NYCC 2011: Marvel Resurrects the SCARLET SPIDER This January

Rejoice, you children of the nineties!

Tonight’s Amazing Spider-Man panelists teased a number of upcoming surprises– not the least of which was an upcoming crossover with Mark Waid’s Daredevil and the long-threatened revenge of the Sinister Six– but nothing surprised this reporter quite so much as the announcement of an honest-to-goodness ongoing Scarlet Spider series coming to shelves this January. Marvel had hinted at the return of the Behoodied One in recent Point One promos, but those of us wondering what kind of fake-out those promos were now live carrying the knowledge that they were exactly what they appeared to be.

Or were they??

Older readers have traditionally had some mixed feelings about this character’s legacy/getup, but those who were in their formative years during the Clone Saga clearly remember the character with fond nostalgia, as the press release for this announcement describes him as one of Marvel’s “most demanded, most popular super heroes.” No matter where you stand, the book is shaping up to be a good read, thanks to beloved writer Chris Yost and up-and-coming best-in-the-biz penciller Ryan Stegman, who you may remember from such recent romps as She-Hulks and Hulk vs. Dracula. Below is just a taste of what you have in store next year, both from Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man in general.



  1. Hopefully this is Ben Reily. Who would have been the first ultimate spiderman.. if he wasnt so ignominiously killed of because many fans wanted no change. They made him into soup folks. Thats just wrong. Now i guess they’re going to have to add sugar and stir.. to make like a gelatin Ben Reily. And then hes back. The great scarlet Jello spider. Whatever happened to Howard Mackie.. anyone know?

  2. sweet

  3. I want Mary Jane.

  4. I don’t think it is Ben Reily. Based on recent issues of Amazing, I have my own guess but I not going to write it here for fear of spoiling others. By the way, Spider-Island is easily the best 616 Spider-Man story in at least ten years. Possibly even more.

  5. Planning on getting all of these titles anyway. Could be fun.

  6. I am very intrigued by the Scarlet Spider coming back.

  7. I’m in. All the way in.

  8. Hot diggety dog, this is what I’ve been waiting for for years now.

  9. “…the press release for this announcement describes him as one of Marvel’s ‘most demanded, most popular super heroes.'”

    Bull. S###.

    Where the hell do PR and marketing people get these “facts” from? No one I know could give a rat’s behind about Ben Reilly or the Scarlet Spider (no matter who is behind the vested hoodie). His death may be one of the most celebrated offings in MU history (THE most, of course, being Carnage’s separation anxiety coming true thanks to The Sentry). I love Marvel, and even after the new 5200, I think they are still in better shape than DC thanks to their superior editorial staff and their COO not being insane, but I think they really overreach with what they think fans want. Give us a good Spidey book. That’s it. If Yost and Stegman are THAT good, give ’em the book and get out of the way. Don’t shove 32 Spidey titles down our throats and force us to choose…

    • I have to say, I was not a big fan of Scarlet Spider and I don’t really care about him coming back at all….call bullshit on that quote makes me think you dont’ ready the internet.

    • For some reason that last comment didn’t come out as typed, but it should say:

      I have to say, I was not a big fan of Scarlet Spider and I don’t really care about him coming back at all….but to call bullshit on that quote makes me think you don’t ready the internet or letter columns in the Spider-books..

    • * read

      That one was my fault.

  10. Hmmm, why can I not beat the sensation that 2012 will be Marvel’s Year of the Clone (& yes, feel free to read that statement on whatever level you may wish)

  11. i think Kaine is gonna be the new Scarlet Spider, There i called it.

    • Didnt Kaine have something like terminal cancer at one point?

    • yea but he’s featured in the Spider-Island storyline going on right now and he seemed to be healed of his physical problems by the Anti-Venom Cure they were making to cure people with spider-powers.

    • oh sorry spoilers for anyone who hasnt read that yet

    • I called it in that Point One thread. I knew that Kaine would be healed somehow.

      I dunno about that costume, though. Seems kinda generic. But he’ll definitely put the “scarlet” in Scarlet Spider. Maybe this’ll be a Ben Reilly-esque “road to redemption” sort of book. Kind of like the aptly titled Redemption mini from a long, long time ago.

    • After reading the last ASM I’d have to agree.

  12. wow. sadly, i actually liked the hooded scarlet spider. can’t wait to see what they do with this one.

  13. “They’re bringing back Scarlet Spider!”


    “…But he’s not gonna wear the hoodie costume, and probably won’t be Ben Reilly”

    “Oh, then I’m out.”

  14. the #677 and #678 covers are they both by Lee Bermejo?

  15. I thought the clone sage went on for too long but I always liked the Scarlet Spider. whether it’s Kaine, Ben, or someone else I’m in it, at least for a few issues.

  16. Ya.. as much as Kaine was a big part of the whole Ben Reily story to being with.. I wish it would be Ben. I have a complete run of amazing/ and spec/ and web.. up to about 2006 (albeit in awful condition).. Havent been reading much lately but Spidey was my second comic book love after batman initially got me hooked as a kid in the late 80’s early 90’s. My first issue was 363.. the last initial carnage issue. It got me into marvel permanently. However.. ive come to find that their are only so many peter parker stories one can stand to read no matter how good they are. I wished that Peter could just have had a life with MJ.. and Ben could have taken over as spiderman.. and kept that parker moral strength but just taken everything else in a new direction.. relationships included. It was wide open for spidey to start over new and exciting as ben. and also to give peter a happy ending.. or temporary hiatus… but … alas….. we cant have change.. we must keep the status quo.
    By the way Miles Morales is great so far.. and Ben would have been great too.

  17. Clearly Peter’s a Clone and the Scarlet Spider is the real Parker. That certainly explains everything since “Chapter One.” 😉

  18. Hooray!! Please be Ben Reilly!

  19. Damn it, no! Ben Reilly fans: The reason why so many longtime pre Clone saga fans (like me) hate on Ben Reilly was because Marvel tried to make a change by putting a new person in the Spidey costume — and it wasn’t a Wally West, a Jack Knight or Bucky Barnes. Hell, it wasn’t a Miles Morales! It was PETER PARKER LITE. An interesting concept, but Marvel took it too far by wanting to make it permanent: “Hey, we’re going to have a NEW Spider-man. Here he is: It’s that clone! Don’t think ‘Peter Parker’ every time you look at him. No, no, this is THE CLONE! And guess what? Spider-man has been the clone all these years! So that makes it cool, see? Yay!” That’s it. Ben Reilly was a CLONE of Peter Parker – the exact same guy! Difference in personality? Sure, but look at him: he’s Peter Parker! Imagine Bruce Wayne actually dying in Final Crisis and the mantle was taken over by a clone of Bruce Wayne. Yay? No.

    Ben Reilly represents everything that was wrong with that decade.

    • Ya well.. just reevaluating when i first picked up a spidey book. It was Mcfarlane’s Spiderman #9 april 1991..with wolvey on the cover. Since that point through the early 2000’s i read all 4 spidey books.. including all of them between 1994-1996 (the close saga).. By the time the Clone saga started.. i was starting to loose interest in spidey because of the minimum of 50 brand new spidey books a year i was reading. Im just wondering what pre clone saga fan means to you exactly. Does 3 to 5 years and 200 brand new spidey stories count or does it have to be more than that. Cause i for one could tell.. I needed a change after those 3 to 5 years. I would have needed even more of a change if it was 13 to 15 years of peter parker instead.. ha…
      Anyway i respect your opininon more that it would seem from my typing…. but i just liked the idea of Having a basic Peter parker Mold… but with a reset button .. and about 5 years of lack of combat polish.. so he has something to learn… and 5 years of dejection (from roaming the streets thinking he was nobody with no family).. that could send the spidey stories in a new direction.. On top of all that.. Peter would be alive and having a blast living of MJ’s model money.. and perhaps a kid? Occasional Twin team ups.. You know when Ben was in a rough spot. MJ could btch..”peter youve got a daughter to think of now.. no more spidey .. you promised.. leavve it to ben”… And then Peter could sneak out.. that type o thing…
      But i guess i should leave the writing to the pro’s… hint.

    • Iroberts:

      I too read every Spidey book up to the Clone saga. I had been a Spiderman fan since childhood (I’m not dissing your fandom). I was there when Peter Parker: Spectac debuted, and with Marvel Team-up, they were awesome additions to my Spider fix. Then Web of, then McFarlane Spiderman and the zillion crossovers in so many books… Too much saturation, no good stories (aside from a few crossover gems like Kraven’s Last Hunt). I OD’ed on too many, just plain dull and dumb stories. I was too loyal and, back then, too naive to know when to drop something.

      The Clone saga convinced me to quit my all-time favorite character because they told me that since issue #150, I was reading someone else instead of Peter. And they told me that person was Peter. Huh? I thought bringing back the clone was a cool idea (for a short arc), but to replace PP with essentially, another PP, was, to me, ridiculous. I understand why Ben fans like him, but I don’t understand how they can tell the difference. You can name him anything you want, but in the end Ben Reilly WAS PP. At least to me. But hindsight is always 20/20. Since then, we’ve seen heroes replaced (aka Wally as a new Flash and Bucky as a new Cap, oh and Dick as a new Bat). And we have no problem accepting it. The difference between Ben and those three I mentioned above? The story is logical and the characters are fresh – and they don’t look like the last guy to wear the mask. If Marvel killed off PP today and replaced him with Miles (in Amazing instead of Ultimate), I’d be perfectly happy.

    • I understand what your saying. You were at the end of your rope already with spidey and then they went ahead and tryed to mess with many years of your continuity. Fair enough.
      I was also at the end of my rope with spidey.. and just liked the idea of something thats never been done before.. i guess. Peter was my spidey but Ben could have been free of Peter’s attachments and started new friendships/work/ etc.. It was a way to keep the essentials of peter and just tweak his relationships a lot.. and his personality a little.
      Having said that.. none of that matters because.. the spidey editor during that time (before he got fired mid story).. says that theyre was no intention of keeping Ben as the real peter parker.. That was supposed to be a 3 month thing.. The plan was to put peter back in the suit and be spiderman in 3 books.. permanently and put ben in his own suit (scarlet spider maybe) and let him have one book. That would have been cool with me. That way we could have seen what a lot of people wanted. An unmarried peter parker (ben reily).
      LIke i said though.. i get how if i was reading spiderman for longer it may seem even more illogical just because you would feel you know Peter even more. Its a kind of manipulative storytelling because it never was realy in the works for years obviously. So i imagine they had to twist some plot around, and thus crap all over what youve read previously.

  20. I’m excited! I do hope it’s Ben; even as a life-long Spider-Man fan I never had any of the above-mentioned problems w/ Ben being “Peter Parker Lite”, because he was clearly a different character due to his life experiences. I wish he still had the hoodie, but, alas, it’s not ’94 anymore.

  21. I think Kaine would be a good substitute for Ben in scarlet. Both were on the road a lot ( sometimes together, like in the redemption flip books). Both spent their fair share of time wondering what they would do in Peter’s shoes. Sure, they became very different people/clones but I think there are enough similarities, that if written right, Ben fans will be happy.

    I read a description somewhere that it’s expected to be somewhere between Spider-man and Venom. I can get behind and edgier Spider-man.

  22. it can be kaine if they MUST, but i would thoroughly enjoy the preservation of the blue hoodie…