NYCC 2012: Jonah Hex Goes Back…. To The Future!

Buried in the deluge of news coming out of last weekend’s New York Comic Con, one line from an artist at DC’s New 52 Panel on Saturday has stuck in my mind for the past 48 hours.

“Jonah Hex will be coming into the year 2050 and teaming up with Adam Strange.”

That’s what All-Star Western artist Moritat snuck into the superhero-leaning 50 minute panel Saturday. And although stories about the Justice League, Batman, and other things took the headlines, it’s this little glimmer that got me thinking more than the others.

Maybe it’s nostalgia for the previous jaunt Hex made into the radiation-seared future in the the short-lived Hex series from the mid-80s. Maybe it’s the fact that Moritat is arguably even better at drawing apocalyptic future scenes (as seen in Heavy  Metal and Elephantmen) than his period western work. And maybe it’s the presumption that Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray would have a field-day taking the Mark of the Demon into 2050. Or maybe it’s Adam Strange.

Regardless, I’m psyched. My only question is how long I have to wait and how bad-ass this could be.


  1. there’s a fun brave and the bold episode with hex and batman on warworld check it out if you like the sound of this.

  2. Awesome!

  3. Wey Hey ! I bought this issue from the back issue Bins just a few weeks ago for about 25 pence! A true blast from the past …or is that the future…?

  4. The Hex series had some weird, weird stuff in it. Overall, I liked the ideas in it but the execution was lacking a bit. Also, Hex himself got lost in the world. There were several issues where he was a minor character at best. On the plus side, there was a weird future Batman character who was Jewish, which is interesting.

    In other words, yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing someone else have fun with this insane concept.

  5. Whoa, I didn’t expect that

  6. Hell yeah! I’m all into Hex. This sounds great. At least All STar Western didnt get cancelled along with Blue Beetle and Frankenstein.

  7. Wait, does that mean Adam Strange is in the future in New 52? or is he getting tansported to the future? or is it the redheaded Adam Strange that’s supposed to be his descendant?

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  9. That’s…..yeah….Not sure how I feel about this.

    I’ve always wanted to try the first attempt at ‘Hex in Space’ cause it sounds so crazy. But hearing that Palmiotti/Gray may be serious on this makes me wonder if their run on Hex should be over before that happens. Cause to be honest I am struggling to see if I wanna keep up with this series anymore. Hex going into space might be the final nail for me for this series if I don’t drop it beforehand.

  10. The old future Hex books were dull and very forgetful.
    Not interested in seeing another version either.
    Very sad to hear this . . .

  11. S’Cool with me. I like Palmiotti & Gray’s handle on the character and I trust them to tell good stories wherever Hex ends up. Besides, it’s obviously just a side trip. No way is Jonah going to stay in the future. I’d just as soon see him back on the prairie riding his horse like in the previous series, so if we’ve gotta live with ye olde Gotham, I look forward to any changes of pace.

  12. I saw the Hex in the future storyline as a sign of the times of the 80s. Mad Max, Boy and his Dog, Cherry 2000… whatever I digress. The point is, like DC following the Monkeys fad in the 70s, that time was forgettable and forgivable… if we never mention it again in storytelling.

    Maybe this is a choice for the right reason. But telling me what this new 52 universe is like in the future is asking for more trouble than staying in the past is worth. Maybe @triplneck is correct and this is just a story arc. Cause Jonah Hex should not go back to the future. Someone please get Huey Lewis out of my head

  13. I hope this won’t cancel or replace the current All Star Western book though. I never read the Hex but I love the regular title now and I don’t want it to turn into something else.

    We fear change

  14. There was very nearly a spit-take when I read the phrase “and teaming up with Adam Strange.”

    Has Adam made an appearance in the New 52? I’ve always had a soft spot for him. Maybe he needs a DC Histories, because while I’m always excited when he turns up, I don’t know that I have coherent picture of his story. For the longest time he seemed to be simply forever chasing the next Zeta beam back to Rann and his lady. Then there was some darker hint in Swamp Thing that he had been deliberately imported as a sperm donor to an otherwise sterile Rann, and I don’t know if that was pure Alan Moore or if that was an existing plot, and I don’t know if anyone ran with it afterwards. But whatever is up with him, Adam Strange is one of those characters that I’m always happy to see pop up again (like his appearance on Young Justice), so, even though I haven’t gotten into Hex, this might make me take another look.

  15. Sounds whack. I’ll give it a try.

  16. Start the countdown to cancellation on this one. I don’t see this appealing to many people, at least not many Hex fans.Why can’t we have a straight up western comic? Hex is great on his own, he doesn’t need gimmicky trips to Gotham city or into the future. It didn’t work the first time, what makes them think it will this time around? Maybe it’s just me. I miss the pre-new 52 Hex series I guess.