible!

  3. Take that, Master Chief!

  4. Wonder-Mullet

  5. Heh, that does look like master Chief.

    Art does look a lot better this time around…..Still just can’t see myself picking this series up again.

  6. The Iron Man cover is amazing but begs the question of how it is going to be related to the story? Will Iron Man be tripping out? Is Dr. Strange involved somehow? lol I feel like I’m watching a 60s music video when I look at that cover. lol

  7. Wow this looks gorgeous. That first panel feels like it punches you.

  8. its tony stark’s son and he is addicted to psychedelics instead of alcohol. 

  9. That variant is… wow.  Are those Juggalos in bunny costumes? And does Tony have ovaries made of eyes?

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Those are indeed optical ovaries. And silly straw fallopian tubes? 

  11. @cromulent: if by incredible you mean it has me questioning my sobriety then yes, it is indeed incredible.

  12. i can’t believe how bad that marvel boy costume is

  13. Psychadelic Evil Pink Bunnies !!! yes!

    oh and that codpiece on Iron Man is a little too long XP

  14. I’m yet to work out why someone with the Nega-Bands needs guns tho I suppose those holsters could just be really big pouches it seems there making a comeback

  15. i kinda wanna read this now. but it’s 3.99. ugh.

  16. Yay Noh-Varr, I was displeased with issue #1 because of no Noh-Varr. So I’m right back in.

  17. I think JRJr Hasn’t looked this good in a while, loving it.

    People keep thinking Wonder Man is going to be a bad guy, I think he’s gonna join the team

  18. That Ironman cover reminds me of that picture of Colossus in Astonishing X-men.