New Comics for 12.07.2011 is laid up and working from bed like Howard Hughes

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Conor has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Who is your favorite historical recluse?


  1. Buffy!

  2. Wouldn’t the greatest recluses of history be completely unknown to us? They spent their lives by themselves not seeking societal approval…that’s kinda the point…
    That said, Henry Darger.

  3. I might be the only one who’s actually been enjoying Red Lanterns. Also pumped for Penguin, Sweet Tooth, and Last of the Greats.
    BQ: J.D. Salinger or Thomas Pynchon.

  4. Great week for me, and not just because I have no Marvel books this week….well maybe a little.

    Action Comics, Chew, OMAC, Swamp Thing, and Sweet Tooth.

  5. Who’s my favorite historical recluse? Myself, of course.

  6. Steve Ditko?

  7. Salinger or Greta Garbo.

  8. I’m probably most excited about The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Chew, and Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes. The title I’m most curious about and hoping will be good? X-Club #1 as I’ve loved that corner of the X-Men universe the most the last couple of years or so. I just recently read about the real historic X-Club recently and what an awesome name for this X-Men science crew.

  9. Here are my comics:

    Steve Ditko silly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Swamp Thing and Animal Man. Great week. Of course if Stormwatch keeps increasing in quality like its been so far it’ll be DCs best book in about 4 issues.

    And Tesla. Gotta be Tesla.

    • Ditto on Tesla. Not always as reclusive as Howard Hughes or others, but he definitely was later in life. He was always a socially awkward pengiun, though. Would only dine alone – not sure if he didn’t want people seeing him eat, or if seeing other eat grossed him out.

    • yeah, Tesla is a good one too.

    • @kennyg – dude whenever I see your gif, I start cracking up. I just broke into laughter at work and sounded like a crazy man.

    • I’ll agree here. Stormwatch started of weak but by each issue it’s gotten a lot better.

  11. says that ult spiderman #5 is coming out this week.

    • can be wrong…A LOT….Ifanboy’s list never is.

    • darnit, i was looking forward to ult spiderman. at least there’s avenging spiderman, but it’s not the same. maybe i’ll stick with action comics for one more week instead. (there’d better be action this time!)

  12. Alan Moore?

  13. Action Comics, Swamp Man, Animal Man, Amazing Spiderman, Avenging Spiderman, and Punisher. Also going to check out X-club, looks like it will be cool. I might give Green Arrow another try now that Giffen has replaced Krul.

  14. Wow. I have exactly nothing coming out this week.

    Might buy an indie trade online to read instead.

  15. Animal Man, Action, Swamp Thing, Stormwatch, Sweet Tooth,Red Lanterns, Omac and maybe Defenders but thats going to be a instore decision- Favorite recluse is notorious prisoner Michael Gordon Peterson aka Bronson

  16. JD Salinger or Christopher Nolan if you count “staying off the internet” as reclusive behavior.

  17. This is one of my favorite weeks Thanks to the consistency of Swamp Thing, Sweet Tooth and Animal Man .
    Im also picking up Amazing Spiderman, Avenging Spiderman since enjoyed last issue so much unexpectedly and am also going to try out Defenders #1. Yes! After not enjoying anything i ever read by Fraction much im really pulling for this to win me over.

    Oh and im dropping Action Comics, ive never been a big Superman fan but gave this a shot based on enjoying Morrisons work on other titles i gave this a shot but the story pacing and art that keeps getting worse and worse seems im going to have to maybe revisit this at another time.

  18. Clark Ashton Smith, HPL & Hemingway.

    • I don’t know that I’d categorize HPL as a recluse, considering both his letters / writing circle and his numerous trips.

  19. Big week for me. Definitely looking forward to Action Comics and Detective Comics, and Animal Man is pretty awesome. X-Factor has been so good for so long I almost take it for granted now. Also really excited for the latest defenders relaunch. Loved the 70s/80s version of the team, hoping this recaptures some of that old school sense of fun.

    BQ: Trevanian

  20. ANIMAL MAN #4
    O.M.A.C. #4
    VENOM #10

    I always love this DC week. That’s most of the New 52 that I pick up. That Chew HC is busting my balls, but I always try to keep my books alike, and I have the first one. If I didn’t work at my LCS, I would not be reading comics. Urgh…

    This is the first BQ that has stumped me. Nikola Tesla was kind of a nut, but I wouldn’t call him a recluse.

  21. It’d take a lot to get me to try a new Fraction book at this point, but The Defenders sounds just fantastic. I’m really hopeful.

  22. Punisher is a book that I can’t get home fast enough to read. I’m telling you, that Big Shots mini-relaunch produced 3 of the best Marvel books that the company is putting out at the moment. What do you think is the recipe behind that? (Besides the obvious high level of talent). I’m also looking forward to X-Factor, as it’s revisiting a plot-point that I thought was LONG forgotten.

    BQ: Does Captain Beefheart count as a historical recluse?

  23. Big week for me and with X-Factor coming out I cannot wait.

    BQ: I have no answe.

  24. I’m most excited about ACTION #4 and STORMWATCH #4. Also looking forward to HEART #2 – just in time to satisfy my MMA fix, with Ultimate Fighter having ended Saturday night!
    BQ: Harper Lee

  25. Looking forward most to Stormwatch 4 Xclub 1 and the Hellblazer annual. I guess i would encourage people to try stormwatch and Milligans run on Hellblazer… its maybe the best Hellblazer run ever… and its looking like it may shape up to be the longest.. one can hope.
    I guess my favorite recluse would be bobby fischer… man that latest documentary on him was fun to watch.. the guy really ended up with a horrible life and totally insane brain. He pushed everyone that was nice to him away.

  26. I’m transitioning to digital versions of my comics so for me it’s last months issues of Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Action Comics, Stormwatch, Heart and Luther Strode. In store I’ll be getting Sweet Tooth & Chew as I’ve been with them from the start so I’d like to see them through in hard copies (I may change my mind when their current arcs end though, I’m undecided) and Betrayal Of The Planet Of The Apes because that isn’t available digitally and It’s so good I cannot wait. Oh and I might try Defenders.

    BQ: Stanley Kubrick or JD Salinger.

  27. The first week of the month is DC heavy for me with Action, Animal Man, StormWatch, Swamp Thing and I’m dropping Tec after issue #4 and the end of the first arc… just cant stomach it anymore.

    Also keeping my pull of Elric, and thinking about giving Venom a try since its a new arc and the great Remender is behind it… only to get something good from Marvel until their jewel Uncanny X-Force comes out next week.

  28. Animal Man, Swamp Thing, maybe Defenders.
    When’s Avengers: Childrens Crusade due out? seems like forever
    BQ: Bobby Fisher(is he dead?)

  29. Looking forward to all my pulls this week esp after last week being so barren, prolly most excited for luther strode I guess?

  30. BQ: Gordon the intern

  31. big week: Animal man, Swamp thing, detective comics, and action comics. I love comics.

    BQ: JD Salinger

    COLD WAR #3
    O.M.A.C. #4
    BATWING #4

    BQ: Sly Stone!

  33. I’ve noticed something with pull counts. I don’t know if the iFanbase just has more refined tastes or what, but stuff that gets pulled very low amounts here sells well in comparison at my store. Crossed. Fucking CROSSED sells like mad at my store, as does Grimm Fairy Tales stuff. Chew? Gets ignored. Scalped? Doesn’t even get ordered anymore. Those both get respectable pulls here. Comic book demographics are weird.

    F’ing Crossed. Wtf happened David Lapham?

    • Ya i watched Garth Ennis have to ‘pretend’ to be positive about Lapham’s run at a con last year.. and he couldnt realy do it.. I cant even explain what it looked like but it was kind of awkward. I read the fist few issues DL wrote and they were just sick to be sick in my opinion… shit if it was good and sick i wouldnt even care but its not even good.