New Comics for 12/28 or 29/2011 has two bottles of champagne and a date with a pretty lady

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris and Matt.

This week Conor has the last Pick of the Week of 2011!

Bonus Question: What do you have planned for New Year’s Eve?

Note on Shipping: Because Monday was an observed holiday (hence the one day delay on this list–Diamond was off yesterday) there might be a one day delay on when new books arrive at your stores. If your store participates in early delivery then the books should arrive on Wednesday, but if not it may be Thursday. As always around holiday time, your best bet is to check with your store to find out when they will have new books.


  1. A: beer

  2. Very light week.

    BQ: An improv show, then party afterward.

  3. Question–I’ve been getting my comics digitally, so does that mean that it might come out on Thursday instead of Wednesday?

  4. So glad it’s a light week of three books. Just Cap and Bucky, Haunt, and TMNT Micro Series.

    BQ: As of right now…Nothing. Should be fun.

  5. Light week, which is lucky considering my post-Christmas founds are running low and I want to treat myself to a few TPBs.
    Just Angel and Faith and All Star Western.
    Dropping Flash, unless something drastic happens, like it gets pick of the week, then I might give it one last chance. The art was great but not enough to keep me coming back unfortunately, the story just isn’t doing anything for me.

  6. 2nd printing of Avengers: X-Sanction #1, Deadpool #48, Teen Titans #4, TMNT: Micro Series – Michaelangelo, #2, The Mighty Thor #9, Uncharted #2, and some books that I left in my box last week. So I’ll have the usual amount of books this week.

    BQ: Get a girlfriend

  7. A: Flash, Aquaman, American Vampire, I Vampire, Superman

    BQ: Dinner with grandma, and afterwards drinking with friends and party until sunset

  8. i am interested in 0 books this week. good news is, i get to save some money.

  9. Another great week. I’ll be getting Aquaman, The Flash, Teen Titans, American Vampire, Spaceman, Joe Hill The Cape (finally) and I’ll try out Cap & Bucky, since it’s a new arc with Francesco Francavilla taking over the art!! Looking forward to all these. I’m dropping All-Star Western. Just not my style…

    BQ: Will visit friends in the UK. We’ll play some funny games like Who’s the Man and some other quizzes and there’ll be lots and lots of alcohol 😀

  10. A: Green Wake, American Vampire, FF, Justice League Dark.

    BQ: Probably sleeping before the ball drops. Mr. Excitement, I’m not. My family is up and running at 6am, so there’s that.

  11. I have only one definite pull, but it’s one of my favorite comics, so I’m not complaining. I’m talking about The Flash. That series is $3 of happiness for me every month. I might also pick up the DC Presents: Elseworlds 80 Page Giant.

    BQ: New Year’s Eve is going to be a champagne and honey whiskey fueled Kinect party with my brother and a bunch of friends. I can’t wait!

  12. Nice light week…Aquaman, American Vampire, Ultimate and Uncanny X-Men. Leaves me open to picking up some trades at my LCS.

    BQ – Going to see a rock show by some great local bands.

  13. Hearty week for me, with the beginning of Francavilla’s run on Captain America and Bucky (and the end of those ill fitting McGuiness covers), Captain America, FF (though I may be dropping that), Secret Avengers (speaking of covers, YIKES), All Star Western, American Vampire, and Justice League Dark. I’ll also be nabbing the final two Definitive Queen and Country books since it looks as if they may be going OOP.

    • Oh, forgot the BQ: Every year, a couple of friends of ours throw a super swank, totally over the top New Year’s Eve Party.

  14. Secret Avengers looks very interesting.

    BQ: My wife and I are staying at home.

  15. I have a new found love for The Ultimate Universe so looking forward to The Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men

    bq: Preparing my bucket list – you know, with 2012 being the last year we have before the world ends – I gotta squeeze in a lot of shit in 12 months.

  16. Plenty to be excited for as the year goes out. Cap by Davis (and finally the conclusion to that initial story which seems to have swung from a great start to kind of boring me.) Then the final DMZ, Flash, the new 50s American Vampire arc and more Hickman goodness. Nice stuff.

    BQ: I shall be at work, on duty policing the streets from 2200. Which means I will be speeding from drunken street brawl to drunken domestic argument, passing through out of control drunken house parties in between. Yay!

  17. Angel and Faith, and Voodoo, believe it or not. I’m enjoying the reverse X-Files thing they have going on.
    As far as New Year’s. I think I’m all partied out (busy couple of weeks). A Pu-pu platter, Sterno and the Three Stooges/Twilight Zone Marathons sounding pretty good right about now. Cheers.

    FF #13
    SPACEMAN #3 (OF 9)

    A couple chopping block issues, a series I have enjoyed but kind of glad it’s done with, and a triple Cap week. Good times!

    BQ: The woman and I have no plans currently. I don’t live in the hood anymore, so I don’t get to play rousing games of “Gunshots or Fireworks?” and “Duck and Cover!” We typically go out to a nice dinner, since she regards it as our anniversary, after she initially horribly and brutally shot me down, but we is broke.

  19. A: Maybe a night out with family or friend/or a quiet night…with family.

  20. I’ll be running to the LCS to pick up Avengers:Children’s Crusade,Flash, Captain America and Alpha Flight

    BQ: A little champagne, alittle wine,Dick Clark on the tube, reminiscing with the wife, thanking God for all my blessings and hoping 2012 is better!

  21. BQ: going to sydney, I think JUSTICE is playing somewhere. I’ll check that out

  22. 3 books this week. Mega sweet.

    BQ: I guess im going to read Rogues Revenge as my last comic of 2011 and read my Runaways hardcover as my first comic of 2012.

  23. A solid way to end the year.

    All Star Western, Aquaman, FF, and Secret Avengers

    BQ: Nothing. Except seeing old Dickey slur his words.

  24. What do I have planned for New Years? Probably staying up until midnight playing new video games from the holidays!
    This is an incredibly light week for me: only 4 books! Those books are Aquaman 4, FF 13, Cap and Bucky 625, and The Flash 4. Guess it’s back issue/ graphic novel time…

  25. Pretty heavy week: 16 comics.

    BQ: Avoiding Amateur Hour.

  26. 11 books this week and they’ll have to wait to be picked-up next week.

    BQ: Most likely knitting unless my mom wants to go hit the casino.

  27. sigh, the forth week blues.

    BQ: i shall attempt to finish season two of the transformers box set. or play assassin’s creed: revelations. i have not decided yet.

  28. a few titles i’ve been reading but i’m not really excited about any of them anymore, so i’ll prob just skip this week and see if i feel the need to get em later. I’m having more fun catching up on some older TPB’s right now.

    BQ: wife and i will be doing something with friends, but not sure what yet. Prob just kick it at someone’s house and avoid the craziness.

  29. ALL-STAR WESTERN!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    And on digital, I’ll check out…

    BQ: Prob gonna head to Akbar in Silver Lake. It’s their 15th anniversary so they’re throwing themselves a New Years Eve Quinceanara!

  30. Just FF, Flash and Fury of Firestorm for me. I guess all the books that start with “F” come out this week.

    BQ: Not a thing. Probably just hang out with my wife and daughter, then go to bed somewhat early. Then they are going to Long Island on the 1st and Ill be home alone. Hooray!

  31. FF
    The Flash
    I, Vampire
    Justice League Dark

    BQ: i’ve no idea just yet, i’ll figure it out:)

  32. I will be purchasing Aquaman #4 and that is all.

    For the bonus question…i’m not sure yet and time is ticking..ticking..tickin..ticki..tick..tic..ti..t..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  33. Spaceman #3