PARODY VIDEO: The Dark Knight Rises – Bane Speaks!

It’s been less than a week since the prologue to the The Dark Knight Rises, the next Batman film, appeared in select theaters, followed by the newest trailer for the film. ¬†One of the go-to jokes has been about how difficult it was to hear what Bane and Batman were actually saying, which is the subject of this parody video that’s popped up on YouTube:

This Batman parody video was produced by Jon Moisan, who by day, is an Assistant Editor at Marvel Comics. So, there’s that…



  1. I was just talking to someone last night about how in 6 months half the funny videos and and sketch shows will be about how you cant understand Bane. These guys did a good job getting there first… I should go print some “Why so unintelligible?” t-shirts”

    • I’d buy it!

      I liked the prologue except for not being about to understand him. I got about 80% of what he said. Several people in the theater were complaining both as it was happening and afterwards. I don’t know if I want to sit in a theater and try to decipher what he’s saying when everyone next to you is also going talking to their friends asking what the hell he just said.

    • LO! That would be awesome!

    • I’d buy one of those too. That’s funny as hell.

  2. i’m 78% sure that gordon is a lady with a mustache. also, i’m with nolan on this one. in the knightfall series you did not need to know what bane was saying, just that it was something about him ruling gotham. it’s enough for me to know that bane is saying more than, “BANE!!!” like the least cute pokemon ever (i’m looking at you, batman forever).

  3. That was painful to sit through.

  4. I kind of hope this meme dies quickly. Bane is pretty easy to understand in the trailer. Maybe people are listening on horrible speakers?