New Comics for 12/17/08 hit the eggnog too hard at the holiday party

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

It always warms the cockles of my cold, dead heart when a new DCU Holiday Special comes out. They are such a fun throwback to a simpler time in comics. Plus, this one has Kevin Maguire art and a Frank Quitely cover. I also preordered the Secret Wars Omnibus and hope that I get the Mike Zeck cover and not the Alex Ross cover. I like Ross, but why does he have to do EVERY cover?? (I am totally going to get the Alex Ross cover, I just know it.) I’m dropping another mini-series with The X-Files. That ship has sailed.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What warms the cockles of your heart?



  1. Really, really light week for me.  I’m probably going to take some chances on something this week.  Maybe grab a Showcase or something.  

    Most excited for CONAN.  

    BQ: It’s a Wonderful Life and all the holiday music.  I love Christmas!  

  2. What is so bad about X-Files? I thought the first issue was better than the new movie, or both the movies actually!

  3. What the f–k are cockles?

  4. I have twelve books this week (13 if you count the fact that I have to buy two copies of Buffy. I always get one for my father.) Nothing really jumps out at me as the one book I’m most excited about, but nothing is on their that is in the "why do I buy this again?" category. I’m expecting a very solid week.


    BQ: My favorite Christmas movie of all time: LETHAL WEAPON! 

  5. Lots of books this week, almost all of them books I’m really excited about.   The Fraction books and Ex Machina the most, but I’m also interested in ‘Supergirl’ and "X-Men: Kingbreaker" (because Havok & Polaris & Rachel have been stuck in space a long damn time, we might as well get a story about it.)

    I’m also *probably* getting the Dark Reign preview issue, as much as I’m not too keen on it, but Jim McCann got my psyched for the Mockingbird story and I guess I can suck up the rest.

    BQ: Egg nog. 

  6. @Tork – Bivalves.  You find the shells all the time on the beach or in novelty baskets in tackier bathrooms.  They’re sometimes heart-shaped, or close to it, and part of their scientific name actually translates to "heart" in Greek.  

  7. Looking forward to Ex Machina and Thunderbolts this week.  Might drop Invincible Iron Man, still debating

    BQ: Warm Tamales and Mexican Christmas music.  Ahh the memories 🙂

  8. its either DR: New Nation or whatever, if only to see some John Hickman work, or Iron Man, since the new status quo and last issue totally kicked ass.

    this is also my last issue of Mighty Avengers, since i have never been impressed by Slott (except for his earth worm jim comic from like, 95 that i bet im the only one who remebers, and i was a fucking kid at the time)

    and as for warming my cockles…that Batman TAS episode with the Joker’s Christmas.  despite an iffy plot and some off model art, its still a fun episode.  That or porn.

  9. I’m most excited about Invincible Iron Man and Robin.  I’m glad I won’t have to buy Supergirl after this week.

  10. Also, I just saw that Adam Felber, a regular panelist on "Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me" has something in the Dark Reign Preview book.  I have to say I would like to see this guy succeed as a comic book writer because I’ve spend a slightly ridiculous amount of time imagining which Marvel characters would make the best panelists on public radio current events quiz shows. 


  11. BQ: 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS.

  12. At the time of this post, Supergirl is the highest pulled book for the week.  It’s early and will probably change, but it’s such a weird sight.  

  13. Most looking forward to Mighty Avengers and the finally-released Lone Ranger vol. 2 HC.

    BQ: Defibrilators 

  14. I’m looking forward to Supergirl (did I just say that?) and Uncanny X-Men, and I’m going to give Mighty Avengers one issue to impress me. As for an in-store impulse buy, I might grab an issue or two of Amazing Spider-Man or last week’s issue of Green Arrow/ Black Canary since it sounded like a good jumping-on point.

  15. The Punisher Xmas special always warms my cockles, also the movie The Ref

  16. My goal this week is for Conan: The Cimmerian to be in the top ten most-pulled comics.  It’s seriously the best book nobody’s reading.  

  17. I cannot wait for the Hellblazer Christmas issue and Thunderbolts.

    BQ: It’s A Wonderful Life or Die Hard.  Both are my Christmas Eve movies with my brother. 

  18. I am very curious about Impaler and am going to give it a shot.  I’m also looking forward to see Tony Stark’s fall from grace in Invincible iron man.

    15 comics in all this week, big week for me.

    bq:  my wife and my dog, yuffie, warm my heart.  if your talking christmas movies, you can’t beat A Christmas Story.  "You’ll shoot your eye out!" 

  19. Excited to jump onto Hellblazer and Buffy in issues, as well as new Deadpool and the newest Noble Causes trade most of all

    BQ: at this time of year nothing beats It’s a Wonderful Life

  20. Way too large a week for me.

    BQ:  Thats a personal question and I’d appreciate you staying out of my business

  21. Buffy, Ex Machina, and Walking Dead.


    BQ: I wasn’t aware my heart had Cockles. But if they were to be warmed, then it would be by the song "Christams Wrapping" by The Waitresses.

  22. Um, a nice pile of just six books for me this week: Spidey, Supergirl, Robin, Uncanny, Tiny Titans (aw yeah!) and God-sized Thor. Actually, that DC Holiday Special look like a piece of good old fashioned DC porn, so I may be tempted to pick it up and save it for Dec 25th.

    BQ: My darlin’ old pussycat.

  23. Fairly good week; Angel #15, Batgirl #6, Robin #181, Batman Outsiders #14 and Buffy #20. Most excited about Robin. If I wasn’t an idiot I’d probably have dropped Outsiders by now. But I am an idiot, so what you gonna go.

    BQ: The show of love and support from the iFanbase on the Membership Drive post. Man, people love this place. 🙂

  24. A super light week for me.  I’m looking forward to finally finishing off Noble Causes as the 8th volume launches this week.  My shelf has been waiting for that one for a while.

    BQ: Two blissful weeks off of work.  Being a teacher has its perks.

  25. BQ: I’m a misanthrope so reading "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" did it a bit. Made me miss spiders.

  26. Why is it the week before x-mas I’ve got a huge week, aye me.

    I’m excited for Slott’s mighty, more than I thought I’d be.

    BQ:  Egg Nog, the perfect hoiliday drink you see?

  27. Batgirl #06
    Fables #79
    Robin #181
    Brit #11
    The Walking Dead #56
    Avengers Initiative #19
    Dark Reign New Nation
    Mighty Avengers #20
    Punisher War Zone #02
    Spider-Man Noir #01
    What If? Newer Fantastic Four
    Doktor Sleepless #10

    …Is what I’ll be getting.


    BQ: Grandmama’s homemade chex mix.

  28. Stoaked On: Fear Agent, Ghost Rider, Walking Dead

    Kinda Excited For: Supergir, Invincible Iron Man, Robin

    Suspect: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Reign New Nation, Avengers Initiative 

    B.Q. Finding out I DON’T have to drive for 24 hours to Corpus Christi Texas on Chrustmas Eve.

  29. Iron Man, Uncanny, Supergirl, and Walking Dead.

    Really excited for Walking Dead, hope Iron Man is still good now that it is tied so closely to this whole Dark Reign thing, and not sure how much longer I’ll keep reading maybe once another monthly comes up that I want to buy [like when I get caught up on Green Lantern] I’ll drop it.

    BQ: Two weeks off from teaching at a High School in one of the worst neighborhoods in one of the most violent cities in America! 

  30. Ex Machina!

    BQ: Not having any $3.99 books this week!

  31. Light week… not much exciting me at all.

  32. I have approximately a metric ton of pulls this week.  O_o.  But what I am super super exited about is X-Men Kingbreaker.  (Oh please God let it not suck and please please let Rachel and Lorna look hot in it, thank you, God, vy sincerely, Me.)  Because the space stories in this plot have been better than expected (and have had lots of my favorite girls being deadly and slightly deranged.)


    Other than my obvious tin-foil-hat-wearing bias in this regard, I’m pretty excited to see how all the Avengers titles shake down. 

  33. Lots of good stuff this week with Buffy and X-Men.

    BQ: lots of electronics warms up my room nicely 

  34. nice size week for me.

    BQ: Someone special that has entered my life recently

  35. VERY small week for me, but I guess that’s better, given that I’m home for the next month with no access to my pulls 🙁

    Biggest for me is Uncanny X-Men

    BQ: Spiked Eggnog.

  36. Amazing Spider-Man #581

    Dark Reign New Nation

    Fear Agent #25

    Mighty Avengers #20

    Robin #181


    bq: blind orphans hugging puppies 

  37. Fairly looking forward to seeing what happens with the baby in X-Factor which is the first time I’ve even been semi-excited about this book in a while so that makes me more excited….If that even makes sense!

     BQ: Kittens. And movies by Richard Curtis >.>

  38. Tonight!

    Deadpool comes a knocking this week, sadly he is neither dead nor goes into a pool.

    Then, is Frank Castle really the Punisher MAX? We’ll find out next month when we get the pointless name change.

    Finally, my special guest tonight is Final Crisis #5, cause five is better then 4….but not as great as six.

    I dont know what a cockle is, but I can say this: Put the kids to bed and put on cinemax!

    This is TNC’s pull list!

  39. My comics of interest are: Ex Machina, Walking Dead, Supergirl, DCU Holiday special and Madman!!!

    with Bendis leaving and the over all blah-fest that was Secret Invasion, i have’ta say this will be my last issue of Mighty Avengers.

    BQ: Having someone that truly loves and cares about me, as much as i love and care about her. 

  40. I can’t believe I’m breaking my no-pants boycott to buy Supergirl. Damn you awesome cover art!!!

    B.Q: This month’s Supergirl cover art.

  41. BQ:  Home for the Holidays – best xmas movie ever.  A Christmas break-up.


    actually a very small week for me.

    mainly the walking dead, supergirl, and buffy (not too excited bout supergirl and buffy).  oh yeah, angel.

  42. Of course the week that I donate to iFanboy is the week that I have 25 books in my pull list.  Most of which, I might add are there because of iFanboy in the first place.  Can’t wait for FEAR AGENT I’m finally reading it in floppies.

    BQ:  After playing for 6 services in 2 days, December 26th, an empty house and a big bottle of wine.

  43. Great pre-X-mas week week – always look forward to The Walking Dead. Spider-Man been on a tremendous roll, Punisher War Zone, Spidey Noir could be good, all the Secret Invasion follow-up stuff, Fear Agent and Ex Machina look like they could be stand-outs; and Buffy and Hellblazer look like they could just be plain-old-FUN comics.

    BQ: A few years ago, I’d have said egg nog, but without the egg. Or the nog for that matter – just hand me the rum. Now, I’ve got to go with the sappy answer – seeing my niece and nephew open their presents. They’re both at about the age where X-mas means something and to see their faces light up is just plain cool. Plus, the boy’s turning into quite the geek – through no doing of mine – and it’s fun to troll the toy aisles looking for Spider-Man and Star Wars toys.

  44. I’m looking forward to Dark Reign, New Nation.  I just hope that Hickman doesn’t get diluted in the pools of Marvel.  Invincible Iron Man has been good so far, looking forward to 8.  I’m surprised nobody else is pulling Samurai Legend, I’m loving it.

     BQ: I make these sick Oatmeal cookies with Heath pieces in them that melt when you cook them, they’re great!

  45. Most excited for X-Men: Kingbreaker, with Invincible Iron Man being a close second that’s tied with Dark Reign. 🙂


    BQ: My heart is cold, dead, and lacking in cockles.


  46. How the hell do I have 13 books this week?  I think these are my last issues of Might Avengers and Initiative unless something changes.

    There is lots of good stuff, though.  Buffy, Dok Sleepless, Spidey, King Size Thor, two Ninja Turtles books Invincible Iron Man and Spider-Man Family, which is tons of fun and more people should check out.  It’s like 100 pages for $5 with lots of good stories that aren’t tied into all the crap going on in the Marvel U.

     Also… Liefeld’s Armageddon Now HC?  Not buying it at the shop tomorrow, but I definitely need to remember to put this on my next order from In Stock Trades.

  47. Dag, pretty lite week for me.  I’m grabbing Amazing Spiderman again.  I’ve actually been in the mood for a little Marvel after reading the reprints of Brand New Day.  Yeah, I know.  That’s old news to everybody else.  Good luck getting all the back issues in between then and now though.  A goddamn fortune on Ebay.  SHIT!

    I’m grabbing this month’s Robin.  Might as well.  I’ve been reading it for the past six or seven months and there are only three issues left.  Might as well finish it up and sell the whole run of them on Ebay.

    The Outsiders is on my pull list but I think this might be the issue that does either the making or the breaking for them.  If they lean more towards Batgirl, Nightwing, Catwoman, Green Arrow, etcetera, it might prove to be a pretty interesting little Bat-family book.  If they go back the way of Black Lightning and whatever those other characters were, it’s dropped like SPLAT! I’m just not into dumb crap like that.

    I’m going to grab the first issue of Impaler even though the graphic novel was definitely nothing to write home about.  I’ll give it one more chance though.

    I’ll grab a new Simpsons and another issue of X-Files while I’m over there too.  I love Simpsons, even though the movie sucked. X-Files is probably going to be one of the last mini-series I buy other then Batman Cacophony.  I’m giving up mini-series as a new year resolution.  Must of them just suck. I could save the $ for other stuff.

  48. Shit, don’t let me forget what will probably be my pick of the week!!  New Supergirl!  I have been reading New Krypton this long, might as well see it to the end now.

  49. BQ: Crack and Hookers

  50. Secret Wars Omnibus, Yay!

    BQ: Synecdoche, New York. Thank you, Mr. Kaufman.

  51. Calling it right now: the pick of the week will be Fear Agent. How do I know? 1. Josh has the pick 2. Fear Agent is so awesome. 3. My store didn’t get my copy this week, so it be the pick of the iFanboy week.

  52. BQ: The idea of getting the absolute edition of The Worlds Greatest Super Heroes, for $30.

  53. Getting 30$ for something I stole and sold to some unsuspecting comic reader. I’m off to the bar.