NYCC 2012: LOST’s Carlton Cuse To Produce THE SIXTH GUN Series For NBC

The Hollywood Reporter just broke news that Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt’s supernatural western comic series The Sixth Gun has been picked up as a television series to air on NBC. Veteran TV producer Carlton Cuse (Lost) and screenwriter Ryan Condal are working on the adaptation, which is being produced by Universal TV and Closed On Mondays Entertainment, a movie shingle set-up by Oni press to handle its Hollywood ventures.

For the shameful lot that haven’t read The Sixth Gun, it’s succinctly described as a “supernatural western,” following six prized guns that have magical powers. Chaos ensues with the sixth gun, the most powerful of the set, reappears after being absent for years in the hands of an innocent girl named Becky Montcrief.

This is the first greenlight for Closed On Mondays after they signed an exclusive deal with Universal Television for comics published by Oni Press. The Sixth Gun was previously announced in 2011 as being in development for a series at Syfy. Bunn and Hurtt’s previous collaboration, The Damned, is still said to be in development at Showtime.



  1. Huzzah!

  2. Great comic series that suffers from being so consistently great that people don’t talk about it! Congrats to the team, awesome news!

  3. I have never even heard of this comic, which is odd, because it sounds like something I would love!

  4. Easily my favorite book currently being published.

  5. Great news.

  6. Rad… Can’t wait!

  7. This is great news! Cuse worked on The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., so he’s got a thing for the weird western. Sixth Gun is one of the best comics out now, and Brian Hurtt is a badass.

  8. This. Is. AWESOME!

  9. YES! Couldn’t happen to a nicer couple of creators, either. Hope NBC doesn’t short shrift this the way it has other comic related titles in the past. I never expected this on the big 3 networks, so I am optimistic!

  10. This is a series on my radar I’ve been meaning to get caught up with in trade, I’ve seen softcovers but anyone know if they have plans for an omnibus or anything like that?

  11. the sixth gun rules. really looking forward to this.