“Premakes” The Avengers (1952)

The "Premakes" series of videos take recognizable properties and "remake" them with classic early film footage. This particular one, a 1950s sci-fi version of The Avengers is pretty freaking awesome.

The inventiveness of this video is pretty astounding. And lucky for them there was a Captain America serial in 1944.


  1. Beautiful

  2. This was such a great video.

  3. Wow!  That’s impressive.

  4. wonder if the movie will be that good 😉

  5. I’d watch it.

  6. Thats pretty awesome. Seems like a no brainer to put Gold and Silver age characters in the time period they were created in. I so wish they could do a 1930s-40s Batman/Superman JLA kinda thing like the old books. 

  7. What a great job editing!

  8. This is awesome!  Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow great job here.

    Although this is the actual trailer for the movie right? That is RDJ, Chris Evans, and Jeremey Renner if I’m not mistaken. 🙂

  10. Nice!

  11. Freaking awesome is right!

  12. AWESOME!!!

  13. This was so awesome.  Thanks for sharing it, Conor.


    Also: Nick Fury needs to ease off the donuts.  


  14. Best fan trailer i have seen very imaginative and resourceful

    emma peel as black widow inspired choice.

  15. Amazing Fan Trailer, and there are even some other links after the vid finishes, the 1950’s ‘Empire Strikes Back’ is really good too

  16. Check out the annotated video of this on Youtube.  It showcases all the cameos (Spider-Man, Stan Lee, Watcher, Rick Jones) and other nice details.

     And his other videos are great.  Love the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" with Charlton Heston in the 1950s.

  17. Wow!  An encyclopedic knowledge of comics and vintage movies/TV as well as the incredible creative ability to mash it all together! I watched The Avengers Premake and the shot by shot breakdown several times. Here’s