PAX Prime 2012: In Photos

My thumbs hurt from using joysticks, my feet hurt from three days of convention walking (two of them in cosplay), and my liver is sobbing from the abuse I put it through. Yes, once again, I attended Penny Arcade Expo here in Seattle, WA: the biggest video game convention in the United States. This year the comic book presence was HUGE, what with Marvel vs Capcom, the Batman: Arkham games, etc. I saw many a Deadpool and Psylocke running amok. But don’t take my word for it… check out the photos I snapped while I was there!



Molly McIsaac likes unicorns, bunnies, and blowing things up in video games. You can follow her weird antics on twitter, or check out her geeky fashion blog.


  1. Thanks Molly.

    Curious to know what convention goers reactions were to the Cosplay in PAX028 in light of current events.
    We were a lot of Cosplayers brandishing realistic looking guns at Pax?

    • I don’t know about the Cons, but I know at the upcoming charity Serenity screening here in Dallas, the theater is asking people not to dress up at all.

    • @flakbait I’m from Dallas too, can you give me the details on this screening? I haven’t heard of this. Is it part of the Comic Con Fan Days Event in October where there will be a number of Firefly actors present?

  2. Nice photos. I was at dragoncon last weekend. Is there a way that i can share photos here?

  3. Cool!

    I actually recognized like 10 more things that I thought I would.

    That galaxy dress girl’s eyes are unsettling.

    Were they just giving out free Skrillex cuts?

  4. Sorry if this is a rude question but are people hooking up like crazy at these conventions with a lot of cosplayers? All the sexy outfits got to be getting people in the mood, and then if there is drinking at night its got to turn in to a huge hook up fest.

  5. Thanks for the pics, Molly! Looks like a great time. Maybe one of these days I’ll be lucky enough to make it up there for PAX…