PREVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man #638 – “One Moment in Time”

In Brand New Day, the timeline diverged on the wedding day of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. The marriage didn’t end up happening and it was apparently all Peter’s fault. What happened? We don’t know… until now, apparently. The “One Moment in Time” storyline purports to shed some light on the aborted nuptials.

And what’s that first page? Is that Mary Jane whispering in Mephisto’s ear from One More Day?

Can anyone say can of worms?

“One Moment in Time” begins in The Amazing Spider-Man #638. It’s written by Joe Quesada, drawn by Paolo Manuel Rivera and Joe Quesada and features covers by Paolo Manuel Rivera and Joe Quesada. It hits store shelves on July 21, 2010.



  1. Like Hawkman’s history, Spider-man history is something that they just can’t leave alone.  How does everyone feel about this?  At this point, I am over my anger re: OMD/BND.  I will watch OMIT with dispassionate interest to see if Marvel/Quesada can actually pull this off, but I am guessing they can’t.

  2. Well Psyched for this! I can’t support this claim, but I think this will be great stuff!

  3. I’m actually really looking forward to finally getting some answers, assuming we actually get them.

  4. Art looks nice, almost reminds me of JC’s Astonishing X-men. Maybe it’s the eyes. I have faith… but not much.

  5. Paolo’s cover is freaking gorgeous.

  6. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think the cover is a flashback, or occurs some point in the past as opposed to the present, based on the black costume and clothes that MJ is wearing.  This would make sense.  While they were dating, and right before their (non-)wedding, he wore the black costume. 

  8. @ctrosejr: Correct.

  9. God, MJ on that last page just epitomizes what I feel about this book in general–that feeling of, "Oh for fuck’s sake–if I’m getting involved in this, I really need to be hammered."

    I mean, I just don’t get it–I pretty much stopped reading regularly after OMD, not necessarily because I was so in love with Peter/MJ (I did think it was a massive cop-out and any writer who’s in one of the big two should be able to write a compelling married couple, IMO), but because they basically turned Peter into an annoying incompetent, where it’s guaranteed that nothing good will ever happen to him whatsoever, so what’s the point in reading about him?

    But, I figure I’ll flip through this at the store when it comes out–because I really love Spider-Man as a character and I would like to be able to read good stories about him again, but I’ve been burned so many times that I doubt it’s going to happen at least for as long as this creative team is involved. Oh well, at least there’s New Avengers and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.  

  10. The Clone Saga.  One More Day. I wish there was more focus on creating new memorable stories, instead of expending energy on trying to fix the ones they fucked up.

  11. good point akamuu, however I have loved omd.

    Sometimes it right to fix terrible story lines to get to the soul of a character that may have been lost over time. I had no problem with Peter and MJ being married, but I know that the storys after omd are better than those before. Isn’t that all that really matters?

  12. I’ve been out of weeklies for months, but I’m going to go the store special to buy this.  I liked OMD, a lot, but I’ve said since it hit that it would only ever work if they knew how to get out of it/answer its unresolved questions.  If they just created the mystery without having an answer and are now trying to slap one together, it’ll show and it’ll be sloppy.  I’d like to see what they do.

  13. @har13quin: I think the Brand New Day stories, and the ones that have followed have been fantastic.  My issue isn’t with the dissolution of the marriage, it’s that the dissolution of the marriage was written so poorly that the writer asked to have his name taken off the last two issues.  And the creators of The clone Saga wrote an epic blog explaining how and why the idea went so horribly awry.

  14. I thought we were finally getting to the point where people were going to let go of all the One More Day hate. SO yeah, it may be good and I’ll be reading it, but I am ready for the internet to break. Here we go again.

  15. For me this just seems so redundant, especially in the face of just how very bloody good the book has been over the past couple of years.  I wasn’t a fan of OMD, because I like Peter with MJ and it was just plain bad writing.  However, I got over it fairly quickly because recent stories have recaptured the character’s glory days.  Why are we moving backwards when we’ve got such great forward momentum at the moment?

  16. I wasn’t reading ASM during OMD and I only recently read BND in collected editions.  BND hooked me in, but I still haven’t read OMD and never really planned on it… Until possibly now, just to know the specifics of this whole hoopla.  Or perhaps, I’ll just sit this one out entirely.

  17. I think it’s nice of them to at least try to reconcile all of this continuity stuff, but I also think that @DarkKnightJared hit the nail on the head.

    I’ve been trying to figure out why I can’t get into ASM post-OMD (heh… that sentence is silly), and I’ve gotta agree that I just don’t have any interest in this new Peter Parker. Yeah, I get it, he’s a lovable loser, but these stories have all been done to death! The character had evolved at the point of OMD, shaped by his experiences and his relationship. With the reboot they really wiped all of that away, turning him back into the 20-something loser that I am rather than the late 20’s adult that I hope to be one day.

    I dunno, maybe I’m missing the point with Spider-Man, but with all of the back-pedeling and rehashing going on over at DC, one of the things that I like about Marvel is that history matters for these characters, evolving them and making them feel real. They learn and grow along with us. Except Spidey, I guess.

  18. PS, that last image of MJ looking right at us is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

    "You see the shit I have to put up with around here?"

  19. My criticism of the post-BND stories is that the stories are no longer consistent with what made ASM great.  While the new stories may be entertaining, they are not "Spider-man" stories.  The hallmarks of a good Spider-man story used to be 1) that "even when Spider-man won, Peter Parker lost" and 2) a great supporting cast of characters that keep Spider-man / Peter Parker grounded.  I think the post-BND stories have gotten #1 mostly right, though too often they veer into using Spider-man/Peter just as a punching bag, where it’s lose / lose worse.  You should still want to be Spider-man (because he is so cool) despite the problems in his personal life.

     On the other hand, they haven’t gotten #2 right at all.  Peter has become detached from his friends.  While Harry, Aunt May, and the rest of the supporting cast do show up from time to time, Peter’s not involved in their lives.  The only interaction he has with his supporting cast is tangentially, when the plot calls for it, and then only briefly.  To see an example of a Spider-man supporting cast that works as it should, see Bendis’s Ultimate Comics Spider-man.  

    Unfortunately, I don’t think root cause of the above was OMD/BND.  I think it was the decision to have rotating writing teams, which makes it extremely difficult to have any consistency when it comes to the supporting cast.  It almost seems as if the writers have divvied up the supporting cast too because you can go nine issues without seeing Aunt May, which just feels wrong.  

  20. Art is gorgeous.

  21. @CaseyJustice: I think your’e right too.  Peter had evolved prior to OMD.  Post-BND stories feel a little like re-tread material.  And, Post-BND Peter is kind of a dick.  

  22. I was abotu to say the same thing. It looks like I might be hitting the bottle while reading this too.

  23. @ctrosejr exactly! Post-BND Peter is a tool.
    I might actually pick this story up, but I’m still undecided. I guess I might wait to see if the people who like BND dislike it, which means I’d enjoy it.

  24. First Ezekiel’s back and now this? It’s a great time to be a pre-OMD Spider-Man fan.

    I want to read this, but the art is a bit iffy if I’m honest. The faces are really off model for the majority of this preview. Still I am excited to see where this storyline is going. I doubt it will reverse all of the shit that has come out since BND…..but! The solicitation for ASM after this four part arc does reveal something about this storyline. Something I won’t post because that would be massive spoilers. 

  25. I was a big Spider-man fan for ten years, One More Day reduced my interest, but Brand New Day has had it’s moments.

    I half think Marvel should forget about OMD and try to move forward. But Joe Q insists on getting everyone happy with what happened, it’s just not going to happen.

    Most people either don’t care or want MJ back.

  26. You know, I would have maybe wanted this story back when they first did the big change, but now that the book’s been so good and Joe Q and company have proven themselves right about the decision to change, I don’t really know why we need this story.  I’m probably going to pass on these few issues and pick up the book when it gets back into the present.

  27. I’ve mostly forgiven Marvel for BND, which was helped by ASM being mostly awesome since then. I think the only 2 arcs I didn’t like were the Freak and Kane ones. I suspect, though, that this story is going to bring that irritation back to the surface. Well, this and the recent Photoshopping debacle. At times, it’s almost like Joe Quesada has set a personal goal of annoying me.

  28. @s1lentslayer: yeah MJ looks like a real person.

  29. Seems to be a lot of complaints about them revisiting a story that noone liked

    But we all know that this long, complicated web on continuity is what some fan absoluely love, even if they complain insesently about all the horrible things Marvel has done to Spidey.

    As much as you guys may hate this idea, there is a section out there who are absoluetly stoked that this is happening 🙂

  30. Like the way MJ looks a lot.  Really hope nothing gets undone from the past two years.  I don’t think Spiderman’s ever been in a better place creatively. 

  31. OK…so I think I might be the minority in this discussion so far, in that I’ve really enjoyed post-BND stuff, but I just wasn’t reading ASM(or any comics at all) for a long while before OMD/BND.  Could someone point me in the right direction to some runs or story arcs to give me some new appreciation for the character pre-BND.  It would be much appreciated!

    @ctrosejr – you make a very good point about the rotating artists/writers in conjunction with Peter Parker’s revolving cast of supporting characters.  I never thought of it that way and have always been unconscious of that disconnection of Parker’s friends and family.  Now that you mention it, it becomes quite obvious just skimming through a recent bunch of issues

  32. In summary: I liked OMD and am very excited to read this, if it does indeed go back to that storyline.  I (for the most part) enjoyed ASM far more pre-OMD than I have in BND… BND has been nice, but really done nothing compelling.  Have there been any classic Spidey storylines out of BND?  I don’t think so.  Talent-wise, whatever you thought of his decisions, JMS is probably a better writer than any of the BND writers.  That’s not to disparage those guys; I just think JMS is that good.

    But really, it all pales next to USM anyway.  THAT is the Marvel flagship Spidey title, and has been for a long time. 

    IMO.  LOL. 

  33. Sort of ironic that the initials are spelling out OMIT and some people are considering not getting into this story. I’m in though.



    @gregbmarcus – i AM OMDing BNDS. 

  35. It’s weird how Quesadas art looks somehow great and bad at the same time.