New Comics for 10/21/09 have no hot water

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

It’s a busy week that is both exciting and interesting. It’s exciting because we’re the DC Halloween Special! I always love those issues. It’s interesting because it’s time for the latest reboot of Justice League of America, this time by James Robinson and Mark Bagley. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Can I come over and use your shower?


  1. A light week, but a good week. Chew and Exmachina, plus we can see where Spider-Woman is heading. I’m gonna wait to hear how Justice League is till I pick that one up.

    BQ:Yes, you may. I keep my bathroom very tidy just for such an occasion. 

  2. Dark Avengers looks juicy, and I’m psyched for the end of this Iron Man arc, and to see what happens next in XMen Legacy.    Plus, more Underground.  All right!

    BQ: That depends, will you help me move while you’re here?

  3. Blackest Night Superman #3 (OF 3)
    Gi Joe #10
    Justice League Of America #38
    Sugarshock One Shot (Osw) [If it is in the shop I’ll give it a shop. If not, I’m not hunting it down.]

    BQ: My heart says yes, my wife says no.

  4. Very light week for me.

    Blackest Night Superman, ASM, Invincible Iron Man, Chew, and Batman Streets of Gotham (this is a maybe since Dini isn’t writing it).

    Also picking up Scalped Vol. 5 on Amazon.

  5. Wow, lots of different cool stuff this week


    BQ: you should have used it when you were in Texas last week

  6. Invincible Iron Man!  The end of a fantastic arc, hope it delievers.  Also, Chew, Ex Machina, and Invincible.  Damn fine week.

    BQ: So long as you don’t pee in the shower.

  7. I’m having a great time reading Power Girl.  Also looking forward to James Robinson JLA.

    BQ:  If you can get past Thor you can help yourself to my hot water and anything else you’d like. 

  8. ASM, Azrael, BN Superman, Chew, DCU Halloween Special, Iron Man, Power Girl, and I’m reluctantly getting Batman Unseen…

    God that book sucked… 

    BQ: Bring me some bacon and we’ll see 

  9. Man, this is a trade heavy weeks.  Three trades for sure, and Diamond says the new BPRD trade comes out this week, although it’s not listed here or on Midtown Comics’ list, so we’ll see.  Damn, I either blow a wad or blow my mind trying to choose between Scalped, Jonah Hex, The Question and maybe now BPRD.

     BQ – As soon as I clean the damn thing.  Ditto for the no peeing. 

  10. Spider Woman has potential and would like it to continue strong.


    BQ. Yes you may but not the soap.

  11. Finally. A week to breath. Only 5 or 6 books this week.

  12. A lots of cool books! I’m excited about: Superman: Blackest Night, Ex Machina, Justice League of America(Robinon & Bagley!!!), Superman/Batman(one of the consistently best superhero books on the stands), Spider-Woman, Brave and the Bold(I’m giving JMS a couple issues), Batman: Streets of Gotham, Supergirl and DC Halloween Spacial. I might give Cowboy Ninja Viking a try, too.  

    BQ: Sure, way not. But it runs out of hot water quickly and i don’t have one of those shower mats, so it could get slippery. 

  13. Amazing Spider-Man #609 – cuz its been amazing lately

    Dark Avengers #10 – with the X-men in the rearview mirror this title has really gotten back on track and I’m totally diggin’ it!

    Invincible Iron Man #19 – wrapping up what has been a tremendous arc, looking forward to the conclusion and as well as the next step

    Star Trek: Nero #3 – not on your list, and it’s on some lists and not on other.  I guess we’ll see, I’d hate to wait any longer, one of my favorite books at the moment.

    The Stuff of Legend #2 – The first issue was suggested to me by my LCS and I’m glad I checked it out.  Looking forward to the second half of this story.


    BQ – you guys seems comfortable on camera, so go ahead

  14. I am kinda looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man, I enjoyed the last issue, but I want them to move onto something else.  I’m really looking forward to Cowboy Ninja Viking #1, I wasn’t even aware of it until Riley Rossmo described the book a bit, and now I can’t wait!

    BQ: Sure, now that we have our second water heater back, we have lots of hot water!

  15. Amazing Spider-Man (has been disappointing), Chew, Supergirl, the Sugarshock one-shot, and if my store has it, I’d like to pick up that Noir anthology.

  16. Some good stuff this week.  I’m definitely looking forward to it.  I don’t know why, but I’m going to try to avoid Robinson’s Justice League book.  I like the creators, but I seriously can’t start buying another monthly.  Of course, if it’s great, I’ll be weak and pick it up next week.

    BQ: With the amount of money you would spend coming to my house, you’d probably be better off heating up some bottles of Evian and using that instead.  Or you could get a cowboy bath tub! 

  17. We get 2 Hulk books by Greg Pak this week, so I am happy.


    BQ: No sir, you may not. Unless you magically transform into some super hot dark haired woman, I doubt you may ever.

  18. Also, finally the end of this mega-arc in Iron Man.

  19. Not the biggest week ever, but some soild books overall.

    Azrael #1 (The mini series was great, but sadly Irving is not the artist on this. Not a huge fan of Bachs, but if the characters are interesting like the past mini I’ll be good)

    Brave and the Bold #28 (Fantastic first issue by JMS/Saiz last month. Let’s hope the train keeps moving on this)

    Chew #5 (So glad I got caught up with this series….except for a #1 issue. Those babies are impossible to get)

    Punisher Noir #3 (This was a little bit of a surprise for me. Not a huge fan of the Noir line but this has been a lot of fun)

    BQ: Yes, at least I don’t have to worry about hair getting the drain clogged 🙂

  20. What no love for Dark Wolverine? Cant wait.. also Invincible and Streets of Gotham, and DArk Avengers while I’m at it and I get to pick up last weeks Red Robin.  What was the verdict the new arc?


    BQ: If you cant find anywhere closer than Orlando to shower you can certainly use mine.  But for the price of ravel your probably better off finding somewhere closer 

  21. AMS presents Anti-Venom #2-rly enjoyed #1, very nice art.

    Xmen Legacy#228-rly been liking legacy as of late.

    Underground#2-first issue introduced some great characters,cant wait to read more of there story.

    Power Girl#6-i jumped on with issue 5,it was  so good i had hunt down the first 4 issues,amazing read so far.

    JLA#38-Robinson on JLA, hope it delivers.

    Invincible Iron Man#19-cant wait to see the conclusion to this fantastic arc.

    Incredible Hulk#603-action-packed,funny and very nice looking.

    Hellblazer#260-the conclusion of a 2 issue arc beautifully drawn by Simon Bisley.wicked

    Chew#5-conclusion to the 1st arc of perhaps the best new series of the year!cant wait

    D.R. The List Hulk-a possibility of a couple of epic battles..heres hopin..

    Dark Avengers#10-i believe it was issue 9, its been awhile it seems,time to find out why norman is stuck in that damn room..haha

    GI Joe Snake Eyes#1-my favorite childhood GI Joe, got to check it out..

    Deadpool Merc With a Mouth#4, also pickin up the DP poster book.- More Deadpool, why not.

    Brave and the Bold#28- JMS’ first story Brave  and the Boldwas pretty good, hope it stays that way.

    Blackest Night Superman#3-this mini has been pretty in-your-face,smaillvilles goin crazy,cant wait to see what happens.hope Ma kicks some ass..

    Thunderbolts#137-the delayed Doubl-sized, one and done featuring Power Man and Iron Fist by Remender, who has seemed to found his stride writing Marvel’s characters…

    Sugarshock one-shot-i enjoyed the 1st story in MySpace/DHP vol. 1 enough to want check this one shot out,hope its just as good.

    Stuff of Legend#2-the first one was beautiful with fantastic writing,very surprised by its quality,cant wait for this one.

    Bats Streets of Gotham#5-starting to hear good things, this is going to be my 1st SoG. 

    Beasts of Burden#2-#1 was surprisingly fun and light-hearted with very nice art by Jill Thompson,for me it was a welcome change.

    Ultimate Armor Wars#-Warren Ellis on Iron Man has so far been gold,1st issue was decent,hope the 2nd kicks it up a notch or two.

    depending on finances after i’ve purchased these i may as well pick up- Azrael#1,Supes/Bats#65,Bats Unseen#2,FVZA#1,DC Hallowen Special,Spider-Woman#2

    BQ: sure,just be sure to bring your own soap and towel…

  22. and cowboy ninja viking#1 !!


  23. Really excited for the new Justice League, and cautious about the new Azrael, hope its more like the two annuals and not the incomprehensible Bftc mini

    BC: why not, might as well have at least one person use it

  24. Looks like a solid week from Image: Elephantmen, Chew, Invincible, and Rossmo’s Cowboy Ninja Viking.

    When is Rucka’s Stumptown coming? I thought it was this week! 🙁

    BQ: I’d let Conor use my shower before I’d let Ron shave those ‘burns in my sink.

  25. Of everything coming out this week, what I’m surprised to find I’m looking forward to the most is Powergirl #6.  Of almost anything I’m reading right now, this has proven to be just about the most fun.  It’s everything that I wanted Empowered to be and the art has been fantastic.

     BQ: I don’t know that you would want to drive all the way upstate for a shower, but you’re welcome to.  Alternatively, I could just send you some hot water.  I could fill up a couple dozen thermoses and overnight them.

  26. So I know Ive banished Justice League: Cry For Justice from my pull list, but Im a little curious to see how the ongoing will be. I do greatly prefer Bagley’s art to that of the CFJ artist, so who knows…

    Besides that, the two things that Im looking forward to the most is the conclusion to Invincible Iron Man’s monster arc (which Ive jumped onto late, but am loving the hell out of) and the latest X-Men Legacy issue (of which im loving the new direction, and also the new artist.)


    BQ: If you can figure out how to work the weird faucet on my shower without any help, then be my guest. Just bring your own soap.

  27. All I’m picking up this week is dark avengers #10. Extremely slow week for me. Any recommendation?

     BQ: Yes but it must be known I have a camera in my bathroom. 😉 

  28. This week, it’s all about the conclusion of the current arc in Iron Man! I’ve been on a big Iron man kick lately. I just re-read the trade of Armor Wars, and I’m in the middle of Demon in a Bottle right now. Classic IM tales, and the current World’s Most Wanted one ranks right up there. Iron Man has been my favorite comic book character for about 25 years now, so you might say I’m a huge fan. This current run by fraction and Larroca is the best thing I’ve read in years. This run ranks up there with the classic Michilinie/Layton stuff. It’s that good. 

    BQ: I actually just cleaned the shower so sure, why the hell not?   

  29. Its going to be a very Image week for me plus blackest night: superman.

  30. Very light week for me. Next week’s going to be a doozy, though

  31. As of this week I am officially dropping Incredible Hulk.  In fact I will drop all three Hulk titles ,including the oft criticized Jeff Loeb book…I just kept hoping it would get better. I will get the Dark Reign title but months of Skarr, Hiro, Rulk *wretch*, and stupid team-up…I’m tired…just tired…………

  32. Wait… who’s Dave? Why am I blanking on this?

  33. @Anson17: He does the technical side of

  34. @conor Oh. Then he’s awesome.

  35. Smallest week ever for me. Pulling Chew and Blackest Night Superman. Thinking about hopping back on Dark Avengers, but right now its just thinking. I’m happy to have such a low pull count this week. Last time I went home to get comics I hadn’t been in a month and got charged 60 odd dollars.

    BQ: Ya I’m surprised you’d want to though. I have a white shower… the floor of the showers isn’t white. Hop in.

  36. Chew #5, Cowboy Ninja Viking #1, Dark Reign List Hulk One-Shot, Incredible Hulk #603 and Invincible #607

    BQ- Sure, but we only take bubble baths in this household

  37. Invincibvle Iron Man and X-Menr Legacy for definite, almolst tempted not to pick up BN: Superman though.  Guess it’s not too bad to throw in another title, it’s not like it’s been a week series, but money is tight.

  38. Very light week on the Marvel/DC side, but I have a decent amount of "indie" stuff to look forward to. Chew!* Sugarshock! Underground! Stuff of legend! Cowboy Ninja Viking! Ex Machina! Last Resort!

    This should be a good week!

    Still debating whether to pick up Scalped in trades as well as issues, as a few friends have started reading it and it’s easier to lend out trades. I only need 4 and 5…

    * Chew probably doesn’t count as indie anymore.

    BQ: you can use my shower! Although it’s more of a hose, and you only get it if you refuse to put the lotion in the basket.

  39. Oooh, good week, with some nice trades like Noir and Storming Paradise.  Not really looking forward to the next part of the (c)raptor story in ASM, but am looking forward to new Blazer (great at the moment), Iron Man and Ex Machina.  Oh, and very curious about JLA, but not holding my breath for the old Robinson magic.

    BQ: Oh sure, everyone does…

  40. Scalped trade,woohoo!

    BQ:Luckily I had a gym membership the last time my hot water wasn’t working.Which doesn’t really answer the question.

  41. BQ: I don’t think its worth the drive to Ohio;)

  42. Dark Avengers #10
    Scalped Tp Vol 05 High Lonesome  
    Spider-Woman #2 

    Light week.

    BQ: Yes but be round early, my boy goes to bed at 7 

  43. Great week! I’m most excited for Iron Man, ’cause I got no idea how World’s Most Wanted is gonna end.

    Really excited to finally pick up the new Scalped trade, as well.


    BQ: Anytime, man. Anytime.


  44. Beasts of Burden, last issue of Super Young Team, Power Girl and Justice League of America for me.

    I have high hopes for the first issue of James Robinson’s Justice League! I really like that cover too.

    BQ: Sure, why not? I really like my shower, since the bathroom ceiling is so high and so is the shower head. So I can actually wash my hair while standing up totally straight, which is kind of a big deal for me since I’m so tall and usually have to hunch all the way down to take a shower.

  45. I’m looking forward to Tiny Titans!

    BQ: Use it for what exactly?