New Comics for 12/14/09 are hungry

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

It's an interesting week this week with one of my new favorite books, Power Girl #7, and the surprisingly good Ultimate Armor Wars #3. There's also Incorruptible #1, the Irredeemable spinoff book. And what's this? A new Fear Agent trade? Woo-hoo!

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Last night I was really craving some good, authentic mac n' cheese. What are you craving right now?


  1. Dropping Doctor Voodoo. It was good, but didn’t blow me away.

    Picking up Incorruptible, hopefully I don’t have to be up-to-date with Irredeemable to enjoy it. I only have the first trade for that.

    Oh, and Brave and the Bold and Locke and Key have me giddy. Can’t wait.

    BQ: Wife just told me she ate pizza in a cone over in Taiwan last night. I don’t know how that is at all possible, but it made me crave pizza. Delicious pizza.

  2. Yes! I’ve been waiting for Incorruptible #1.


    BQ: A Kit Kat bar

  3. I’ve just had to drop SUPERMAN/BATMAN this week. The art by Kolins was pretty good last month, but I had no idea what was going on in the actual story. I guess I should have read the SOLOMON GRUNDY mini that Kolins did first. Very confusing for me. Maybe I’ll jump back on this in a month. Aside from that, just the standard pull list of Batman stuff for me.

    BQ: A cookie. A big ol’ chewy chocolate chip cookie. With Reese’s peanut butter chunks in there.

  4. Hey hey! My last Fear Agent for a while! I forgot this was happening!

    Except… it is on my Amazon wish list. I will have to discreetly check whether or not it’s already headed for my stocking.

    BQ: boy, if I could convince an up-and-coming Indian restauranteur to take a chance on a new neighborhood, I would be all over that.

  5. BQ: Lasagna

  6. I hunger…….for more!

    Azrael #3

    Brave and the Bold #30

    Green Lantern Corps #43

    Special Guest: Punisher MAX TP ‘Welcome to the Bayou’

    BQ: Craving some Spicy Chicken Curry right now. With a hint of coconut….

  7. Agreed on this weeks highlights.  Eager for new Powergirl and more from the Irredeemable world in the form of Incorruptible, but the new Fear Agent trade feels like Rick Remender’s private christmas gift to me.

     BQ: Totally jonseing for a coconut ice cream root beer float.

  8. Nice week – kinda quiet, but some good stuff to look forward to. Most looking forward to Ex Machina, Incorruptible, Ultimate Armor Wars, Hellblazer, JLA, Superman/Batman (Kolins goodness within), Fables, Next Issue Project, What If, Hulk, lots of Batman goodness, and the conclusion of Reborn, even though we all pretty much know how that one’s going to end, huh?

    Doctor Who is on the chopping block – this will probably be my last issue. Moon Knight has to wow me or that’s gone as well. Thunderbolts is also hanging on by a thread – 2010 is going to have to start off with another major whittiling down of the list.

    BQ: Sleep. And enough money so I can live comfortably until the end of my days without having to come to this mind-numbingly boring job. There’s only so many times I can check my Facebook in one day.

  9. I try and be excited about everything I’m picking up, otherwise I probably shouldn’t be reading it.  I’m most excited for Incorruptable, The Marvelous Land Of Oz, and that DC finally put out the last Simon Dark trade.  I thought that series had a lot of potential, and I was sorry to see it get canceled before it could get wrapped into the Batman Universe.


    BQ: A variety of Outback Steakhouse foods.  I worked there for years, and someone just mentioned the name of the restaurant earlier and I can’t stop thinking about delicious, delicious meat (and cheese fries).

  10. Oh, and Hellblazer!  I’ve always read it in trades, but ever since the Scab storyline hooked me, I need a monthly fix.

  11. Amazing Spider-Man #615 – the first wave of the Gauntlet was fantastic, looking forward to more.

    Batman #694 – Is it just me, or has it been forever since the last issue?

    Dark Avengers #12 – This book seems a bit behind.  With Norman faced with all the super powered baddies in the last issue and now in the Annuals he seems to have at least one in his employ.

    Green Lantern Corps #43 – RAGE.  A gimmick? Maybe, but I’m lovin’ it anyway.

    Ultimate Armor Wars #3 of 4 – So far its been good but not great.  Pick it up here Ennis.


    BQ – Those garlic-cheese biscuits from Red Lobster!

  12. I don’t have that many comics this week at all. I’m most looking forward to Ex Machina and Forgerless.

    BQ: Pizza and/or fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

  13. Astonishing X-Men #33 – Bio-sentinels? Sold.

    Captain America Reborn #5 – Sure, it’s not the conclusion anymore, but who cares? It’s Cap.

    Dark Avengers #12 – Will be the second issue I’ve read. Does everyone get naked in thise book?

    Doctor Voodoo #3 – Not as awesome as Remender’s Punisher, but still interesting enough to wait for the conclusion of the arc to determine whether I’ll stick with it.

    Hulk #18 – How does Portacio find the time to draw so much stuff? This should be good.

    Incorruptable #1 – I’m hoping this book will be sufficiently accessible without having read any of Irredeemable.

    Mighty Avengers #32 – This is possibly the most fun of the Avengers line. Dan Slott FTW.

    Ultimate Armor Wars #3 – Ellis writes the best Iron Man stories. This cannot be missed.

    X-Factor #200 – Again, this will be the second issue I’ve read. #50 was well-written, especially in terms of the excellent dialogue.

  14. Azrael, Batman, Batman 80-Page Giant, GLC, Power Girl, ASM, Anit-Venom (seriously… it’s actually kinda good), Clone Saga (not THAT awful), jumping on X-Factor and considering jumping on Cable

    Judging by Ron’s pull list, my money’s on either Incorruptible or Uncle Scrooge.

    BQ: After reading that, mac & cheese as well 

  15. Fables #91
    Gi Joe #13
    Green Lantern Corps #43
    Justice League Of America #40
    Tiny Titans #23 (Aw, Yeah!)
    Transformers Ongoing #2
    BQ: Breakfast casserole. It is being prepared in my kitchen, right now.  It is better (considerably) than it sounds.
  16. Hooray for the past 2 weeks in comics. Slim solid weeks. This week the only book I’m picking up for sure is:

    Locke and Key

    2 questionable books are Green Lantern Corps and Incorruptible. I have yet to love an issue of Green Lantern Corps, and after last issue I told myself I would drop it. That was the best that the book had to offer and I still only gave it a 4. Irredeemable is in the same boat. After the arc wraps up I might switch to trades I might not, this is why I am iffy on picking up Incorruptible.

  17. only picking up 4 comics. incurruptible being my most anticipated. however, next week’s pull looks monsterous. :/

  18. Amazing Spider-Man #615
    Batman #694
    Cable #21
    Captain America Reborn #5 (OF 6)
    Daredevil #503
    Dark Avengers #12
    Green Lantern Corps #43
    Hulk #18
    Incorruptible #1
    Justice League Of America #40
    Marvelous Land Of Oz #2 (OF 8)
    Outsiders #25
    Realm Of Kings Inhumans #2 (OF 5)
    Supergirl #48
    Craving Ovaltine right now. Had free pizza (delivery was late) last night and now I have heartburn. Ovaltine with milk is the only thing that helps. 
  19. Looks to be a good week this week.  I’m looking forward to some Marvel offerings in Captain America, Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man (I’ve caved and started buying it regularly…), and Realm of Kings: Inhumans.  Also looking forward to Underground and the new Fear Agent trade.  I alway love a reason to re-read my trades!

    BQ: Some tamales with cheesy, loaded nachos…mmmmm…. 

  20. Batman: Streets of Gotham #07
    Fables #91
    Power Girl #07
    Tiny Titans #23
    Underground #04
    ASM #615
    Captain America Reborn #05
    Daredevil #503
    Dark Avengers #12
    Doctor Voodoo #03
    Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #03
    Vengenace of the Moon Knight #04
    Incorruptible #01
    Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #02

    BQ: Chinese. =[

  21. 2 Batman Books (when was the last time a batman book came out, feels like a long time but I’m guessing a month ago).  GLC, Incorruptible, ASM, Cap Reborn, Supergirl and the Dark Avengers.

    BQ: Chicken Cheesesteak w/.  Topped with Wiz.  From Pat’s on 9th and Wharton.

  22. I’m craving the new issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America Reborn, Power Girl, Supergirl, Underground, and the first issue of Incorruptable.

  23. Sweet, we have some Batman books this week! And GLC (top pulled book on here, now, wow) … add in Brave & The Bold & it could be a very good week.

    BQ: Vagina. 

  24. So, gordon left or what? We know he had kid.

    BQ: A decent nights sleep.

  25. @WadeWilson: High Five! here’s what i would do. Go to a bar. Don’t approach any girls (that’s rookie mistake) instead just stare at them from across the room. The ladies will think you are really mysterious and deep. But be carefully on the dance becuase it’s going to be totally covered in a dump viscous fluid.


    BQ: I crave JUSTICE then half an hour later i want some more JUSTCIE!

  26. A lot of books this week for me to decide whether to keep or drop. X-Force, Dr Voodoo, Mighty Avengers, Thunderbolts, Moon Knight are all on the cusp of it-better-kickass-this-issue-or-I’m-dropping-it. X-Force I might drop anyways, because it’s all so incomprehensible to me right now.


    Just bought an espresso machine and I can’t wait to go home and make some cappuccino and latte.

  27. Looking forward to Forgetless.

    BQ: steak

  28. So excited for the next part of Locke & Key, as well as the next part of Gauntlet in Amazing Spider-Man.

    BQ: I was craving some tea and cookies, but then I indulged.  Now I’m just satisfied.

  29. Roughly aroung 11 books for me. My most anticipated is Incorruptable.
    BQ: some coco pops

  30. Its a light, but good week for me:

    Amazing Spider-Man#615

    Captain America Reborn #5(of 6)

    Daredevil #503


    Justice League of America #40

    And Introducing: Incorruptible #1(given that I’ve never read Irredeemable except from what I’ve heard from here or what my freinds have told me, this should be fun)

    BQ: Coffee, always coffee 

  31. Funny, last night i made some delicious mac n’ cheese.  tonight its taco night…

  32. BQ:  pasta



  33. Next Issue Project!

  34. Vengeance of Moon Knight 4

    Locke and Key Crown of Shadows 2

    i want to jump on Incorruptible but I can’t increase my pull list anymore.

    ARGH! I want Brave and the Bold and the Batman 80 page giant too! But I can’t because : I don’t have money. I’m seeing Avatar on IMAX. The christmas break is gonna cut off my allowance. I’m saving for a pair of Supra Society.

    BQ: Wow. I just realized I don’t crave for food anymore. Oh. Well.

     ooh. I have exams today..

  35. I’m actually excited for everything on my pull list (except X-Factor, which is the next thing on the chopping block), but I think the one I’m most excited for is Dr. Voodoo! Because Jericho Drumm is awesome and so is Rick Remender.


    BQ: Right now I’m just craving rum.

  36. I’ve heard good things about "The Life and Times of Savior 28" so I’ll probably pick up that trade.

    All this buzz about Irredemable might cause me to pick up the first trade of that aswell.

    I also want to get the second Fear Agent trade

    Gah… curse you infinitely long reading list!!!

    Got a craving for Subway sandwiches (even though I just had one)

  37. There’s quite a lot on my list this week, and it’s Cap, Ex Machina and Incorruptible I’m most looking forward to.  Outsiders has given me a good excuse to drop it as I refuse to buy the Didio/Tan stuff.  It’s a shame because Tomasi was doing good work.  I think I might give X-Factor another go with the re-numbering, just because I like the concept of the missing Invisible Woman.  JLA better start getting good though, or it gets the chop!!

    BQ:  Ice cream…always goddamn cookie dough ice cream…my true weakness…

  38. Just Astonishing X-Men, Power Girl and Ms Marvel for me this week.

    Maaaybe Dark Wolverine for the Giuseppe Camuncoli artwork.

    BQ: Nothing right now. I just brushed my teeth and am on my way to bed, plus I’ve been a little sick recently. So surprisingly enough (considering what a fat tub of shit I am) I’m actually not really hungry right this very second.

  39. Amazing Spider-Man #615
    Astonishing X-Men #33
    Cable #21
    Captian America Reborn #5
    Dark Avengers #12
    Doctor Voodoo #3
    Ex Machina #47
    Fables #91
    Forgetless #1
    Green Lantern Corps #43
    Incorruptible #1
    Last Resort #5
    Realm of Kings Inhumans #2
    Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #3
    X-Factor #200
    X-Men Legacy #230

    BQ: Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Iced Pop-Tarts

  40. Ultimate Comics Armor Wars,  Batman,  Superman/Batman and a few others. 

     I really need to get some bags and boards.


    BQ:  Crabcakes!

  41. BQ: A second toilet. As soon as my roommate goes to take a shower, I have to use the bathroom.