New Comics for 11.16.2011 is most fond of pancakes

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris and Matt.

This week Conor has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite food?


  1. Looking forward to more Snyder/Capullo Batman!
    Bonus Question: Sushi!!

  2. Ceviche it’s my favorite food

  3. 8 books this week. Wowzers!!!!! or Zoicks if you prefer.

    I am thinking that there are lots of good books being produced these days.

    BQ : Cheese Fondue… not that I eat it often but I crave it every year as the snow starts to fall.

  4. New Batman and Catwoman, can’t wait!

    I think i’d go for sushi today, though “favorite food” is quite relative fore me…

  5. Catwoman and Steak and I love them both equally.

  6. This is, together with the first week of the month, my favourite week. Can’t wait for Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Severed and Morning Glories. Will also be reading DCU Presents, Northlanders and Nightwing. And picking up A Death in the Family and possibly the Marshall Rogers Batman HC. I’ll need an extra job for that. Pffff….

    BQ: I love chicken teriyaki.

  7. Batman, Justice League and Wonder Woman in the same week? Is that a better triple whammy than the regular Action Comics, Animal Man and Swamp Thing week? I think it might be.

    Favourite food…Chinese style crispy duck with pancakes with that amazing plum sauce…

  8. Batman, Wonder Woman, Severed, X-Factor. Pretty stoked that I should finally be able to start reading the new 52 before comics come out next week (Long Story).

    BQ: Mussels. Pretty much any style.

  9. Avengers Academy, Batman…That Mudman looks pretty cool……and a couple others

    BQ: Pizza….any type, most any kind. I’d even rock a mamma celeste if it was all that was available.

  10. Pizza, Sushi, or Salmon….wait…does Krystal burgers count? Krystal Burgers.

  11. The Amazing Spider-Man #674, Avengers #19, Catwoman #3, Deadpool #46, Justice League #3, Nightwing #3, Red Hood and the Outlaws #3, Incredible Hulk #2, Venom #9, Walking Dead #91, & X-23 #17. I’m excited to see Rick and Andrea’s make-out session.
    B.Q. My favorite food is Hot Pockets.

  12. 7 books this week for me and not one of them a Marvel title.

    BQ: Cactus fruit!

  13. Looks like a light week for me. Surely I missed pulling something…

    BATMAN #3
    SEVERED #4 (OF 7)

    BQ: So much to choose from. But I would have to say Italian food. Too general? Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo at Olive Garden. Or the stuffed shells at Buca di Beppo.

  14. 4 books, most psyched about Severed, and JL!
    BQ: Bacon

  15. Batman & the new HULK book are what I cant wait to read!

    BQ: Pizza, steak or bbq ribs depending on my mood. Lamb chops and hot wings round out my top 5 fave foods.

  16. AVENGERS #19
    BATMAN #3
    MUDMAN #1
    SEVERED #4 (OF 7)
    SIX GUNS #2 (OF 5)

    BQ: The children of my enemies. Shit….did I say that out loud? I meant…um…tacos! Yeah, tacos.

  17. Batman, justice league, wonder woman, nightwing, GL corps, Hulk, DC Presents. Still trade waiting on Walking Dead.

    BQ: lobster, pizza, sushi, Chinese food. Couldn’t settle on just one.

  18. X-Factor and Red Hood & The Outlaws are coming out this week. But this week sucks since I have 11 books to purchase.

    BQ: Poutine, I love my fries, chunks of butter and sauce goodness from Quebec.

  19. Batman is the only floppy I plan on getting but I might just have to grab the I Am Captain America if my store has it and it looks good. Also looking forward to the Johns/Manapul Flash and “Who Is Jake Ellis?” trade.

    BQ: I do love me some pancakes but I think sausage wins by the tinniest margin.

  20. Got 5 books this week, Justice League, batman, Wonder Woman, Amazing Spider-Man and X-Factor. it’s a great week to love comics!

    BQ: Potato Pancakes with applesauce is the best thing ever.

  21. Out of the 15 DC books in my pull, I’m most looking forward to Batman, Justice League and Wonder Woman too.

    As for the BQ: At the top of my list is a broiled Ribeye, medium rare, followed closely by Southern fried chicken, dolled-up mac & cheese and buttered corn.

    @Ricky Stardust’s Crispy Duck reminds me of a great little place on Mott St. South of Canal in NYCs Chinatown. I don’t remember the name, but I think it’s below street level.

  22. Yay! I solid week again. Lousy god and his five weeks in a month…

    Batman, Green Lantern Corps, Nightwing, Severed, and Thunderbolts.

    BQ: Chicken. Specifically ‘Shake N’ Bake’ chicken my mom makes for us every week. That’s the good shit right there.

  23. BQ: Oh, don’t make me choose!

    I got a question for the community at large, i have room for another title yet i am torn between scott snyders batman and Azz’s WW. I’d really want to read an awesome monthly comic about Wonder Woman and this seems to be it, but snyders court of owls story seems intoxicating. Guys i need your help!

    • If you can only get one, my vote would be for Synder’s Batman — in my mind it’s amazing & completely lives up to the hype. That said, I’ve been enjoying Wonder Woman as well, just not as much as Batman.

    • What!? What!? This is like asking which child I’d trip if my family were being chased by an alligator.

    • WW is great, but its early days, whereas Snyder has a slightly longer record of putting out great Batman and I’d bet on that title in the long-run…if I had to choose though I’d go with WW mainly because I prefer the art and I like the idea of getting a WW book more than a Bat book.

    • That’s a seriously tough one (glad i’m reading both books). I would assume that you’ve probably read/own a lot of great Batman stories, but not that many WW…So that would make me swing WW’s way. It really is good, and it might not be this good again for a while…who knows?

    • Thanks you guys! @Firevine, that made my day. Always count on the good humor of the ifanboy community. @TheFlashr, you’re right i have read a lot batman stories and i am always up for one more, especially if it seems well done. Yet i feel that the point of the reboot is to try other stuff i haven’t read before. Hence why i dropped Action Comics and avoided Green Lantern because I’ve had my fill of them for a while now. I guess I’ll just flip through both issues at the store and make decision there.

      BQ: Ribs, pizza, burgers, fried chicken, pork fried rice, duck soup, and nearly all my ma’s homecooking.

  24. I think X-23 will be a lot of fun to read.

    BQ: Sushi

  25. Most excited for Batman and Zorro, two of my favorite books of the moment. Hoping that Supergirl picks back up a little — I thought that issue two didn’t have quite the same strength as the first. I didn’t buy Fear Itself, but I do buy Iron Man, so I’ll be getting this week’s point issue.

    That leaves Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Captain America & last week’s Ressurection Man, all of which are on my to buy list, but one or two of which will need to wait for next week. Catwoman, however, looks like it’s headed for the dropped catagory. I’m curious to see where it’s going, but the writing isn’t clicking with me enough to justify it every month . . .

    BQ: pasta, followed by pizza, followed by summer fruit, especially berries. yum.

  26. The shade!!

  27. Can’t wait to read Batman

    BQ: Pizza, steak, any breakfast food, and beer.

  28. Lookin forward to Batman and Justice League.

    BQ: Shrimp. In any of its wondrous incarnations.

  29. Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey…and pickles! Any vegetable, in jar, in a solution of vinegar and salt and sugar and garlic and herbs…..

  30. Batman is one of my pulls this week. My in-store sub list has increased (and not just DC stuff, either):
    All-Star Western
    Batman & Robin
    Detective Comics
    Batman:The Dark Knight
    Blue Beetle
    Demon Knights
    Animal Man
    Swamp Thing
    American Vampire
    Lord of the Jungle
    Ultimate Spider-Man
    Amazing Spider-Man

    Dropped 2 DC Titles-
    Savage Hawkman (Didn’t care for the art)

  31. This weeks a return t the monster week for me. Really looking forward to thunderbolts, avengers academy and generation hope this week.

    BQ- I really love me a good cheese burger. Or garlic bread may be my understudy for my favourite.

  32. 7 books, that’s a pretty big week for me.
    Batman #3
    Justice League #3
    Supergirl #3
    Wonder Woman #3
    Amazing Spider-man #674
    The Avengers #19
    Haunt #18

    BQ: Fried calamari…just don’t tell Aquaman.

    The Marvel website says that Uncanny #2 is coming out this week but it isn’t, so does anybody know when it is coming out?

  33. My pull list this week is Batman #3, Wonder Woman #3, and Catwoman #3.

    My favorite food is currently BBQ ribs.

  34. This is the second week in a row when I have under 10 books. I can’t remember the last time that happened. I feel like I’m getting set up for a massive 20+ book week or something. My fingers are crossed that I’m wrong.

    BQ: Donuts. Any kind, type or from any place. Donuts are the food of the gods.

  35. Holy crap, big week for me, 11 books:
    ASM, Avengers, Batman, Catwoman, Justice League, Nightwing, Red Hood, Stand, Hulk, Ult XMen & Wonder Woman.

    May have to put some on lay-away

    Favorite food is carne asada burrito from a taco truck

  36. There was once upon a time when I had some form of disposable income. Then iFanboy and its crew came out. Now I get to eat a lot less of my favourite foods.

    I am a DC man from just before John Byrne days, so in the DCU, I am most excited by Wonder Woman (which is the first time that I ever had that happening). And while the JL is among the simplest writing out of my current stack… it ends up not being a bad thing. Not a vampire fan from anytime really and tired of them now – however, I,Vampire gets my money. Hulk, Super Girl, and Catwoman? See you Wednesday

    Favourite Food depends on what Season I am in (Thank you NYC) – and as of this writing that means Ramen ( from Ippudo or Totto)

  37. Batman
    Justice League
    I, Vampire
    Wonder Woman

    BQ: Lord, i don’t know. i had some nice waffles this morning:)

  38. Where’s Shade #2?

  39. BQ: anything involving potatoes and salt.