New Full-Length KICK-ASS Trailer

I look forward to this movie more and more with each new trailer.


  1. Agreed. Every new bit of this movie I see gets me more excited. I can’t wait.

  2. I can’t wait for this to come out.

  3. Wow! Even Nic Cage seems cool in this one. This could be awesome!

  4. so should I put effort into reading this before the movie comes out?  I did that with 300, Wanted, and Watchmen, made an effort to finish before seeing the movie.  made all the movies seem not as good.  or should I just go ahead and let myself see the movie and get to the book in due time as I would normally do?

  5. I’m gonna say watch the movie first. Being as it might not even finish before the movie comes out. Heh.

  6. It’s Mystery Men all over again.

  7. @ABirdseysView – It’s hard to tell since none of us have read the final issue and/or seen the movie. But I think it’s safe to read first and watch after since Kick-Ass is not on the same level as Watchmen or 300.  From the trailer, it seems that the movie has stayed true to the comic much more than Wanted did.

  8. Couple of questions: 1-Is Kick-Ass ongoing, or was it a limited run? 2-Anyone know when the trade comes out? 3- The trailers look incredible, but is the book worth reading?

  9. oh! the collection isn’t even out yet? interesting

  10. Movie looks much better than 300.

  11. I had pre-ordered the trade but after pushing the date back three times they finally just cancelled my pre-order.

    I haven’t read a single issue but the trailers have got me very excited.

  12. @HailScott: 1-it was going to be an ongoing but i think due to huge delays it is going to end with the next issue. 2-since it is a marvel inprint probably soon after the last issue, but who nows when that is. 3-i have enjoyed the book, but as Josh has said, it is f-ed up

  13. Looks to be quite fun. And the fact that Big Daddy looks like Batman is hilarious.

  14. The movie looks great.  I’m actually intrigued to go back and read the collection or the issues.  I dropped this series a long time ago because of delays.

  15. Wow…..Why am I suddenly liking all of these film clips then the actual comic?

    Maybe this actual works for film and not what it was originally tended to be. I don’t think I’ll go out and get the rest of the comics I didn’t pick up, but I do wanna see this movie now. It’s hurting my brain cause Nic Cage actually looks good in it! >_<

  16. … I just want to see it and get it over with already. I’ve gotten hype-fatigue since the first spider-man film back in 2002. See it so I can have yet another film skew my vision on a great comic, even though I don’t mean to. =)

  17. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Cage is really great in Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans. His character is really anguished and he inhabits a strange movie. To use the Kick-Ass parlance, "It’s fucked up!"

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  18. i don’t know….

    for me… kick-ass is BIG-time about the visuals.

     i don’t know if this movie can match to book.

  19. Sooooo sooo excited

  20. Soooo stoked for this. More excited for this than IM2. Like, I have to go change my boxers excited.

  21. Kick-Ass is still considered to be a potential series of mini-series by Mark Millar. That was also supposed to be the case with Millar and Peter Gross’ CHOSEN, but that never came about. With NEMESIS coming up, let’s see what happens with Kick-Ass.

  22. April? Happy Birthday to me!

  23. McLOVIN!!!!

  24. the song/music is perfect

  25. you. are. all. idoits.

  26. i meant idiots… but you still have terrible taste. everyone.

  27. I love this comic and can’t wait for the movie!

  28. if we’re being totally honest. the comic was a nice change but the movie looks terrilbe. i’m talking Wanted, terrible. Punisher: War Zone, terrible. Fabtastic Four, terrible. Mark my words

    it’s just a movie based on 7 issues of a mediocre comic. keep it real, guys.

  29. class!

  30. @philipgraves068: yeah, man, it’s is up there with the watchman adaptation. i can’t wait for this shit

    keep it real, guys

  31. watchmen adaption wasnt that good!

    but this looks better. from a adaptation point of view

  32. For the people who were asking earlier in the thread, #8 is currently solicited for February 17, and the hardcover  is for February 10…  Pretty safe to say the hardcover’s getting pushed back again, probably -just- in time for the movie.

  33. Tell you what, based on that trailer, there are going to be a lot of parents getting blindsided by the actual content of that film when they don’t pay attention to the rating.

    That’s awesome.

  34. @josh  yes.  yes it is.

  35. That’s the part I’m most excited for, people are going to be pissed about this movie.  I love it.  All these kids are going to want to see this and then Hitgirl is going to drop the C-bomb and starting killing folks left and right and parents are going to go crazy. 

  36. Glad to see the excitement for my movie!  This is an exciting time!

  37. @josh

    I can’t wait for that.  I remember when Pan’s Labyrinth came out, they had to post signs at the main door, the box office and the door to the theatre that it was rated R and there were still people complaining.  Side note, they also had warnings posted that there were subtitles =

  38. @josh: That’s always fun to watch! No matter what the film, to see blind hatred from someone who hasn’t seen something is always funny.

    Believe me I should know.

  39. i’ve seen plenty of young girls drop a c-bomb before. i use public transport

  40. @Josh: I’ll say this, I’m actually looking forward to parents who are dumb enough to ignore the rating to actually publically display their ignorance by opening their fat traps. For the most part the rest of us have moved on, no one will hear their whining except other parents like them.

  41. I haven’t read the comic and I know very little about it.

    This looks like a fun action film. The glimpses of the action scenes with Nic Cage look excellent.Most of the time I think he acts like an actor playing an actor but he is capable of some good stuff occasionally.Hopefully this won’t be one of those movies where he just shouts constantly.

  42. @hailscott and @abirdseye

    it has been ridiculously delayed, but it really is a good time. Earth shatteringly original? No but uberviolent and offensivley over the top fun. Def worth a read before the movie.

  43. To be fair @TNC, you’ve only read the first two issues (if I remember correctly.) Quite a lot happens in the 5 you’ve missed. 😉

  44. It’s called "Kick-ASS". People who actually have kids so young that they shouldn’t see bigtime violence…those people don’t let their kids around something with "ASS" in it anyway.

    But hoping that parents get "tricked" into taking their ten year-olds to see a movie where people get their body parts chopped up? Sorry, that’s just not funny to me. I have no problem with violence (or really with kids seeing violence), but HOPING that people who weren’t supposed to get exposed to that sort of stuff DO get exposed to it? Not cool. It’s like saying, "I hope people think that they’re going to church but the building turns out to be a brothel." These are really mean things to hope for.

    Kick-Ass is alright and everything, but I think it’s a little ridiculous for people over the age of 20 to really care that much about this. Have you never seen violence before? How does it feel to be 35 and yet the protagonists of this property you care about so much are little children? How does it feel to live vicariously through someone barely a third your age, someone who can’t even drive a car yet?

    Kick-Ass is a fun little property. I’ve read all the issues so far. They took me a combined total of like half an hour to read. It’s fun…but there’s not much too it. Me foaming at the mouth and anticipating a Kick-Ass movie, counting down the days, salivating over every little leaked clip, sending huge amounts of time thinking about it and discussing it online? I can’t imagine what would do through my head to really care about doing that. It’s a fun, predictable little "shocker" starting violent people who (apart from the heroing) are the most typical characters imaginable: a nerdy kid who likes comics, a hot girl he crushes on, a little girl with attitude, and…mobsters. It’s fun for what it is but I can’t imagine really CARING about this.

    This is the first I’ve thought about Kick-Ass in six months. I won’t think about it again for another few months.I will ignore anything about this movie until the hype clears. The sort of hype over a property like this is untrustworthy because it’s so obviously gimmicky, at least at first.

  45. @flapjaxx: For someone claiming to be so above it all you sure did spend a lot of time and words not caring about something most other people are having fun enjoying.

  46. @Conor Well played, sir.

  47. @conor. As per usual, you win the internet for the day.

  48. This trailer was so much better put together then the 1st, and much better then the Iron Man 2 trailer in my opinion. My expectations are high but not unattainably high and I think Vaughn has a shot of making just a smashing cult classic.

  49. i will defenlly go an see the movie when it comes out.

  50. Yeah, I think this will be an excellent take on the comic.

  51. What comes out first? The movie or the trade? 


  52. If this wasn’t based on a comic I feel like people would be bashing this movie for looking cheap and stupid but because it is based on a comic it gets a pass. I think this looks terrible and have no interest in this film. Maybe I’m wrong but I doubt any non-comic fan cares about this movie. I show Kick-Ass trailers to my friends that don’t read comics and they think its a joke.

  53. Nic Cage looks great in this, is that weird thing to say?