New Comics for 12/10/08 like to dodge missles while doing backflips

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

This week two books get dropped: Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes (okay, so it’s just a mini) and Booster Gold. After finishing up the Marvel Knights Punisher Omnibus this weekend, I’m really looking forward to Punisher: War Zone #1. I’m interested in (worried about?) the new writer on Green Arrow/Black Canary and I’m excited for the next chapter of Final Crisis. But the one book I’m looking forward to the most this week is Phonogram: The Singles Club #1.  The preview art makes me feel all funny inside.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What’s the worst idea you’ve ever had?



  1. i’m pumped about action comics and dark reign.


    bonus: "Just pull over so I can have a cigarette and then I’ll let you drop me at home."

  2. im pumped for dark reign and action comics and phonogram and final crisis

    bq: to jump into a car while it was moving 

  3. Ooh, big week with eleven books for me: Final Crisis, Spidey, Action, Bats, Cap Britain, Detective, Green Arrow, Green Lantern Corps, Nightwing and Secret Six (best book ever!)

    Damn, just realised that I still haven’t read last week’s books as I was away. Got some catchin’ up to do.

    BQ: writing a blog in which I revealed lots of juicy details about my love life. 

  4. I’d recommend people check out Camelot 3000 HC with Brian Bolland art (the guy who drew Killing Joke).

    Is it bad when you’ve had so many ideas you can’t pick one?  I’m thinking mine is probably going on a date with that girl that I met on the internet with the sexy voice and the pictures that were too good to be true.

  5. I can’t believe I could finish Secret Invasion last week and still be this excited about Dark Reign.

    The Oz books were my comics before I discovered comics, and I do love me some Skottie Young, so that should be my bread and butter… but a part of me located very near my wallet is whispering, "traaade!… traaaaaaaaaade!…."

    BQ: "She only likes me as a friend, but I think if I stick around for another 18 months or so there’s a great chance I can win her over."

  6. 8 books this week!  (9 if I decide to get dark reign)

    Looking forward to Phonogram, Secret Six, and Cap Brit.

    BQ:  "The blenders on, but not working.  I’ll just stick a plastic spoon in there to loosen up the frozen fruit.  I’m sure nothing will go wrong."

  7. 8 books: Phonogram, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Final Crisis, FC: Revelations, Echo, Dark Reign, and Punisher Warzone.

    I’m a little upset because only 2 of these comics are $2.99. Grrr

    BQ: Either :Jumping onto the trampoline from the roof, or going into WoW’s last expansion (Burning Crusade) and telling myself I was just going to try it and only play for "a little while".

  8. @Conor No faith in Jurgens on Booster eh? I’m kinda nervous myself..

    Stoked On:Final Crisis, Punisher: War Zone, Echo

    Kinda Excited For: Secret Invasion Dark Reign, Green Lantern Corp, Detective Comics

    Suspect: Booster Gold, Green Arrow/Black Canary >both were my 2 favorite DC books at one time :(, Young Liars

    B.Q. Poking my boss in the ass with a pen when he bent over and then laughed at him…. I was much younger.

  9. Nightwing #151
    I Kill Giants #06
    Invincible #156
    Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #01
    Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #05
    What If: Captain America Fallen Son
    Wonderful Wizard of Oz #01

    Very light week for me.

    BQ: Pointing my browser to ‘’




  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Most excited for Phonogram, BPRD, and Final Crisis.  Oh, and Wizard of Oz of course!  

    BQ: See Jimski’s response.  Also Garrett’s response.  Unrelated incidents.   

  11. mmm… comics for 12/10/08 *drools*

    Dectective Comics (No Dini this week, but O’Neil is on the issue! Sweet!)

    Final Crisis (gonna get more despressing before it gets better)

    Green Lantern Corps (havent been a big fan of the Violet Lanterns, but still love this series)

    and a special guest star: Green Lantern-Secret Origin HC!!!!

    No Marvel titles at all this week, even if it pains me that the new Punisher mini is out….Bad timing TNC.

    BQ- (In 1997) ‘Sunkist? Well okay I guess I’ll try it’

    (2008) ‘Yes I bought 6 six packs of Sunkist mom, why are you asking?’

  12. Good week for me; Detective, DMZ, GL Corps, Final Crisis, Young Liars, Phonogram, Nightwing and Echo. Easily most excited for Phonogram, can’t wait for it!

    BQ: Any time I’ve been drunk and decided to text someone. There should be Phone Police to stop this social disaster from happening!

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Also, everybody remember that the Wolverine comic Josh posted about a while back with Jerome Opena art is on sale this week:  "Wolverine Flies to a Spider." 

  14. Good week.

    Detective Comics

    Final Crisis

    Watchmen #1 (I wish they’d do the whole series) 

  15. BQ- To start reading comics.

  16. I’m looking forward to not buying "Dark Reign."  This is my line in the sand — no more buying books that I don’t really care about just because they’re "important" to an (imaginary) universe.  Also anticipating "Phonogram", "Echo" and "Wizard of Oz."  Also, so I don’t look like I’m posing as a superhero hater in the new-post-SI-order. . .totally buying "X-Men/Spider-Man."

    BQ:  Law school.

  17. BQ: I had some doozies in design college.

  18. Echo and Final Crisis baby! Boo on all the $3.99s this week.

  19. Tiny little week for me. I have not read the first Phonogram series yet but I really want this new one. Should I wait?

    BQ: My bad desicion isn’t over yet. 

  20. Excited for a lot of stuff this week.  Final Crisis, Action and I Kill Giants are at the top of the list. 


    BQ financially: Why, buying COMIC BOOKS of course.  😉

    BQ otherwise: thinking I could date 3 girls at once – god, you’d think I went to Riverdale High.

  21. Nothing really for trades this week.


    BQ: To try a long distance relationship.

  22. Lots of good stuff this week. Indies and mainstream. Let’s see Dark Reign! Bring it! And Final Crisis? W00t.

    It bums me out I can’t pick up Wizard of Oz. I’m waiting for the trade on it, but damn. I really want that book.

    BQ: I don’t know if I could pick a worst…

  23. I know that I can’t afford everything I want this week.  Damn… time for some books to get cut on my pull.  Eh, shit happens. I’m sure that there’s something I won’t miss.

  24. Waiting with anticipation to learn more about the state of the Marvel Universe

    BQ: When I turned 18 I put off college, left home, and moved across the country.  Man was I not ready for the real world.  A bad idea sure, but it was definitely a learning experience and a chapter of my life that I will never forget.

  25. @cman – Funny, but for me, not going to college at 18 was both a best/worst move.  I was NOT ready for university at 18. 

  26. Quite a big week for me. I am finally catching up my single issues. So thats cool. Final Crisis and Phonogram are top of the stack for me this week.

    Action Comics #872
    Ambush Bug Year None #5 (OF 6)
    Booster Gold #15
    Detective Comics #851
    Dmz #37
    Elephantmen #14
    Final Crisis #5 (OF 7)
    Final Crisis Revelations #4 (OF 5)
    Green Arrow Black Canary #15
    Green Lantern Corps #31
    Green Lantern Secret Origin Hc
    Guardians Of The Galaxy Prem Hc Vol 01 Legacy
    I Kill Giants #6 (OF 7)
    Justice League Of America #27
    Lone Ranger #16
    Man With No Name #6
    Nightwing #151
    Phonogram Singles Club #1 (OF 7)
    Secret Invasion Dark Reign
    Secret Six #4
    Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #5 (OF 5)
    Superman Batman #54
    Terry Moores Echo #8
    Young Liars #10

  27. I am psyched for Final Crisis. I’m thinking of picking up the Phonogram book, but I didn’t read the original series. Should I wait to read that first?

    BQ: I’m pretty sure 3 years as a rugby prop on already shredded knees wasn’t the best choice I’ve ever made.

  28. I’m making a stand and NOT buying Dark Reign.  Enough with the events already.  Now we’re not even getting a break in between!

  29. Two books are out the door for me, too: Booster Gold and The Man With No Name. I’m really excited for pretty much every other book that I’m getting this week, though (yes, including Dark Reign).

    BQ: Oh God, too many to count, probably that time I let my campers shoot arrows from behind me (luckily, no damage, plus the added knowledge that arrows make a cool sound when they whiz by 2 inches away from your ear) 

  30. This is truly a great week.  So many titles, so much comic goodness!  BPRD War on Frogs, Action Comics (lovin’ the New Krypton story), Batman Confidential (a great Batman book – the Joker is awesome in this), Detective Comics (I just can’t wait until the whole RIP storyline is over), Final Crisis (why am I still reading this), Green Arrow/Black Canary, JLA, Nightwing (sad that it’s coming to an end), Invincible, ASM, Captain Britain and M13, Secret Invasion: Dark Reign, Wizard of Oz (looks interesting – I like the art), Lone Ranger, Man With No Name, and most especially Echo!

  31. Marvel catalog mislead me in thinking this was going to be the best week ever. But no. Still, two nice things ; Echo and Dark Reign one-shot.

  32. BQ:  Helping people move is the worst idea ever

  33. Tops on the list: Phonogram! Only barely nudging out Echo, which I’ve come to love and look forward to most.

    BQ: staying up late & drinking before an interview

  34. @Paul~ I also think either later this month or next, Rick Remender and Jerome Opena are teaming for a Punisher book.

    I’m really looking foward to all the DC books this week.  It’s going to be pretty good.

    BQ:  Challenging my fiance to a "Would you rather…" contest; she’s a sick individual

  35. Eagerly anticipating Detective to see the new direction unfold.  Also Dark Reign (was at first afraid title meant an earth dominated by skrulls, glad that’s not the case. And hoping we may see an end to registration.  What do people think the chances of that happening are?)  

    Glad to see so many people excited about Echo.  It’s a very worthy title.  Those not on the bandwagon should pick up the graphic novel if the first one’s out yet.

    Sorry to see people aren’t grabbing Witchblade, I’ve really enjoyed this title.

    Also getting Amazing Spider-Man, Final Crisis, FC Revelations, Green Arrow/Black Canary(anyone Know anything about this new writer?), Green Lantern Corps, JLA, and Lone Ranger.

    11 books in all for me, 12 if I decide to buy Wizard of Oz. 

  36. Light week for me. Only 4 books. I’m looking forward to Dark Reign and Action Comics. I’m not picking up Green Arrow/Black Canary. I’m going to wait and see how it rates.

    BQ: Cutting my own hair. 

  37. Oh, and BQ, joining the Army as a teenager for "college money".  Those darn recruiters.

  38. I believe I have 7 books.  I’m thinking of catching up on Final Crisis, but I’m unsure.  I’d have to go dig up the other issues and even see what I have.

    BQ: I don’t know the worst idea I’ve had off the top of my head, but the worst one I’ve heard was Whiskey Pancakes.  It just sounds terrible.

  39. i have ten or eleven books this week!!! and i still have a shit load of christmas presents to buy:(

    most looking forward to: Final Crisis, Action Comics, Phonogram, Young Liars, Superman/Batman, DMZ and i might pick up the Oz adaption.

    BQ: Working at a grocery store. the sad part about it is that i still am 🙁

  40. only answering the bonus question:

    lets drink a handle of skol and go to cross country practice/ lets kick the mirrors off all the cars we see

  41. Heads up to any Nightwing or Doug Mahnke fans — DOUG MAHNKE IS DRAWING NIGHTWING THIS WEEK, DC Comics has the credits wrong. Sorry for caps, just trying to make sure people see 😉 

    Looks like a good week for DC fans with Nightwing, GL Corps, Action Comics, Secret Six AND Two Final Crisis books!

    BQ — When I was about 10 years old & stuck up on a roof of a house retrieving a ball, my brother said: "Jump, I’ll catch you.". He was only a year older than me. I took a leap of faith & my brother side-stepped me like a matador. One broken wrist & a concussion later, I learned a valuable lesson about trust.  

  42. I originally pulled SPIDER-MAN/X-MEN but now I’ve unpulled it.  Consider that a third book dropped this week.

  43. I’m most looking forward to Dark Reign, Legend of the Blue Marvel, and Echo. Not dropping anything, but I’m glad some minis are ending.

    BQ: Letting my sister pay off my credit card.

  44. I’m most looking forward to the new Courtney Crumrin.


    BQ:  Getting in a car while the driver was on acid and stoned. 

  45. Echooo Echoo Echo

    Love this book.  Can’t wait.



    Not going to College. 

  46. Echo, Savage Dragon and Spider-Man are the three books I’m most looking forward to.


    BQ: Majoring in Graphic Communications (printing)

  47. Camelot 3000.

     Buy it.

  48. Echo. 

    Worst idea(s): in 1992 I was shown the pre-web internet and came up with two or three ideas on how to create a business using/exploiting it. It’s not the ideas themselves that were bad, it was me being a lazy, do-nothing that opted for the path of least resistance instead of actually doing any of them.

    A good idea unused is the worst idea of all.

  49. Action Comics #872

    Amazing Spider-Man #580

    Detective Comics #851

    Final Crisis #5 (OF 7)

    Invincible #56

    Justice League Of America #27

    Nightwing #151

    Phonogram Singles Club #1 (OF 7)

    Secret Invasion Dark Reign

    What If Captain America Fallen Son

    Young Liars #10


    BQ: i once wrote a sit-com set in someone’s home garage and a dude swapped brains with a kangaroo, that’s as far as i got

  50. bq: and marrying that WHORE

  51. You win.

  52. right on!!!

  53. @Horatio YES!!!

    Camelot 3000 BUY IT INDEEED.  Alright, enough yelling but it’s one of the reasons I read comics to this day. (I hope it holds up)

    THat, Final Crisis and Dark Reign, I don’t care what any of you say, secret invasion was fun.

    BQ: Standing in front of a pressurized rocket in a kids show in order to get a laugh.  I’ve still got a dent in my head.

  54. @CAM – The dialogue is very much of its time but it’s still a very good story.  I reread the individual issues not so long ago.  Just for historical purposes, it’s a must read.  I believe that it was DCs first "maxi series".  Could be wrong though.

  55. 15 books and 1 trade…..I may be the opposite of a lot of people….but looking forward to Dark Reign.   I’ve always thought Norman Osborn was the Joker of the Marvel U.  Opens up a lot of storylines that haven’t been told.  

     BQ: Deciding to go see Moulin Rouge with a girl I knew I was never gonna stay with…….haven’t seen Punisher yet…but as of now, WORST MOVIE EVER!