Paul Cornell Takes Over ACTION COMICS

Superman is about to get a whole lot nicer and way more English.

It would appear that the previously announced new writer of Action Comics, Marc Guggenheim is now stepping aside from writing duties and iFanboy favorite Paul Cornell is filling the void. Sadly, he's not bringing Captain Britain and MI:13 artist Leonard Kirk with him, but he will have Pete Woods, who did a great job on the art in Superman: World of New Krypton. He'll also have David Finch on cover duty.

This has got to be a huge thrill for Cornell, who is an unabashed comic book fan. No matter how it sells, Action Comics is one of the few genuinely historically important comic books that is still in print. This is the book that launched Superman, the first domino in a long line that has lead us all to where we are today.

"I'm honoured to be part of a grand tradition," Paul Cornell told us via Twitter. "Pete Woods has even been designing the 'sets'! Back on an ongoing again, great people: cool!"

I have to admit, it's been quite a while since I've seen a piece of comic book news that made me actually yelp, happily and loudly. But this announcement did it. I am very happy that I'll soon be getting more monthly stories from Paul Cornell.


  1. You know who else wrote Captain Britain and Superman?…Alan Moore. Just saying.

  2. Guess I’ll be reading Action Comics now.

  3. Whoa Conor you wrote this article up w/ superspeed. (pun intended) Good work sir

  4. Much more excited about this than I was Guggenheim (who I wasn’t excited for at all)

  5. This has me godamn excited, I’ll tell you what

  6. I want to flick Marvel X Book editor Nick Lowe on the nose & be like "He can write Action but why can’t he write Uncanny?"  Superman VS Orange Lantern Lex Luthor. I Want It.

  7. might have to check that out. I think Cornell will be a good fit for that book.

  8. Captain Superman and Metropolis-13!  Marvel’s loss, DC’s gain. 

    I say the above with really no idea if he can write "american".  I loved Captain Britain in part because the dialogue was wholly of the UK.

  9. YES!

  10. Should be great, my only worry is that Paul won’t have time to write an episode in the 2011 series of Doctor Who.

  11. This is the coolest freaking thing ever. JMS and Leonard Kirk on the Superverse. Awesome stuff. Wonder what issue he’s starting with, since the first Guggenheim issue was already solicited.

  12. Awesome. So is #880 now written by Cornell or is it still Guggenheim? Need to know if I should order it on dcbs.

  13. @skeets: Looks like Cornell starts where Guggenheim would have.

  14. I was just wondering what if anything Cornell was doing in comics.

    And… hey! He’s… writing Superman! That’s something to… hmm!

    All right!

  15. Alright cool. Damn this is great news.

  16. Just when i think i’m done with superman he goes and gets himself the coolest English writer since Neil Gaiman and totally redeems himself

  17. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Love it! 

  18. Congrats Cornell.  It’s well deserved.

  19. Oh S—!!!!

    Where did? How did he..? Who cares!!??

    This is the greatest news ever!! Action Comics will finally be readable! Superman is now going to be readable! I’m back on board with the Superman line baby!!

  20. Oh my, is it Christmas already? Fantastic news. Here I thought I would only be picking up one Superman book when the new direction came. Congrats to Paul.

  21. Awesome. Hopefully he’ll have the time and space he need’s to tell his story. Unlike with Captian Britan and the MI13


  22. I’m hoping Mr. Cornell gives us an epic romp.  He’s certainly capable of it.

  23. Paul Cornell tweeted that his first issue will indeed be #890, where Guggenheim was supposed to start.

    I’m going from zero Superman to picking up the whole Superman line with this news. 

    The DCU Source article almost makes it sound like Cornell will be writing the ideas that Guggenheim is coming up with. That is probably just because the post is so vague, but would really suck if true. I want to see Cornell do what Cornell does best, not some script based on loose plots ideas that Guggenheim didn’t want to finish.

  24. Well, I was going to read it with Guggenheim (the solicit looked interesting enough) and now I’m certainly going to read it with Cornell.

  25. I think I’ll be reading Superman comics again.

  26. Now I have to start buying AC again.

  27. @Tomkaters: Know who else wrote Cap Britain and Superman? Chuck Austin….just kidding I’m waaaay excited for this news.


  28. Now as a comic fan I gotta ask this so…..

    What did Guggenheim really do to get off this series? I read the article and it states the "didn’t feel right to take over" excuse. I find that hard to believe. He’s okay to write a major character like Spider-Man but not Superman? Something’s not right with that story.

    Okay Conspiracy theorist mood off.

  29. Totally awesome.  I’m back on Action Comics with the start of his run.  Couldn’t be happier.

  30. I really liked Captain Britain, so I’m much more relieved with Cornell as the writer instead of Guggenheim (mainly because I haven’t read as much from Guggenheim).

    I can’t wait to see what he does with Luthor. I hope he really does somthing new and shows how powerful one of the smartest men in the DCU can be.

    Definitely looking forward to see where the two flagship Superman titles are going from here on out.

    Luthor looks awesome with his orange lantern armor on too. Any chance of changing his original armor’s color to orange? Great artwork from Finch too.

  31. @TNC

    Actually my little alarm went on while reading it as well. Seemed like Guggenheim had a base idea than DC editiorial wanted to turn it into something else (crossover? status quo thing? future event?) and he was like "well I got plenty of other jobs where I don’t have to deal with this so lets just have a clean break" and they gave it to Cornell. Which makes me a little tentative especially given how crossover heavy the Superman line has been.

  32. DC is kicking a lot of ass lately with their franchises. JMS on Supes/WW, Morrison on Batman, Johns on GL/Flash, Robinson on JLA, Simone on BoP, Levitz on Legion, Giffen on JLI, Giffen & DeMatteis on Booster Gold, Dini on Batverse books, and Cornell on Action Comics. fffffffffff so awesome.

  33. Cool! Can’t wait to read this.

  34. What’s that mind? You’ve just been blown? Awesome stuff.

  35. This might sound retarded but is that a real superman image. Is that true brit, or did someone knock that up over night? It’s pretty awesome! Southern cross would go nice though…

  36. This is really excellent news, I was going to drop Action when Guggenheim took over which now I will not have to do.

  37. I have absolutely no idea why (since i haven’t actually read a lot Cornell, but hear only psitive things) but this actually made me kinda giddy.  I’m at a loss.

  38. @Nawida Well if Guggenheim has a lot of projects coming up…..I mean A LOT, like Winick for Batman. Then that’s fine. But it just seems weird that he is taken awhile so quickly. Plus Cornell is using his ideas and expanding on them.

    I’m sure there’s a reasonable explaination but like Ralph Dibny….I smell a mystery.

  39. @TNC: These guys also do work that you don’t see. Much like Winick when was off writing the next DCAU movie and no one knew it, Marc Guggenheim writes a lot of TV. You really have no idea how busy any of these guys are or aren’t.

  40. @conor: Sorry I was just trying to figure out what he could be doing. I stated the same way with Winick, he could be doing more then just comic work.

    I just wish they could outright tell you and not be so vague about it. Cause when your vague then it leads to questions….Like what I’m asking now.

  41. How completely awesome is this? Because I loooove Paul Cornell. I’m doing an internal jig. Actually, I’m bouncing on an exercise ball but you get what I mean.

  42. I always buy Superman family of titles, but I look forward to Cornell’s run on the title to see what is possible.


  43. Who’s Paul Cornell?

  44. Guggenheim had a TV show in the pipeline, the reason he stepped down from Flashforward too. Maybe we’ll here about it after may sweeps.


    As for this news, I can’t be more excited. Loved Captain Britain!

  45. I’m only familiar with Paul Cornell’s Doctor Who work, but that alone has me excited.

  46. Great, now I have to start buying Superman AND Action again.  Oh well, I have had worst problems. 

  47. I predict Superman will be doing some serious magic hating. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.