New Comics for 12.21.2011 is so tired… so very tired

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris and Matt.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: I’ve slept four hours in the last 48. What’s the least amount of sleep that you’ve had in a 48 hour period? And why did it happen? And how did it turn out?


  1. Sweet going to pull them now. Ive’ work 2 days w/ maybe a little more then 3 hrs. sleep. It was on new years eve and stayed up then worked the next day. I manage to take a mini nap in the bathroom at work. never again

  2. Great week before Christmas, it’s a cornucopia of comics!

    Batman, Batman INC: Leviathan Strikes!, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern Corps, Nightwing, and Thunderbolts.

    BQ: I went a whole day without going to bed when I was 12 just to see if I could do it. It was the summer so it didn’t interfere with my day.

  3. oy this week is huge

  4. I think 36hrs without sleep was my max. Up all night working on dissertation, followed by a day full of student appointments and teaching. This happened frequently my last year of graduate school. At least I got the dissertation done.

  5. 70 hours. I was deployed on a CVN class ship (nuclear aircraft carrier) and we were floating around Korea in 2003. The I.F.L.O.L.S. (landing guidance system for pilots) was broken. I was one of 3 technicians working on it. By the end of the 2nd day I was useless. But my presence was needed for guidance in troubleshooting and documenting what was done already. Finally fixed it after almost 3 days. Slept for 24 hours after that. ……..Yay Batman!

  6. Big week…lots of good stuff like Batman, Daredevil and Justice league

    BQ: back in college i got like 6 hours of sleep TOTAL in one 7 day week (final projects!) . Lots of coffee, lots of energy drinks. it was rough.

    • i think i’ll wind up dropping/passing on/postponing most of this week’s books. No time or money with Christmas. Its a shame, there is good stuff that ‘i’ve been enjoying. I already have a “to read” que on my iPad. not good.

  7. Lots of books this week, after several light weeks I just got two 20+ weeks in a row.

    BQ: The most I’ve spent withour sleep was around 40 hours during a really high strung exam week, turns out doing exams with near to no sleep is a really bad idea

  8. Not a horrible week of books..

    BQ: 48 hours? Awake. The last time I ran a disaster recovery test as an enterprise architect, I stayed up through the 2 1/2 days of the test. Every time I thought I could got pass out, something would go wrong and would suck me in. We had failed the test a few times in a row and I didn’t want to deal with that again. So, I stayed up, worked through the problems, and finally passed out after the test was over. I resigned two weeks later.

  9. I have to figure out some books I can drop. I got like 15 books lined up right now. I’m thinking Incredible Hulk might be dropped, but it’s Aaron! Maybe Nightwing. . . but the answers, they begin in this issue. Damn it!

  10. Christ! I would be pulling 14 books this week, but since I’m dead broke, I’ve cut it down to 7.

    Batman Inc., Ultimate Spider-Man, X-Force, Wonder Woman, Invincible, etc. Top notch week. Hopefully I’ll be able to collect some scratch to pick up the rest later.

    BQ: I stayed up for 2 days working on a final exam in college, with only a few 30 minute naps to tide me over. I had to write a 40 page report and my week was fueled by Red Bull and Domino’s pizza. Never again.

  11. Geez, talk about a Christmas present this week. Batman, Wonder Woman, Uncanny X-Force, Wolverine and the X-Men, Venom, Batman Inc. Thank you, comics.

    BQ: Plenty of times that happened during college finals. Would go about with 4 hour of sleep each of those nights. Mountain Dew should be grateful for all the money I gave them.

  12. A great week of comics catching up after several quiet ones…..a great year to have Christmas week off work. Batman and Batman Inc lead the pack without doubt…and a festive looking Daredevil.

    BQ: I haven’t gone as long as some of the folks above, but most weeks I end up forgoing the equivalent of at least a night’s sleep…that just comes with the irregularity of shift work…

  13. I have 18 books this week……………………………..18…………………………………………… This a record I never wanted to reach 🙁

    • However, all 18 of these books are my favorite titles coming out. So this should be a special week for comics.

    • Seconded. I have a pretty stingy pull list so if I reach a number in the teens it means that is a pretty awesome week and the next couple are going to be disappointing.

  14. God, I wanna tap out. This week is going to kill me. I have 18 books to buy…I may have to make some cuts. But as I look at the list…I just find something else I want to try.

    Most looking forward to Wonder Woman and Wolverine.

    BQ: N/A. I have a nasty habit of sleeping if I get tired. Any time. I could be doing something I enjoy, watching a movie with friends, watching a baseball game in the extra innings, doesn’t matter, when I get tired, I’m going to bed. Period.

  15. ACTIVITY #1
    BATMAN #4
    SIX GUNS #3 (OF 5)
    VENOM #11
    X-FACTOR #229

    What a fuckin’ pile of books that is. Christ. Good, good stuff though. Really solid week.

    BQ: Back in my misspent youth, I repeatedly spent 2-3 days at a time with no sleep. Shameful things where done during those days, and even more shameful music was listened to. It was dark, dark times you see. People to this day give me a hard time about my raver days, with my big pants and glowsticks. It hurts, people, it really hurts.

    Bitch of the thing is that I was completely drug free the entire time. I really have no excuses here. I will always have to live with the shame, even though I have moved on and made a better man out of myself.

  16. The Activity, Batman, Wonder Woman, TMNT, John Carter, and Memorial.

    Weird, I usually keep my list under six books a week.

  17. Ultimate Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Force, and Daredevil? These are the only 3 books I read and they’re all coming out on the same week.

  18. I usually have about 6-7 books a week. This week Batman, Leviathan Strikes!!!!, DCU Presents, Justice League, Nightwing and Wonder Woman. And they’re all DC wow.

    BQ: Can’t remember, but it must have been an awful second day, since I really need my sleep.

  19. Just a few DC books this week plus Uncanny X-Force, so that’s nice. Won’t be getting them ’til next Wednesday though (or Thursday, whatever day they come out after christmas).

    BQ: 2 hours. I was traveling a lot and I’ve never learned the trick for how to sleep on trains without drugs sleep aides, it didn’t end especially well, I think I was out for close to 20 hours when I finally got to sleep

  20. Pretty good week this week.. just looking forward to any new comics period because i havent been home for a while.
    BQ… 72 hours zero sleep… just after high school at a friends house for an entire weekend.. Normal guy weekend.. played basketball at one point.. watched movies etcc.. some games.. I remember getting really tired and bouncing back with a renewed energy multiple times.. and a feeling of being drunk (without drinking).. i was delirious on and off over the last 48 hours. I dont recommend driving like this .. which is what i did.. some time late on the third day i drove an hour drive home … and even with using the windows down with cold winter air and full blast music .. i fell asleep while driving multiple times.. i literally woke up while i was driving at least 2 times.. and told my self” oh fuck… i was asleep”.. but stupidly i risked killing someone else or myself. Anyway i was lucky.. i fell asleep on some really fast roads.. lucky they were straight American roads and not windey european ones.

  21. It’s like an early Christmas this week. I have 15 books but all of them are must reads (and several of them are double shippers by Marvel…Curse You Marvel!). Oh well. I have the week off and nothing else to do, so it should be a magical Wednesday.

    BQ: I only got 2 hours of sleep the first two days my daughter was alive. From her crying and the incessant buggery of the nurses in the hospital, I was a mindless, sleepless zombie. I barely remember what happened during that time.

  22. 8 books for me, which is a killer. Ugh. but my pull list is down only to stuff I’m really enjoying, so at least it’s 8 books I’m excited to read.

    BQ: In a 48 hour period i went with……0 hours. Stayed over my cousin’s place because we were driving into NYC in the morning to go to the Museum of Natural History and stuff. I have a problem sleeping at other people’s houses, so I ended up staying up all night, then going to the city and then coming back. It worked out ok. Of course, I was like 22 then, I could never do that now.

  23. Justice League #4, Nightwing #4, Catwoman #4, Red Hood and the Outlaws #4, Wolverine and the X-Men #3, Uncanny X-Force #19, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5, The Amazing Spider-Man #676, The Avengers #20, Venom #11, Wolverine #20, The Incredible Hulk #3, The Invincible Iron Man #511, X-23 #19, Daken: Dark Wolverine #18, and Invincible #86.
    Dear God that’s alot of comics. I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford all of ’em. Looks like imma have to pull a Christmas miracle.

  24. Ahhhh too many comics.

  25. BQ: About that much. I made a lot of money but spent a lot, too.

  26. No Rachel Rising?

  27. BQ: On tour with my band back in ’08. Started with the Vegas show which included all of the following: alcohol, drugs, hookers, punk rockers, bar-fights, chipped teeth, broken heels, strip clubs, and casinos at 3 in the morning (and for the record, I didn’t know she was a hooker

    From there it was a 5 hour drive to Provo, Utah to play. Maybe got one hour sleep in the shitty hotel we stayed in.

    The next day was the epic 15 hour drive to play Missoula Montana that night at Jay’s Upstairs Tavern (awesome place!)

    I finally got some sleep in Seattle.

    those were the days 😉

    • My girlfriend gets jealous of my times like that, since she was a sheltered preachers kid. I tell her “I wouldn’t give em up for the world, but I wouldn’t do it again either”

  28. So many of my favorite books are coming out this week. It’s like a Christmas! Oh, wait

    BQ: I once had 5 hour of sleep in 48 hour period. I had to wake up at 3:30 am to start my work shift. Then I rushed home to pack and get ready for a midnight flight to Mexico. I couldn’t fall asleep because my mom and I had to make a connecting flight. Once we got through customs and immigration, it was 9:30 am. From that point it was a 4 hour drive to my family’s village. I couldn’t sleep because mountain paths are fucking scary and the urge to throw-up kept me awake. By the time we reached my aunt’s house, we got to work decorating the house for Christmas. By that time it was 7:30 pm and my mom said something about me being exhausted so I went to the room they had set-up for me. When I got there I discovered that the cat had kittens on my pillow. I didn’t get to bed until 11:00pm. True story.

  29. Batman, Daredevil, Wonder Woman, Wolverine & the X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Force! WOW! What a week! Will be very interesting to see how the POW goes.

  30. BQ: I haven’t been that sleep depraved yet.

  31. Woah, this is gonna be an expensive week! Need to drop some books but fear I won’t be able to. So many good titles come out this Wednesday – Batman, Daredevil, Wonder Woman, Justice League. And Batman Inc: Leviathan too. Oh man, It’s a long time until January payday.

    BQ: Seem to remember (just about) being awake for 30+ hours at the weekend (not every), back in the days when I didn’t need 2 days to recover from a night out.

  32. Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Red Hood, and X-Force

  33. I got up at 7am. Went to work got home at 1130pm. Took a shower.My wife and daughter an I left for a trip from Florida to North Carolina to see my cousin that I haven’t seen in 18 years.By the way do not stop in South Carolina for coffee!OMG!Besdes that it was a great!
    WOW! It’s a big week for me too Batman,Nightwing,Batman Leviathan,Invincible Iron Man,Incredible Hulk,Avengers,Amazing Spider Man.Where’s Captain America?

  34. Batman #4
    Woder Woman #4
    Justice League #4
    Fantastic Four #601
    & Batman: Leviathan Strikes!. big big week.

    BQ: least slept in 48 hours?…about eight. why?….would you believe FIFA 04 on playstation2? 🙂

  35. Daredevil and Wonder Woman, definitely.
    I can’t recall my last instance of sleep deprivation (probably at Mass Art), but I do have problems sleeping, as I am a lucid dreamer- I sleepwalk about once every two months. Usually it’s nothing major, I’ll snap out of it in the kitchen or I’ll be in my closet. About two weeks ago, I was staying at a boyfriends’ place, and got up at about 2 AM and walked right out of his apartment in my PJ’s. No phone, no keys. It took about an hour of intermittent pounding on the outside and downstairs door to rouse him. Ugh.

  36. Is it bad to suggest a separation of singular issues to collections (HC, TPs, etc.)? :/ It’s kinda “hard” (first world problems) to see collections that I keep up with (good to know that most of them have higher pulls).

  37. Savage Dragon 177 and Invincible 86, my favs. Catwoman 4 and Batman 4, my favs of the new 52. Daredevil, X-Men, FF, Wonder Woman, GI Joe Cobra, Nightwing, 2000AD of course, Conan Road of Kings, Vampirella, TMNT, lotsa great stuff.

    BQ: That’s a tough one, after staying up for like 32 hours or something I’m done no matter what, then I sleep like 10. So I’d say least in 48 hours is probably 10 hours.

  38. wow huge/great week!!

    GHOSTBUSTERS (seriously, why aren’t more people reading this?)

    BQ: about 2 hrs in a 48. I was at college and the tv station covered every homecoming event possible, i worked crew on all of them.

  39. Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, Invincible, Batman, Justice League.

    BQ: When I was in college ROTC, we had a field training exercise which involved 3 days of squad missions (raids, recons, ambushes, etc) without any sleep. The first night I fell off of a small cliff and hit my head but continued the training. I started hallucinating by the second night. We were in the middle of the New Mexico desert and I thought we were moving through a parking lot, around buildings. I went up to someone and started talking to him until I found out it was a bush. I even thought I saw a 10 ft tall pink stuffed rabbit walk by. The last straw was when I sat on a cactus and got sent to the aid tent. Sleep deprivation training was tough.

    • Ya hallucinations are fun… ha… .. i once tripped and fell ass backwards onto a knee high cactus during a full run… I ended up with 30 plus cactus spines in my ass. At the time i was more concerned with the dog that was chasing me. I was 11 at the time… and my father had told me to go feed those sheep in that field this banana peel while we put up the tent.. so thats what i attempted to do.. Untill i noticed there was a brown sheep hanging out with all the white sheep. Turns out that brown sheep wasnt a sheep at all.. it was a sheep dog.. HA.. It proceeded to chase me to the edge of the field.. where i fell on a cactus.. The dog stopped and just had a look like… your not worth my time…. and i crawled back across the street with 30 tiny souvenirs.

  40. wolverine and the x-men, daredevil and ult spiderman means that all my favorite marvel titles come out this week, as well as one of my favorite dc titles (batman). is this like sweeps week or something?

  41. I’ll be in double digits this week! 🙁

  42. BQ : 48 hours…how about no sleep. Suffering from insomnia after my wife left me and i lost my job during the same month. What did i do? Went to see Nolan’s INSOMNIA at the movies. It was surreal.

  43. *whew* this is going to be a week! Might have to start cutting some books! On my pulllist i have Batman, Batman, INC, Catwomen, Daredevil, GLC, Hulk, JL, New Mutants, Avengers, T-Bolts, Tiny Titans, USM, X-Force, Wolverine & the X-Men & Wonder Women.

  44. I’ve drastically cut my pull list over the last few months so I’m left with Batman, Batman Inc: Leviathan, Daredevil, and Punisher MAX. Should be an insanely solid week. Also may pick up The Activity…

    BQ: That would probably either be irresponsible high school days or last summer I was a security guard on my college campus. There weren’t that many of us so whenever we would swap shifts, our sleep “schedule could get pretty jacked up. I’d say probably 4-6 hrs of sleep in a 48 hr period.

  45. It’s Catwoman week, everything else is just gravy.

    I had read that staying up past 4 days straight caused hallucinations and all manner of weird effects, so in my infinite 20 year old wisdom I decided to see what would happen. I made it about 3 and half days and wasn’t really tired when I quit, just insanely bored… there were no drugs, alcohol, or other people involved. And I didn’t have cable.

    It was a dumb idea.

  46. Venom looks good this week.

    BQ: I was up for 36 hours alone on a road trip back from Virgina to Michigan–it’s a long story, and I’m glad to be alive.

  47. Just my regular DC stuff this week. Really looking forward to Batman.

    As for lack of sleep, I can think of multiple times where I’ve gotten 0 hours in a 48 hour period. The worst was when I started the midnight shift job and literally couldn’t sleep during the day. On the third night I came in and was such a zombie that when they told me that the other cook had called off and I had to handle Saturday night myself I just said OK and shambled to the line. Insomnia isn’t fun kids.

  48. Such a big week for me. I will be enjoying these on Xmas day.