New Comics for 10/14/2009 Is Crunching Through Leaves

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

There are some good pickings if you know where to look.  Check out a little known series from Vertigo written by Judd Winnick called Blood + Water, which is about vampires, but it came out years ago.  Of course, we can always get excited by the Johns and Manapul issue of Adventure Comics #3.  For some reason, there’s a Deadpool #900 coming out.  I can’t really explain that.  Plus, on the heels of the last issue, Hellboy Wild Hunt #7 is out!  I’m sure you can find something you want.

Get your pitchforks ready, because Ron has the Pick this week!

Bonus Question: Do you play an instrument, and if not, what would you want to play?


  1. I would kill to be able to play the acoustic guitar well enough to cover loudon wainwright songs at open mic nights

  2. Solid week for me.  Looking forward to Secret Six and The Walking Dead, both the last chapter in their respective arcs.

    BQ: Dabble in guitar, but have been a mean maracas player since I was 5.

  3. Nice solid week: Scalped, Hellboy, GLC, Adventure Comics, Walking Dead, Unwritten. Just a great week.

    BQ: No… The harpsichord. Properly spelled? Does anyone truly know?

  4. So books ARE coming out Wednesday this week huh? Columbus day be damned!

  5. B.Q. Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keys/Synth

  6. I play Trombone.

  7. I actually took a piano course in college, I’d pick it back up if I had the time…

  8. I took voice lessons for years until too many illnesses damaged them beyond tolerance for real singing.

  9. When the heck is the new Ignition City gonna come out?

     BQ: I’d like to play the trumpet

  10. Good week – some pulls I can’t wait to get my hands on and my eyes glued to – Scalped, Hellboy, BPRD, Godland.  Some I’m pulling almost through habit (BN Batman, GLC – they’re good, but enough of the dead guys already, & Red Robin).  And some new books on the block I might just check out (The Anchor, oh and some new thing called ‘Web of Spiderman’ whatever that’s all about?)… 

    Pants!  Just realised I’m away in the sticks on Comic Book Day, so I won’t get to pick up my books until next Tuesday!   To use that well worn phrase of yore: "ARRGH!" (is it spelt with one or  two ‘R’s?)


  11. 11 books for me. Crazy week


    28 Days Later #3
    Adventure Comics #3 (This book is just damn good)
    Batgirl #3
    Batman #691
    Blackest Night Batman #3
    Det Comics Annual #11 (Part 2 which started last week in Batman Annual)
    Dr Who Ongoing #4
    Farscape Dargos Trial #3
    GLC #41
    Red Robin #5
    Web of Spider-man #1 

  12. I read many books, but walking dead is going to be awesome. 


    I play the drums in a band called The Mantastics.  Search for us on youtube.  We play reggae/rock

  13. Big Vertigo week with Scalped, Fables, and Unwritten.  Also looking forward to seeing where Hellboy is gonna go from here.

     BQ: Been playing the guitar for about 15 years now

  14. Another monster week for me, especially on the DC side:

    BPRD 1947 #01
    Adventure Comics #03
    Batgirl #03
    Batman #691
    Blackest Night: Batman #03
    Detective Comics Annual #11
    DMZ #46
    Fables #89
    GLC #41
    JSA vs. Kobra #05
    Red Robin #05
    Scalped #32
    Shield #02
    Unwritten #06
    Astounding Wolf-Man #19
    Walking Dead #66
    Marvels Project #03
    Nomad: Girl Without A World #02
    Web of Spider-Man #01

    BQ: I don’t play any instrument, but I’d love to learn drums.

  15. Light week (and about time to,

    Daredevil Return Of King Tp
    Marvels Project #3 (OF 8)
    Unwritten #6

    BQ: Play guitar in the band Black Moranis, and I shall shamelessly advertise myself. 

  16. I took piano lessons, but my path to stardom was blocked by not actually owning a piano to practice on.


  17. skin flute?

  18. Another good week, also two $5 comics for me as well.

    Deadpool #900 (confusing people all over the world…)

    Green Lantern Corps #41 (Can we now see John Stewart getting some dap with this event?)

    Hellboy The Wild Hunt #7 (Last issue’s bombshell made me fall in love with this mini again)

    Incredible Hercules #136 (Hercules *Thor* fighting Thor *Hercules*? Win!)

    Punisher Frank Castle MAX #75 (Seems to me like this is pointless filler before Aaron/Dillion comes in)

    Special Guest: Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk (To those who have waited for 3 years of this…)

    BQ: Can’t play anything but I’m strangely attracted to the Saxamophone.

  19. Adventure Comics #3
    Batman #691
    Blackest Night Batman #3 (OF 3)
    Bprd 1947 #4
    Fables #89
    Gi Joe Origins #8
    Green Lantern Corps #41
    Hellboy Wild Hunt #7 (OF 8)
    Red Robin #5
    Star Wars Invasion One Shot (Osw) #0
    Unwritten #6
    BQ: No interest. 
  20. Scalped, Secret Six, Vampirella, Deadpool #900 (for Jason Aaron, Kyle Baker and Rob Liefeld) and House Of Mystery Halloween Annual (because I’m curious about that new zombie book with art by the Allreds) for me.

    BQ: I play a mean rusty trombone. 😛

  21. Seriously though, I used to play the trumpet, trombone and tuba in junior high. Because the fat kid always has to play the tuba. I can’t play anything now though.

  22. All I got on my list is The Unwritten and The Marvels Project…


    I play Drums, guitar, I own an upright bass and can kind of play it, as well as blues harp… I ply drums in a rockabilly band.

  23. The last couple weeks only had a couple titles, now I know where they all went.

    Batman, DMZ, Fables, Green Lantern Corps, Hellboy: Wild Hunt, JSA vs Kobra, Scalped, and The Walking Dead.

  24. I think it would be cool to learn how to play a theremin.

    Or possibly a keytar so I could really rock out like this chick.

  25. Just Unwritten and Action Comics for me. Man, that title is lucky there is a Supergirl cross-over.

    BQ: I used to play a mean kazoo. Seriously.

  26. I’m really excited for Web of Spider-Man #1. I adored the original title when I was a kid. Nomad issue 1 was a surprise hit so I’m looking forward to the second issue. I love the cover for Marvel Adventures Super Heroes, despite being chided by an LCS owner for reading kids’ books. Screw that guy.

     BQ: I can play the recorder.

  27. Adventure Comics #3

    Anchor #1

    Batman #691

    Marvels Project #3 (OF 8)

    Red Herring #3 (OF 6)

    Red Robin #5

    Scalped #32

    Uncanny X-Men #516

    Unwritten #6


    and maybe Web of Spider-Man #1


    BQ: Guitar, Mandolin, Steel Drum. I also played Trumpet 6th-8th grade but quit when it was time to do marching band. 

  28. Light week for me. It’s all about Marvels Project for me this week!

    BQ:  I’m the worst guitar player of all time. EVER.

  29. A healthy week of 12 books.  There’s lots to be excited about this week.  Looking forward to new Scalped, Unwritten, Batman: Blackest Night, GLC, and Marvels Project.  Definitely picking up the CBDLF book as well.

    BQ: Unfortunately, no.  I would love to know how to play the piano. 

  30. I’m prolly only gonna be able to afford Batman, Blackest Night: Batman, Batgirl, Secret Six, and House Of Mystery’s five dollar book.  Red Robin and Unwritten move over to tradewaiting.  Adventure is too expensive for now, so is Adventure.  To hell with Detective Annual, I want my five bucks back for Batman Annual last week! Such crap!!

    BQ: I wish I knew how to play the five string bass like Dirk Lance, Fieldy, or Flea even though Nu Metal is so damn dead now!!

  31. Made a promise to only read comics that I really, really, really love. and i thnk thats reflected in my pull list this week.

    BQ: I would probablly want to learn trumpet or saxaphone because I think there are way to few horns used in popular music nowadays. 

  32. BQ: Drums.  Playin’ since 1989.  Great way to alleviate stress! Danny Carey is my favorite.

  33. Pretty big week for me, but most excited for a double dose of Kirkman. TWD got me back into comics and AWM is getting great since he knows there is a definitive end he’s pulling no punches.

     Also big batman week and possibly Hellboy


    BQ: never learned but Id love to play the drums 

  34. Pretty average week, I think that the thing that Im looking forward to the most is Deadpool #900, since not only are many great creators going to be working on one of my favorite characters, but that one of those creators is going to be master Deadpool scribe Joe Kelly! Also looking  forward to Marvels Project and Adventure Comics.

    BQ: I played the sax for a few weeks in 5th grade. Besides that, I havent really made any effort to learn any other instrument. Maybe I should?

  35. i just brought a motorbike (yes, i am that awesome) so it doesn’t look that i’ll be picking up as any books for a while.

     batman: blackest night, Hellboy, batman are staying. Dropped: action comics, unwriiten, adventure comics and others.

    BQ: dude, who cares? motorbike time. baby!

  36. Scalped and DMZ.Is another Guerrillas coming out any time soon? Maybe I missed one.

    BQ: I can play violin at an intermediate level.I taught myself over a number of years with a digital tuner and a series of books.I tried to only practise when flatmates weren’t home because it wasn’t pretty in the early years,thats for sure.Plus listening to someone practise scales for half an hour is really really tedious.The whole thing was an interesting challenge though,I strongly believe anyone can do anything they want if they put their mind to it.

  37. Last issue of All Hail Megatron. Whatever IDW did, it worked. I’ve committed to the Transformers ongoing.

    BQ: played guitar for years. also played drums, harmonica, steel drum, and the ladies.. giggidee giggidee, alright. now i just play the plastic guitar.

  38. Marvels Project and Unwritten.

    BQ: trumpet, guitar, piano 

  39. Slow week. Stoked for The Unwritten.


    BQ: I play guitar, bass, piano/keyboard. I have played in numerous ska, 90s emo, and hardcore bands over the year.

  40. Why isn’t Cowboy Ninja Viking coming out this week as scheduled?

  41. Mostly non-superhero books for me this week. Can’t wait to read Unwritten and Scalped, then there’s also the double dose of Mignola with BPRD and Hellboy. The House of Mystery Halloween Annual also looks to be great with all the talent involved.

    BQ: I play drums, and have been at it since 1987. Music is probably my primary hobby outside of comics. @vadamowens – Danny Carey does indeed kick ass, although I’d probably have to name Stewart Copeland and/or John Bonham as my all-time favorites.

  42. Great creator owned week; Hellboy, BPRD, Fables, Walking Dead, Scalped , and also the Marvels Project will be my only Marvel/DC book.

    BQ: does Rock Band count?… 

  43. The comics i’m getting are: Wolf-Man, Batman(probably my last ish), Detective Comics Annual, JSA vs. Kobra, Walking Dead, House of Mystery Halloween Annual(I,Zombie!!!), DMZ, Adventure Comics(Can’t Wait!), Unwritten, Blackest Night: Batman and Action Comics.

    BQ: My guitar playing makes the baby jesus cry. But i can "play" the guitar.

  44. Man, just VEIL #4 for me this week. I might pick up a random #1 (maybe ANCHOR?). Everything good out this week I read in trades.

    BQ: I play the guitar and would like to learn the keyboard and the drums but think I would suck. 

  45. Mr. KILPATRICK! "Something for everyone" is an understatement.

    Action Comics #882

    Adventure Comics #3

    Astounding Wolf-Man #19

    Batman #691

    Fables #89

    Green Lantern Corps #41

    Jsa Vs Kobra #5 (OF 6)

    Red Robin #5

    Unwritten #6 

    More than enough for everyone.

  46. yikes 21 books!  I’m so glad to see a Perhapanauts book out there – such a fun series that doesn’t come out too often.

    I was a music major so I’ve had years of voice, piano and organ lessons plus a smattering of all the rest of the orchestra.  The one thing I always wanted to be able to do, though, was tap dance.

  47. Some real quality with the likes of Scalped, BPRD and Marvels Project.  Absolute Death shipped last month here in the UK for some really strange reason, and it’s gorgeous.  Lots of other good stuff, should make picking a POTW interesting…

    BQ:  Never got the knack for any musical instrument, but I think I’d like to play piano.

  48. Oh and BQ: I play the guitar, a little.

  49. Only one book this week…and it’s Deadpool 900. I usually get GLC but I’ve not been loving it since Blackest Night started, which is odd because I love Blackest Night.

    Maybe I’ll pick up a trade while I’m at the shop. One book *shrug*

  50. I’m not even embarrassed to say that I’m excited about Uncanny X-Men. 

    And I play the thumb piano, but I’m not embarrassed about that either. 

  51. Wow. Did Conor really pull 14 DC books, 2 Indy titles, and only 1 Marvel comic? That’s quite a statement.

  52. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Not a big Marvel week. 

  53. I’m most excited for the Marvels Project, and the Question story in Detective (though a little annoyed I have to buy the second half of an annual story I didn’t read the first half of, and don’t care about, and it’s going to cost $5; but on the other hand I’m buying it so I can only complain so much).

    The rest of my books this week are basically on probation — Batgirl & Uncanny X-Men, I have to decide if I’m going to stay on issues or switch to trade; Uncanny X-Men First Class I might drop altogether.

    BQ: I know how to play both the clarinet and the piano.  If I could choose to play one of those WELL, the piano.

  54. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Hellboy and BPRD and Adventure and The Unwritten YAY!!!!

    BQ: I’d love to be able to play the violin like Sherlock Holmes.  

  55. Gotta love Paul’s enthusiasm.  

  56. As I said, this not a big week for me in quantity, but these are all books I am eagerly awaiting.

  57. Only two books for me but I’m okay with that, because it’s Unwritten and Walking Dead! Awesome!

    BQ: Well, I used to be able to play the organ…so in that vein I’d love to learn to play the piano.  

  58. Huge week for me:

    Adventure Comics, Batgirl, Batman, Blackest Night Batman, Booster Gold, Detective Annual, Green Arrow/Black Canary, Green Lantern Corps, Red Robin, & Secret Six. AWESOME!!

    BQ: I play the piano. I teach kids and play for a church, which pays a nice tidy supplement to my income. Glad all those hours of practicing are actually paying off.

  59. @paradiddle Did you know Stewart used to play traditional style so hard, that he had to tape the stick to his hand?  I respect both him and Bonzo, but I think they were steps in the evolutionary drum ladder.

  60. BQ: The Fiddle. I mean… chicks dig the fiddle right?…. RIGHT????? ….




  61. @Manga: Girls like ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ so what’s the problem? 🙂

  62. Big week as well for me: Green Lantern Corps, Adventure Comics, Red Robin, BN Batman, Booster Gold, Scalped, Walking Dead and Liberty Comics CBLDF Benefit Book.  Also picking up a couple Scalped trade backs to catch up on the series.

  63. Oh yeah, and I’ve been playing drums for about 10 years.

  64. What a weird, light week. I’m most excited for Uncanny X-Men, ’cause it looks like we’re moving further into *awesome*. Go Nation X!

    BQ: I don’t play an instrument. Wish I played piano or guitar.


  65. Books come out today, right? The guy at my LCS just claimed that they’re not receiving books until tomorrow because of the holiday on Monday– which seems total nonsense to me. Am I wrong?

  66. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t come today. 

  67. Turns out, the guy (an assistant at the store) was lying. The owner is having to drive four hours (each way) to pick them up from UPS in another city– some kind of screwup.  So the assistant, for some reason, decided to simply lie to me.

    No wonder so many people convert to DCBS.

  68. My comic shop had 1 issue of Cowboy Ninja Viking.  I thought it was great!

    How do we get it added to the Pull List for the week, I didn’t see it on there?