New FEAR ITSELF Promo is Slightly Familiar

Marvel sent out a new promo for Fear Itself earlier today:

As soon as I saw it I immediately thought of this promo image for Final Crisis from 2008:

Obviously it's not the same and I'm not accusing the Fear Itself promo of being a rip-off, I'm just saying that with the three main heroes in the foreground, and the secondary heroes in the background, and the blue shading, and the copy that promises "<blank> die", one made me think of the other.


  1. A lot of the promo so far has been faily familiar.

    The whole “who is worthy of the hammers of justice!” or whatever the Fear Itself blanket coverage from the other week was, has reminded me of the Blackest Night run-up.

  2. @origamikid  – I agree. Everyone gets a hammer. For some reason everyone getting a Hammer is worse than everyone getting a Ring. Thor is the only one in the Universe to weild the hammer, where as in GL, tons of GLs have it.

    I have said all that, knowing nothing about Fear Itsself …

  3. I think there are many, many, many promos that look similar to each other. We’re at an age where originality is hard to come by. So I don’t Marvel if they referenced DC a bit there for this promo.

    This promo also makes me realize that not even Stuart Immonen can make Iron Man’s new suit look any better.

  4. Are Iron Man, Thor, and Steve Rogers now the Holy Trinity of Marvel??  that’s fine if they are…I’m just asking.  I know they have always sold the Avengers books on them, but are they now bigger than the X-men?  Please don’t think I’m defending X-men either cause I’ve been off that book forever.

  5. They both share a very unsophisticated/amateur-ish design aesthetic. 

    @TheNextChampion –its not that originally is hard to come by, its that excellence isn’t demanded or expected with certain things like this. Ultimately someone in a position of power says “yes” to all of this stuff.

  6. In hindsight, what the heck was Hawkman doing on that Final Crisis poster?

  7. I think the Final Crisis teaser had a different attitude. I feel they were REALLY saying “Heroes (may) die, (but) Legends live forever”, whereas the Fear Itself teaser is more predicting what will actually happen.

    @wallythegreenmonster – I think it’s more an issue of the person in a position of power coming up with the idea in the first place, and talented people being instructed to give them a shot of the main characters in the fore ground, dead center, etc. etc. As someone who works as a graphic designer, I can tell you that the actual artists original vision is almost never translated to the final product on these kinds of things. When it has to go through ten people for approval, everyone wants to make their mark on it, just for the sake of making changes.

  8. @ActualButt  –i understand the process. I’m a professional designer as well, and all i do is work under constraints from clients, higher ups etc. Being able to figure out a good solution within constraints is the challenge. My point was that somewhere up the chain there is a CD who is putting approval on it. He/She either has bad taste or no real power because it does indeed look like it was designed via CC’ed emails within a marketing Dept.

  9. @Amircat Look under your chairs! You get a hammer! You get a hammer! And you get a hammer!

  10. I don’t wanna be negative, but am I the only one who gets less excited about Fear Itself with each promo? And I was pretty excited to start with.

  11. Notice how GL is the same size as Wonder Women. Shows that the trinity was falling apart. GL is now definatly the 3rd DC character.

  12. This whole “even” seems pretty suspect.

    Feels rushed.  Bc it probably is.

    I understand the desire to get the taste of the Heroic Age banner off everyone’s pallete


    We’ll see.

  13. It’s interesting how 6 words instead of 5 seems so much more cumbersome. Those short punchy sentences just don’t hold my attention or seem to tell me anything about this event we didn’t already know. “The Big 3 are in trouble!” By picking out the three key features of each one (Iron, Soldier, God) they’ve isolated the event to the three of them, putting the other characters in the background solidifies it. While this makes the event more personal (a good thing!) it does beg the question as to why everything else points to this being an event for everyone, but we’re only concerned about these guys.

    In the similar DC promo, the words highlight that there will be Heroes whose mortality will be put to the test and that some will rise to become legends. It takes the emphasis off the highlighted group (a representative sample of both Heroes/Legends) and onto the whole universe, in effect.

    It’s curious compaing the two, and it will be interesting to see how Fear itself unfolds.

  14. @PraxJarvin  Well tom brevoort has said that this event , like most events is sort of centralized to only a few characters. Civil War was essentially a cap/iron man/spider-man story that just happened to have a widespread effct. i think this will be similar, meaning these three will have the most screen time but the event will effect all the heroes as well

  15. Too bad none of those three will die.

  16. it’s pretty obvious Fraction is riffing on Final Crisis for Fear Itself since he initially talked about it in the press release, this poster is definetly an homage.

  17. Kind of makes me chuckle at just how poor a job Crisis did at living up to that original hype. I mean, were we really supposed to believe that Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman were gonna die?

    I love Immomen’s work but wow, that image is not at all inspiring.  I just love that the whole premise of the event is SOMETHING BAD IS GONNA HAPPEN TO THESE CHARACTERS. You have to wonder–I mean, really–has there ever been an event when something GOOD is going to happen?

    I think the Marvel event is coming out of the blue and just reeks of desperation.  The more you do these events, the less of an impact they make, and the less impact they make, the more you could be forgiven for thinking, “This is just a silly diversion, I’ve seen this all before, there’s nothing new to see here, I am gonna not read this, and perhaps just take a break from comics all together.”

    Sorry if I seem cynical!! 

  18. Everything is so general and vague. What’s the hook here?

  19. @mikeromo  Didn’t good things happen to them in House of M? I just read that for the first time this week it was part of a five year blind spot where I took a break from comics and found everything I knew changed and then all changed back to how I remembered it with the Heroic Age and Brightest Day etc. 

    For me the shared universes are TOO shared now, you can barely pick up a superhero book without a crossover now. I used to like them but now I appreciate separate stories so much more. 

    It also doesn’t help that the title is so crushingly bland. You probably won’t even be able to google it properly it’s so prozaic. :-

  20. @aquapimp82.. Two of the three just go back from being dead lol. I actually wouldn’t mind if Iron Man died. Not a fan.

  21. Ahh, that good ol’ house of “ideas” strikes again! In tuth it’s not all that smilar but COME ON, guys.

  22. i always thought the poses in the final crisis poster looked really weird, maybe just a strange perspective.

    also, i can’t remember even seeing hawkman in final crisis lol

  23. This looks like a promo for Avengers Prime… let alone marvels summer event.

  24. Big shock that Marvel copies DC, next week it will be DC copies Marvel on something.  The sun rises & then sets & the cycle repeats itself.