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iFanboy #167 – Jonah Hex

Show Notes

Jonah Hex: The Comic Books

Since 1972, Jonah Hex and his skin flap have been filling varmints with hot lead in the pages of DC Comics. But if you’re only familiar with his recent series by writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray you might be surprised to know that Hex’s history has included robots, ray guns, and demons to go along with booze, whores and six shooters. Who is Jonah Hex and why is such a bastard so easy to love?

Jonah Hex: The Movie

What does the trailer say about the upcoming film, Jonah Hex? And is iFanboy hopeful that a good time at the movies is in the cards? With Jonah Hex bringing back the dead with just a touch, all signs might just point to a dead man’s hand…


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  1. I’ve been on the fence about this book for a while but you guys have convinced me to take the plunge. And Ghost Rider was bad but The Spirit truly sucked ass – damn near destroyed Miller’s credibility IMHO.

  2. was that Will Arnett/Job?

  3. Conor and I have the same shirt!  Adam Carolla has it too, he’s wearing it in those Klondike ads.  Behold, the ubiquity of Old Navy.

  4. @ifanboys:  podcast idea:  Archaia comics?

  5. Yee-ha! (Couldn’t resist) Great show, great character. Let’s just see how the film does.

  6. Do these character-centric episodes mean we’re inching closer to 20 minutes of Sentry jokes?

  7. please, i can’t get enough sentry jokes. 


    i started at Jonah Hex issue 50 because of Darwyn Cooke and I have been hooked ever since.  

  8. hates everyone equally? sounds like my kinda guy.

  9. I imagine the Siege episode will really be a Sentry episode.

  10. Was watching the episode and had to speak on the Jonah Hex scar’n.


    As a person who actually suffered a facial burn like hex did the scaring he had is consistant with the time period.  When I suffered an electrical burn to my face at the age of 3 my initial burn condition was like Jonah’s.  Due to my young agemy face was able to heal back to fill the hole and my only scaring now is a small knot in the corner of my mouth.  Given his age at the time of the incidents he could easilyhave been scarred for life.

    Just figure I would hit ya up with the medical truth.  Gotta love that sci fi can happen irl.  : )

  11. I picked up the Johna Hex "Origin" trade a couple of months ago in a discount bin at my shop.  I had almost forgotten about it.  Weekend reading now decided.

  12. These books are awesome, I’m through the second trade and onto the third – though I don’t have much hope for the movie, hopefully it will lead more folks to the comics

  13. @unclebob It’s actually G.O.B. for George Oscar Bleuth.  I’m a freak.

  14. Then you would have written Bluth.

  15. I smell the stink coming off this movie thousands of miles from Hollywood.

  16. @josh I think you find subtle enjoyment in deriding me.

  17. @fnord: For some reason, I imagined Gandalf’s voice while reading that. It sounds ominous and worryingly accurate.

  18. @v – I just really love that show.

  19. whatevs:p

  20. ok the begining of the show scared the hell out of me for two seconds

  21. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    So far the movie’s earned 0.0% positive reviews at Rottentomatoes.com. Out of 26! 

  22. @Pym: Not even 2% for boobs?

  23. I reeeeeeally want this movie to succeed even though it’s highly unlikely. But I love the Jonah Hex series and want to see it grow.  Despite the movie looking awful from trailers and reviews, I’ll see it regardless.  Maybe I’ll follow it up with that cool JLU episode with Hex and Bat Lash!

  24. One thing has been finally proven by this video: That italian one has great taste in music!

  25. I just had an idea that you guys should come out with a new iFanboy T-Shirt saying "iFanboy Saved My Life From A Bad Movie" lol

  26. Y’know?  I always thought Preacher was a good type of western.  Especially on a second reading.  But that’s just me.

    Love the current Jonah Hex, but, I’m not really looking forward to the movie.  Can’t wait for Tony Moore’s rendition of Hex! 

  27. Tony Moore has kind of been in training to draw Hex for his whole career. Want.

    Also, Preacher is a fantastic modern western. 

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