NEW PHOTO: Is Chris Hemsworth Worthy to Wield the Hammer of THOR? You Decide

USA Today has another new image from Marvel Entertainment's Thor film. Much has been said of the existing stills, especially with concern to the quality of Asgard's new line of casual armor. But I don't care if the guy's rolled up in a Twister mat with a girl's bicycle helmet on his crown. You don't want to mess with this:


The rainbow bridge is now accepting passengers. Express trip. To the Gun Show.


  1. Are we sure this is the same nerd who was in the Star Trek reboot? I’m not buying it…

  2. Looks like someone’s been saying their prayers and taking their vitamins!  Oh yeah, brother!

  3. Could he just wear this for the whole movie? I like the movie costume and all but if I was Loki and I saw this I would shit myself

  4. I misread the headline as "Is Chris Hemsworth Worthy to Wield the Hammer of Thor? You deicide."

    I thought Paul wanted us to kill him because he doesn’t think Hemsworth is worthy.  Screw you, Montgommery!  I don’t work for you.  Do your own dirty work.

  5. I’d tap tha-wait, whaaa?

    Seriously, though, I love that he’s literally three times Natalie Portman’s size. He’ll look appropriately godlike standing next to her.

  6. I wish the hammer was bigger though, like at the end of Iron Man 2 it looked huge, here it looks like a toy, aw well maybe its just the angle of the shot & it just looks a bit smaller than it is. Hopefully.

  7. I hope they get a guy first-named Chris to play Bruce Banner, just so I’ll have an even more difficult time keeping production photos from which movie/project straight.

  8. It looks pretty ok to me. I would really like to some video or something before. I start making any real jument.

  9. Definitely looks like Thor. He would make a good Captain America, too.

  10. Chris Hemsworth is The Thunder God

  11. That is Thor. STOKED!

  12. He’s in shape…But he’s still small.   He’s got muscles, but he’s not a BIG guy like a Thunder God should be…He’s just a guy that bulked up a little.  Hollywood is full of pussy actors nowadays so maybe they worked with what they had, but him and Conan should stick on Junior Varsity.

  13. If that’s not Thor, you can punch me in the face.

  14. I’m not usually inclined this way, but… damn, look at those arms.

    Also, I’m stealing the Twister mat and girl’s bike helmet idea for my future superhero costume.

  15. CGI is amazing these days.

  16. Holy Crap, someone’s been eating his Wheaties

  17. I’ll be in my bunk

  18. Worthy or not, THAT is not mjolnir!

  19. Wow, now I’m kind of hoping he punches someone, loses that hammer and goes a punching.

  20. I don’t know what you guys are talking about with the hammer.  Any bigger and it would be comical.  I think he looks amazing!!  You have to remember that Hemsworth is a huge guy.  Super tall.  The only problem I have so far is the fact that the armor looks like brittle plastic.  But I think Hemsworth was a great choice for the God of Thunder.  Shakka-BOOM!!

  21. Stop!

    Hammer time .

  22. Mjolnir is only small in comparison to Hemsworth’s arms.

  23. Yeah, the complaints about the hammer are even more inane than the usual movie-thread comments.

  24. Beefcake.

    Seriously, he looks appropriately Thor-like. I’m glad they’re doing beardy Thor, he’s the best.

  25. yawn

  26. Could Thor be the surprise hit Marvel movie? Because right now, everything I’m seeing about this film looks awesome.

  27. He looks like Thor and that looks like Mjolnir. Best picture yet!

  28. The beard is a nice touch!

    Do you really need TWO hands to swing that lil thing?

  29. Take another look at Star Trek, he wasn’t this big then, but he was not a little guy.

  30. First, I can find no flaw here.

    Second, I don’t particularly like Thor at all, but I am STOKED for this movie.


  31. Damn! Hemsworth really got jacked for this didn’t he?

    I’m going to assume that SHIELD is going to play a MAJOR part towards the end of the film. Since Thor seems to be in some type of containment facility with that hammer.

  32. He’s from Home and Away!

  33. Steroids?

  34. Well, it’s been 2 years or so since the filming of Star Trek, so that’s plenty of time to pack on 20 lbs of muscle.  Plus I’m sure he was already pretty built back then, it’s not like the Starfleet uniform is designed for showing the details of one’s physique.  Moreover, even if he did take some roids, who cares, he’s an actor getting ready for a role.  Plus, in controlled moderation I don’t think they’re nearly as bad for you as the government would have us believe.  Watch the documentary "Bigger Stronger Faster*", I found it pretty interesting.

    Back on topic.  I had some reservations about the choice of actor when they cast Hemsworth in the first place, but this photo pretty much puts to bed any fears I had of him not being able to pull of the role from a physical standpoint.

  35. This looks awesome but he also looks a lot like Triple H.

  36. More homoerotic comments then a bananna hammock convention!!!!


  37. @preacher hmmm