Power/Responsibility! The Second Limited Edition iFanboy T-Shirt!

We’re also proud to announce the very second limited edition iFanboy T-Shirt design!  This shirt, available in both red and blue is limited to just 250 shirts, so be sure to order yours today before they sell out!

The Power/Responsibility Shirt is just $15.00 and can be purchased in the iFanboy Store!

We hope you dig these t-shirts as we’re super excited for them!  You can expect more limited edition t-shirts from iFanboy in the future, so be sure to keep coming back to iFanboy.com for more announcements!


  1. Holy poop. Must have!

  2. Wowsers! They be mighty fine!

    Red or blue?… Dammit, I’ll get both!

  3. It keeps telling me to update my shipping address, which I did. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  4. Wow!  thats pretty awesome.

  5. Halarious

  6. Man are you guys trying to get sued?

  7. Got mine! Thanks guys!

  8. Spider-man + Math + Shirt = Awesome. It works on so many levels with Spidey also being a science nerd and all. Great job guys.

  9. not bad. who designs the shirts?

     you should let the users submit some designs, maybe, perhaps

  10. Dam you Ifanboy. I was hoping to go to Toronto Con next week and buy some stuff with the little money i have, but now I have to buy this shirt.

  11. haha, quite clever.  Might just have to pick one up

  12. I agree with this equation

    Unless you put in Mephisto; then you got some type of radical…

    I like the blue shirt though, stands out more

  13. Very nice.

  14. These are thwipping sweet!

  15. Damn. Nice idea, nice presentation. That is sooo tempting.

    One math quibble: Following the line graph back to the origin, it appears you can have some power with zero responsibility. 

  16. @patio – I’d say that can be pretty accurate, though. 🙂

  17. @OttoBott – very true. 

  18. Love the new tshirt design.

    I’ll wear this bad boy with Spidey Pride.

  19. Target acquired

  20. I cackled with nerdy delight.

  21. red or blue? red or blue? red or blue? 

  22. Hooray for XXL.

  23. Any word on how he ifanboy shirts are usually sized? I want to order one but not sure if I should order a L or XL

  24. I typically wear XL’s and the ‘HURM’ XL shirt also worked for me…

  25. Wow, that is Nerdcore, guys. Great design!

     Filip Sablik
    Publisher, Top Cow Productions
    Read a free issue of Witchblade at http://www.topcow.com/witchblade

  26. I’ll make sure to pick one up at SDCC.

  27. @miyamotofreak: There’s no guarentee that

    A) There will be any left by SDCC

    B) They will be on sale at SDCC.

  28. @conor: This is true. I’m just a cheap bastard trying to not pay shipping.

    @filipsabilk: Pimpin’ dem books ain’t easy, huh? 

  29. graph!pron 🙂

  30. I’m torn. I love Spider-man, but this shirt reminds me of my statistics class.

  31. Or, rather, how much I hate my statistics class.

  32. Genius shirt, you guys should do a variant down the road with black and white.

  33. "Man are you guys trying to get sued?"

     Technically there is nothing on it that is liable. Not the saying, not Spider-man or any logos. 

    It’s far enough away to be considered an homage to the material and doesn’t tred on any copyrighted material. It’s pretty genius actually, much like the Hurm shirt.

  34. wish u guys have the venom version (black n white). I might consider the blue one.

  35. @excalipoor

    Variant shirts? I think they’re a given eventually. 

  36. Yeah, I’d definitely order this if it was White or Black — not really feeling the red and blue. Even though I love me some Spidey, the color schemes are a little too American Apparel for me.

  37. Clever, but the designs could do with being a tad bigger for ease of reading from a distance.

  38. From a distance it looks like an open umbrella lying on its side.

  39. I really like the concept and design but shouldn’t power be on the X axis and responsibility on the Y axis? I haven’t done maths for about 12 years but I pretty sure the graph is saying that the more responsibility you have the more power you have… :/ 

  40. Neither axis has priority over another.

  41. "with great responsibility comes great power" – ok. just doesn’t make sense to me.

  42. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It makes sense in either direction.  

  43. From what I remember from math class, it doesn’t matter, but it’s common to make the X axis and Y axis a certain way. You can choose which is X and which is Y and what the hell Y and X mean.

    You don’t have to write equations with a b and c. You can use Mickey, Larry and Martha. It doesn’t really matter. 

  44. sorry to get all mathsy but the X axis is where the independent variable goes. if you want to say "as power increases so too does responsibility" then the power will be on the X axis. I’ve never heard the phrase "with great responsibilty comes great power", which is what the tee says.

  45. It’s a t-shirt.  Shhh.

  46. Again you still gotta add the X factor that is Mephisto to the equation

  47. With great math comes great confusion…

  48. I betcha one night I’m gonna be wearing this shirt while drunk and see the spider on my chest and go nuts.

  49. Meh had to change my shipping address for the order: my apartment burned down  🙁

    Will be hanging out in Florida until the end of May, then headed back to New York to move into my new apartment June 1st. 

     Any idea when you guys were planning on shipping the shirts?

  50. I hate to sound like an old man here, but nowadays all the t-shirts I buy need to have a pocket in them to carry my iTouch as I listen to the show.  

    So, if you produce a shirt with a pocket (perhaps/even a regular iFanboy t-shirt), I’ll buy it, and wear it frequently. (And that’s some advertising for you!)

  51. A Bruce Banner lab coat with "you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry" on it? I don’t know.

  52. You know, since I am an old man who needs a pocket in his t-shirt, maybe you can make for people like me a t-shirt saying, "You kids stop making all that noise, I’m trying to read my comicbooks!"

  53. Or "comics isn’t just for kids. Just look at that shirt pocket!" or a "I’m a comicbook artist, and I need room for my brushes".

  54. I was trying to think of one which worked with "Get off my lawn!", but nothing really came to mind.

    Or many more of a Dana Carvey Grumpy Old Man kind of thing like, "When I was a kid comics weighed 100 pounds each, and we had to walk through 15 feet of snow for 10 miles up hill to buy them, AND WE LOVED IT!"



  55. I think I might by both the red and blue shirts but cut some holes in the red one and wear the blue one underneath so it looks like Spider-man’s costume.

  56. In case you missed these tweets, the shirts have now arrived – so the packages will be going out soon!

  57. Got my shirt today!!! Aww yeah!

  58. Just got it, got it in blue, looks great!

  59. I got mine today!!!

    Thanks guys!!!

  60. I got my t-shirt and members stuff on the same day!! I was like oh shit, this is t’ight! Or should I say oh shirt, this is tight?

  61. @cromulent – A Geekscape reference?

  62. Just got my shirt in the mail today…awesome!

  63. Got mine in the mail a while back, just gave it to my brother (who is responsible for getting me into ifanboy) for his birthday.  He says, "cool, thanks" :). I’m looking forward to the next tie-in you guys come up with.

  64. Got one for my birthday, it looks awesome! Great job guys. 

  65. Am I correct in thinking that these t-shirt you guys are putting out are to be in the category of comic-related clothing that is not obnoxiously comic-y?

    If so, perhaps in future shirts you will refrain from having the iFanboy logo on the back. I totally love this website and all of your various audio and video shows, but "Fanboy" just isn’t a word I want to wear around.

    That said, brilliant design on the front.

  66. It’s our logo, so… no we’re not going to stop putting it on our products.

  67. New logo someday? Something like: (iF)

    and with the same fun red font?

  68. I am perfectly happy with the iFanboy logo being slapped on the back. It’s advertising for a site I love that will (hopefully) drum up some additional readership who will (hopefully) buy memberships to increase the revenue for the site.

    Did these ship? I’d like to have mine in time for Dragon*Con (September 3-7). 

  69. Did anyone else read Dark Reign: Young Avenger’s issue 3 and catch the iFanboy shirt shoutout? Gotta love Paul Cornell.

  70. Yeah… I get the feeling that the shirts will sell even faster now.

  71. i cant wait to get mine =)

  72. I would love to get me one of each color, but there are no 3XL’s.

  73. My shirt arrived in the mail yesterday.  I wore it to the theatre to see G.I. Joe.  My wife really liked it (I have been told that red is my color).  I also had a rather attractive young lady tell me she liked it (I believe clever was the word she used) and asked were I got it.  She should be visiting the site in the near future.

    Thank you for getting the shirt to me so quickly and thank you for designing a cool shirt.

  74. Thanks for telling us about your positive experience, and holding back the story when you’re beaten to within an inch of your life by rabid DC fanboys.

  75. @Josh – I was able to avoid said beating.  Here’s how:  As they angrily charged me I quickly pointed out that the Marvel Zombies who designed the shirt foolishly flipped the axes and that I am wearing the shirt primarily to point out their lack of graphical acumen.  They politely congratulated me and sent me on my way with a series of jovil high-fives.  I then mentioned that they should visit iFanboy.com if they wished to purchase a shirt of their own.  They quickly jotted down the address.

  76. I just saw this today and really wanted to get one… I’m just too much of a nerd and wouldn’t be able to wear it without it really really bothering me that "Power" isn’t on the bottom and "Responsibility" on the side. At least in terms of Spider-Man/superheroes, as power increases, so does responsibility. Great responsibility does not always bring great power with it. Alfred Pennyworth has a great deal of responsibility, but not really a whole lot of power… Sigh, I am way too nerdy…