October Giveaways For iFanboy Members!

October is Members Giveaway Month here at iFanboy and we’ve got three big prize packs to tell you about!

First up, the Top Cow Prize Pack!


This prize pack will be given away on the Pick of the Week Podcast #205 on October 11, 2009.

Next, the Funimation Prize Pack!


This prize pack will be given away on the Pick of the Week Podcast #206 on October 18, 2009.

Finally, the Inhumans Prize Pack!


  • The Inhumans #5, 6, 7 (1976)
  • Black Bolt and The Inhumans #9, 10 (1971)
  • Amazing Adventures featuring Inhumans and The Black Widow #2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ,7, 8 (1970-1971)

NOTE: These are almost 40 year old comic books that have been well worn and read. They will be sent in bags and boards, but they are not in mint condition.

This prize pack will be given away on the Pick of the Week Podcast #207 on October 25, 2009.

Want to win any of these prize packs? All you have to do to be eligible to win is to become an iFanboy Member! Winners will be chosen on the Thursday before each giveaway!


  1. Thanks for doing these.  I’d like to read those old Inhumans books, especially the one featuring Magneto. 

  2. Wow what a great series of prizes.

    Seriously, I’m not a fan of Top Cow but I want in on that! Also….how much kicking and screaming did josh give when taking those Inhuman comics away from him? 🙂

  3. Awesome!  I get the feeling that Josh is hoping to win the Inhumans pack 😛

  4. October 25th is my birthday, its only fitting that I should get a present.

  5. The Top Cow pack looks awesome.  Fingers crossed.

  6. Yes! Free swag! Good luck, everybody! 

  7. I want the Top Cow prizes so bad I am a little ashamed of myself!!!

  8. Wow, those are all awesome prizes! I’d be stoked to win any of them.  Good luck to everyone (well…maybe more good luck to me though…).

  9. Those are some pretty awesome prize packs. Good luck everyone!

  10. Cool!!  Oh I hope I win one of these prize packs!

  11. Free stuff kicks ass.  The Funimation prize pack sounds like good fun.  Good luck to all!

  12. wow. i definitely want the topcow prize pack. i want that ass-ass-in edition of wanted.

  13. The only thing I have read/seen in here is Wanted so I guess I’ll allow you to give them to me.

  14. Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome.

  15. Man I’d loved that top cow prize pack

  16. is it bad that I REALLLY wanna win the Funimation pack. That would be so exciting. LOL. I can’t believe i just said that.

  17. Wow those are the best prize packs yet. Old comics, new comics, and even anime kick ass!!!

  18. Very cool. The Top Cow pack features some books I really would love to check out. Not so much into the titles of the Funimation pack, but they seem diverse enough to cater to all fans. I’ve been told countless times to check out Afro Samurai as well. Inhumans pack is a really cool one. "The Madness of Magneto" is an awesome title. Really great stuff. I’m crossing my fingers. 😉

  19. Alright – You guys FINALLY got me to sign up!

  20. That Inhumans prize is looking mighty sweet.

  21. I definitely need that Inhumans prize pack… Let’s just hope the iFangods are smiling down on me when the winners are drawn!

  22. awesome. you’re giveaways are cwazy

  23. I’m a bit confused.  I’ve been a member on here for over a year, listing my weekly pulls and what not.  Is this for members who pay for a membership (premium members)?  I guess I just never noticed contests on here before…

  24. @cubsmodano: You become an iFanboy Member by purchasing a membership. We’ve been talking about them every week on the podcast since January. We’ve had tons of giveaways for members in the last ten months.

  25. Thanks for the info.  I usually come here just to find out what’s coming out this week, so never really listened to the podcasts either.  I’ll definitely have to check this stuff out.

  26. These look pretty cool. It’s probably my turn to win something now, don’t you think?

  27. I want that Top Cow Prize Pack

  28. I would love the Inhumans prize pack.  Correct me if I’m wrong but those are Kirby books right?

  29. Sweet.  Thanks guys!

  30. I would be more than happy to do some iFanHousekeeping to get a leg up in this drawing here.

  31. @ato220: There is both Jack Kirby and Gene Colan art in those Inhumans books.

  32. Are international members eligible to win these giveaways?  Just that I imagine these would be a bitch to ship to the UK, so would I have an equal chance of winning if I signed up?  Or are they just for US members?

    That Top Cow prize pack looks sweet.

  33. @stustap: All members are elligible.

  34. I’m still excited about these prizes! Four days has not damped my hope of winning any (or all) of these.

    And yes, I know that winning more than one isn’t possible.  Still, a man can dream.

  35. That Top Cow Prize Should be Mine!

    Good Luck To everyone!

  36. Thanks for all of the Top Cow support, guys! Sounds like the prize pack will find a good home. Guess we’ll have to send another pack some time in the future, huh?

    Filip Sablik
    Top Cow Productions, Inc.
    Read The Darkness/Pitt #1 for free on your iPhone from comiXology.

  37. Whats the deadline for signing up? I tried, but I guess I need a paypal account first

  38. You don’t need a paypal account.  Paypal is just the system we use for payment.  You can pay by credit card if you want.  Just go through the steps and you’ll find the option.

    The deadline is different for each of the prizes.  The sooner you’re in, the better your chances.

    And thanks!  

  39. We like free stuff!

  40. The prizes are nice, but the reason I’m an iFanboy member is the consistent quality entertainment you guys provide like clockwork. Keep up the good work!


  41. Wait.. Are these for site members, or Paid Members?

  42. @IanX: There is only one kind of iFanboy Member: those who have bought a membership. All the information can be found here as well as on every Pick of the Week Podcast we’ve put out for the last ten months.

  43. @Josh: Thanks. Love the site, glad to finally support it

  44. ???? whhaaa? You guys give away anime dvd’s too? Shoooooot, I used to have dozens lying around in a box, but I donated them to some anime driven club. = I really thought the niche was really small.

  45. Oh man, I just looked at the prizes again, and I’m crossing my fingers for good luck.

  46. Curses!!  Foiled again.

  47. wow, It be awesome to win both complete season of BECK and Witchblade!

  48. My LCS just closed.  (Green Dragon U.P.Mi.) This would help.

  49. just found your podcast this morning and heard about this.

  50. @Toby – Welcome to the site.  If you sign up for a membership you will have a shot at winning.  I hope you enjoy the site. 

  51. LOL, I did register that is why you can see my user name 🙂 

  52. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    You did indeed register to post on the site. What Stuclach is talking about is the optional paid membership which qualifies you for the giveaways listed above (and other bonuses.) Check out the link at the bottom of the original post if you’re interested. 

    Either way, welcome to iFanboy! Hope you enjoy all the articles and podcasts.   

  53. God I’d love the Beck Mongolian Chop Squad book. It’s my favourite manga/anime series.

    Please? 🙂