New GREEN LANTERN Trailer is a Green Lantern Primer

If you've got any friends or family members (or even comic book reading pals) who are a bit confused about the whole Green Lantern thing, you might want to show them this trailer, which pretty much lays out everything you need to know about what the Green Lantern Corps are.


This. Looks. Awesome.

I really hope they get to pull off the trilogy they have planned. This could end up being epic.


  1. im still having problems with the constructs, i dont know if general audiences will buy it

  2. That certainly is the best trailer yet. I still don’t care for the visual style of this film but I am more strongly considering actually going to see it.

  3. The exposition is a little clunky, but it’s necessary.  Hopefully, it gets people more intrigued, if they are just stuck on Ryan Reynolds in green CGI suit.

  4. Each trailer gets me more excited than the last. Can’t wait to see this.

  5. The more I see of this film, the more excited I get. Anybod else catch the Sinestro Corps logo in there? Aw yeah!

  6. Some of the exposition at the start was a bit clunky. It went all cheesified when it went on about the “Yellow Power of Fear!”. Really different tone to the last one which I think was better. I’ve got pretty high hopes about GL, Cap AND X-Men and the suspicion they’re not going to disappoint, so I’m pretty pumped about the summer. Woohoo!

  7. I am so excited and am hoping it ends with a teaser of Sinestro becoming the villian of GL2.

  8. I was on the fence before about seeing GL (since I pretty much feel all the comic-based movies so far have been god-awful), but this trailer has me interested enough to see it in the theater.

  9. My wife told me last night we’re seeing this opening weekend. Behold the power of Reynolds!

  10. I really hope the movie doesn’t start with that voice over.

  11. @RapidEyeMovement: The logo’s actually been in every trailer. But yeah, awesome.

  12. I feel like this is the trailer they should have used in the first place. I really like how they showed the range of constructs that will be used in the movie.

  13. Parallax looks fakey, but this has epic written all over it, to paraphrase Conor. There’s been ample amounts of advertising, which I think was the biggest battle this movie had to face, so I think it will do Thor-type business when it opens. It’s a lot to ask for a trilogy, but I would love to see a series spin out of this.

  14. Does he have to yell “Green Lantern’s Light”?

  15. Very interesting interpretation of Parallax

  16. @magan3D  HELL YEAH!   Seriously though I’m in the Air Force and generally when we finish reciting the Airman’s Creed we shout the last line “I WILL NOT FAIL” so considering Hal’s past as a US AIr Force Pilot it makes sense.

  17. The initial trailer made me cringe.  It looked like they were going to do to GL what was done to the Green Hornet.  I don’t want my GL played for laughs.  The new trailers actually have me psyched.

  18. too much CGI – looks fake.

  19. @Jedimasterrob2001  they could find actual aliens to play the characters so they had to use CGI, it’s terrible i know

  20. *couldn’t

  21. I was waiting for Geoffrey Rush to say “Bertie..”.

  22. Best trailer yet.

    Still looks not much more than a cool looking video game. And Reynolds in the suit still makes me cringe.

  23. Why couldn’t this have been the first trailer period? Even if it’s an info dump it would’ve made things more accessible for audiences.

    The CGI still looks pretty bad if you ask me. Having Reynold’s costume be full CGI just isn’t working for me. 

  24. parallax looks more brown than yellow

  25. That’s it. I am totally seeing this movie. Every other trailer before this made me worry about the quality of this flick, but thanks to apparantly Geoffry Rush’s narration, I will give GL my $10 movie fare. Let’s just hope that its at least somewhat good, if not, tolerable.

  26. I mean just look at the freeze frame of Reynolds on the video there (before you hit play). The mask just looks way to fake.

  27. This should be a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see this movie….

  28. A lot of die hard Green Lantern fans seem to be very fussy about what they want to see in a GL film.  Never having collected the Green Lantern comic, I have only a passing familiarity with the character, and not much in the way of expectations.  This movie looks exciting to me, and I am looking forward to seeing it.  I think that the success of movies about the X-Men, Iron Man and Thor have shown that many people have a passing familiarity with some of the more popular comic book characters, and are very open to seeing movies about them.  Comics have become important enough to American, and to a lesser extent Western culture, that there is an almost subliminal awareness of them among many people.  I predict that Green Lantern will do a good business at the box office.

  29. This is the single most ambitious comic book based film ever.  Period.  I dig it.  And for those claiming it looks “fake”… how could it not?

  30. @RaceMcCloud  Better special effects. Also better production design.

  31. @Race: Obviously it’s going to look fakey cause of the CGI. But the technology has gotten so damn good I’d expected a bit better from this. (Especially since an extra $9 million was put into it)

    I was recently watching District 9 again and apart from some obvious moments, it was astonishing how close to life the CGI models were. The detail on the ‘prawn’ aliens were so detailed I was lost thinking is this an elaborate guy in a suit or actual CGI? That’s what all CGI films should be like, or I guess somewhat like Avatar. The stuff on Oa looks great, but the characters and creatures all look too fake. 

  32. Mostly I think the design is really tacky. To me it looks like one of those new age space paintings you can buy leaning against a wall in soho. Like aliens have billions of years to make this planet and they come up with something from Bryce 3D?

  33. @magan3D  Barking DC heroes = $$$$$

  34. Still looks stupid. The more they show the worse it looks. “We are the corps”? Really?

  35. I’m actually looking forward to this the most.  Thor was just okay.  I feel like the comic community wants to re-live the whole Iron Man thing, which some are claiming for Thor, but it won’t happen.  I hope though that this does well, as I’m excited to see where this would go if it were a trilogy, and I kind of like that this takes place in space.  Hopefully if this does well it would let other superhero movies be set in space, such as Superman (the success of Thor being with it being set in Asgard may also help show that not every superhero movie needs to be set on Earth).

  36. @Jimski  DC? Since when? Here we go…Come one come all Marvel Zombies, we don’t mind.

  37. Each trailer looks more awesome than the last.

  38. I still have no desire to see this. I don’t think it looks that good. And not because of the CG (I’m not one of those people who harp on the quality of special effects. If I know what it is supposed to be, I’m happy enough.) I just think it seems very corny and melodramatic. Not my cup of tea at all. I could barely get through the trailer. The cheesy voice over sounds like it was written by a 12 year old. Not feeling this one at all. 

  39. Still looks hoky and like it’s tryin to appeal to the Twilight crowd somehow.


  40. It’s very interesting not having watched any of the trailers and reading people’s comments.

  41. Geoffrey Rush’s voiceover definitely helps. But there’s still an ugliness to the cgi. I have low hopes, but I’m not against this movie.

  42. I really don’t like Reynolds, whenever it gets to his part on the trailer I become a lot less interested. I’m really excited to see all the stuff on Oa though.

  43. I saw this preview when I went to see Thor and was very impressed. I’m still uncertain about the quality of the film, but this trailer has certainly raised my expectations.

  44. Whatever you say Deadpool– 

  45. ok, im in.

  46. Tank! I’m becoming more and more excited for this movie, this latest trailer is awesome! 

  47. looks intense. Will be interesting to see if general audiences go for it. 

  48. Most excited I’ve been for this. My wife remains uninterested.

  49. going to see it opening day, looks so epic. best superhero ever!

  50. I am geeking out about Paralax, this looks awesome — Waaay to many Spoilers in this Ad though, I stopped watching half way through. to many spoilers

  51. Ok, that was much much better than the previous trailers.

  52. I hate Ryan Reynolds and I think the CGI here is really, really tacky looking. I am still going to see it though.

  53. I’m still not over the top about the GL uniform redesigns, but they have grown on me. And I love the direction they’re going with Parallax. Perhaps best of all, though, I watched this with my fiancee, and she said “That looks F’ing awesome” so I think that’s a very encouraging sign for this movie’s overall success.

  54. @LucasEwalt  It’s also a good sign for the success of your upcoming marriage lol

  55. @jabroniunc  My house has the opposite reaction. I have no interest in this, my wife can’t wait to see it. But then, she likes action movies a lot more than I do.

    (I am a failure as a guy lol)

  56. I hope that this pays off for DC and Waner Bros. They are putting a lot behind this and if this tanks, then this will show Warner Bros that only Batman and Superman can have their own movies. I want to see more DC heroes stand out on their own and not just the big two all the time. 

  57. Lot of hate coming out of the comics people for this one… to me, it looks like exactly what a faithful adaptation of “Green Lantern” would look like.  This is one of the many reasons why “cosmic” comics movies don’t get made: even the target audience doesn’t buy that shit when it’s in real life.

    As someone who puts “Brightest Day” on my Top Ten Graphic Novels of All Time list, I couldn’t be more excited for this, though. 

  58. And to be honest?  I think the “Green Lantern” stuff I’ve seen so far looks a lot less cheesy than the “Captain America” stuff I’ve seen so far.

  59. @TNC – I think what you need the aliens to do and look like in “District 9” is totally different than what you need them to do and look like in “Green Lantern”.  Not saying you were directly comparing the two, but I think it makes a big ol’ difference in the presentation of them.

  60. @Race: I’m not saying that they need to look similar. I just mean that if a man, with a limited budget (and smaller then this film) can make uber-realistic aliens in his film then why is it so difficult for this film (and others frankly) to pull it off?

    Kilowog and Tomar-Re just looks too fake, while the mask is seriously off-putting when looking at Reynolds. Hell even his eyes look CG because his real one’s don’t mesh well with the fake mask. The only guy that looks good is Sarsgaard but that’s only because he’s mainly prosteadics and not computer generated. 

  61. @RaceMcCloud  I think the cheese is pretty equal with Green Lantern and Captain America trailers so far. Not in a huge rush to see either of those. But I’m not really a reader of their comics, either, so I’m probably not the best judge.

  62. This is going to be awesome! 10 days and counting.

  63. Crap.  I was looking at the wrong date on my ical…..23 days…UGH!!!!

  64. i know everyone keeps complaining about the CGI, but has anyone stopped and considered they WANTED it to look that way?  Like it was made of light… Not green spandex. Im diggin it and i think it all looks awesome!

  65. Man i hope this does well!  I want to get the GL trilogy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. If only DC had done more DC universe movies, they could have done what Marvel did and have it all culminate in a giant cross-over movie event, like a Justice League movie. But alas , they didn’t.

  67. Wow. Ok. Color me excited.