New comics for 09/24/08 say so long summer! Finally.

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike and Sonia.

If you’re a fan of Secret Invasion this is another great week for you with six, count ’em six , tie-in books. Of those, I’d say that the only can’t miss is Black Panther #41. The Marvel book that I’m looking forward to the most is Captain America #42, the final chapter in the “Death of Captain America” storyline. So excited!

But the book that I am looking forward to the most this week is Image Comics’ Back to Brooklyn #1 from Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Are you going to watch Heroes tonight?



  1. Oh, hey — new ‘Powers,’ new ‘Daredevil’ arc, climax of a Captain America arc, Wolverine First Class, Xmen Legacy.  That’s close to being all of my favorite comics.  Nice.

    BQ: If I get home from this baby shower on time, maybe?  I’m vaguely curious about the new season, but I haven’t been really enthused about ‘Heroes’ since before the season 1 finale.


  2. No Green Lantern or All Star Batman?

  3. This week I’ll be grabbing Superman #680 and hoping its story starts coming together, Deadpool #2 just in case it’s better than issue one, Nova #17 because it’s awesome, and even though it doesn’t look very good, Daredevil #111.

    I’ve never actually watched Heroes before, and I’m guessing I’d be lost if I tried now.

  4. The death of Captain America will not climax with a rebirth?  I’m surprised.  Unless, of course there’s a one-issue wrap-up on that.  I really thought it would go the full 50 issues.  (42 just seems sort of random) 

  5. Good week. I can’t believe we have another Powers. That’s so exciting… For no real reason… But also some good other stuff. Lots of Bendis, so that’s exciting. Lots of Marvel this week, now I think about it…

    BQ: Heck yes I will be watching. I saw the first hour at Comic-Con (It’s awesome, WAY awesome) and I can’t wait to see what happens next in the second hour. Bring it!

  6. Superman 680 is the book I’m most excited for.  Krypto is a good dog!  Good Dog! 

    BQ: I will be watching.. and recording Terminator and Big Bang Theory and whatever else was on tonight.  Didn’t Kring promise to turn it around this year?  I hope he does. 

    BBQ: Did anyone follow the webisodes? 

  7. Yay, for Captain America #42! Am I one of the few that is seriously hoping Steve returns? As much as I loved Bru’s Cap, I’m liking Bucky Cap a lot more.

     @Crippler, 42 is more pleasing than 50. It’s just the meaning of life, the universe & everything, don’t y’know!

     BQ: Uhh, I tried to watch the first episode of Heroes, had a hard time making it through an entire episode but ultimately felt like I’d seen it all before. I’ve avoided it like the plague ever since.

  8. Hrmm… see this is why I should read before posting I meant to say "… seriously hoping Steve NEVER returns?"

  9. Most excited for Hellboy: The Crooked Man and Solomon Kane #1.  Giving the first Wolverine: First Class trade a look as well.  12 bucks aint shabby.  

    BQ:  No. I hate Heroes.  Dreadful.  I’ll be watching How I Met Your Mother.   

  10. Mostly looking forward to Superman.  I hope it’s not as bad as the last page page led me to believe it might be.

    BQ:  I spent all day Saturday watching Volume 2.  I’m ready and can’t wait.

  11. Wow, two monster weeks in a row, and before that almost nothing. Such crazy weeks, at least I can pull and rate my Dark Horse titles this week.

    BQ:  Yes, hoping it’s a better season this year. I almost feel obligated too, even though the show isn’t as good as people say.

  12. Nice week…looking forward to the Locke & Key HC, in addition to Cap (of course).

    BQ: I’m going to DVR it, but totally on the fence – I didn’t finish out last season, loved season one. We’ll see.

  13. I’m dropping She-Hulk after this issue. Nothing against Peter David, but my students are not into this character and the run isn’t strong enough (like Slott’s) to keep me buying.

    Where the hell is The Man With No Name #4? I think this book must be late. I’m about to drop it because it just isn’t coming out.

  14. Cap, DD, Hellboy, and Powers.

    BQ: Am I the only one who actually liked season two?  I thought Adam Monroe was a much more interesting villain than Sylar.  Plus, I like how Parkman and Hiro turned out last season and I think Noah telling his teenaged boss he was tired of his crap last premiere was full of epicness and win.

  15. Hmmm… no issues this week so I’ll be grabbing some trades I’ve been after for a while instead.

    BQ: Yeah I’ll be watching. Loved Season 1. I was quite harsh on Season 2 to start with (on this very site, in fact) but in won me over in the second half so overall I enjoyed it.

  16. I’m looking forward to the new issue of Runaways and seeing where Terry takes it. Might be my last issue of Fantastic Four, that series really got hit with the delay stick badly these last two issues I’ve noticed.

    BQ: Never got into the series. Tried to watch a Season 2 episode and didn’t stick with it.

  17. Joy of joys!!!  Golly! #2 and I Kill Giants #3 in the same week!  NOTE: If your not buying GOLLY!  Shame on you, it’s F’n Awesome!


    BQ: No Heroes for me.  I’ll watch my DVRed Kitchen Nightmares and then the second half of Monday Night Football.


    The Tiki 

  18. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Just Powers for me. I’ve fallen behind with New Avengers, Cap, and Fantastic Four, so I’m sitting those three out.

    BQ: no. heroes runs opposite The Sarah Connor Chronicles (i think this is only the case in alaska), and I really liked the last two episodes with the glitchy terminator bodyguard.

  19. Superman, Trinity and Hellboy.  Jumping on Daredevil this week.

    BQ- Yes, but it better pick up, last season was dreadful.

  20. Just Superman, Trinity (which I am THIS close to dropping), and Blue Beetle on the superhero front, and Ubu Bubu on the indie side. If you aren’t reading Ubu Bubu, Jamie Smart’s story of a demon possessed cat, then you’re missing out!

    BQ: Yes, though I’ll be watching it on Monday Night Football takes precedence. 

  21. Captain America. New Avengers. and many more

    BQ: Yes I am. My girlfriend and i are watching it tonight 

  22. Just Ultimates 3 #5 for me. 

    BQ:DVRing it 

  23. I have like 14 books this week. Luckily I’ve been working a ton of overtime.


    BQ: Set the DVR for it. I’l actually watch it with the wife tomorrow. Are we the only ones who LIKED season 2? 

  24. My Name Is Bruce and New Avengers will be topping the stack this week.

    BQ: Nope.  Need to watch Season 2 first. 

  25. 10 book this week for myself. A big week compare to the last few weeks were I only been get 4 to 5 books. I really looking forward to reading Deadpool, Captain America, and Ultimate Spider-Man. I’m also dropping Hulk, mostly because i was getting for McGuinness art, and She-Hulk, since I keep on forgetting what happen in the last issue.

    B.Q.: It’s a maybe, if not I’ll download it.

  26. 18 books, I am gonna be eating ramen this week.


    B.Q. All but the last ten min, because I work nights. Thank god for DVR.

  27. Biiiiiiiiiig week. Ungodly huge. Awful, take-out-a-second-mortgage big. Tons of floppies, with Powers being the number one most anticipated. But Proof, Wasteland, a bunch of Marvel, and then newest volume of Complete Peanuts AND the Absolute Ronin (only 2 pulls? What’s up with THAT?). Like I said, big.

    Bonus Q: Sure. Dark Hayden alone is worth the price of admission.

  28. Waaaaay too many books this week.  But good stuff: Cap, both Fables books, Legacy and Wolverine: First Class, and the conclusion of the Warren mini, which has gone up in my estimation since the last time I reviewed an issue. And a new Runaways, which I hope feels more like the Runaways I love than last issue did.

    Of course, we also get a double hit of Daniel Way.  I’m giving Deadpool’s second issue a chance, but Wolverine: Origins I only borrow from a friend so I can witness the new depths of awful.

     BQ: Maybe I’ll watch it when it’s up on the NBC website.  I don’t have the attention span for TV as it airs these days.

  29. I guess it’s a foregone conclusion that 1985 will get the POW this week considering, well, it’s Ron 😉

    But as far as I’m concerned, Captain America already has my POW no matter what this week ends up being like. The ending of the most ambitious storyline in modern marvel comics? Uh, hell yeah!  

  30. Still wishing that Marvel would space out their titles a little. Last week was less than half of this week. I knew I was getting off a little light last week but this week is pretty heavy. Guess its a good thiing I’ll be off work for a while. I might finish by Wednesday. What a great problem to have though.

  31. Big week. I’m looking forward to Back to Brooklyn too. I’m also excited for Captain America, Northlanders, New Avengers, and Zorro. 

    Bonus Question: Yes. 

  32. Good Budget, good books, good eats!

    Black Panther (probably my last since this is Aaron’s last), Captain America, Nova, Hellboy The Crooked Man #3, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Deadpool! Let’s see, Panter, Cap, Hellboy, and Deadpool have all been my POTW’s in the past. This is gonna be a good week. 🙂

    BQ: No since I had work today but I’m hoping this is a good season….cause the last season sucked verily.

  33. What happened with Green Lantern this week? It was supposed to come out this week. I mean they still have it shipping 9/24 on They even have All-Star Batman & Robin shipping this week, but who really cares about that one, it just shows that DC is showing that it’s shipping and you guys aren’t. Was there a last minute delay? That would actually be a nice thing for you guys to post about every week that there is a delay so that people know that a comic that they are looking forward to is getting delayed.

  34. @thefragilenin- Apparently Green Lantern has been delayed until Oct. 8th

  35. @thefragilenin – We do post telling you if your favorite books are coming out or not.  It’s the comics page. 🙂

  36. Wow, very quiet week for DC! And two weeks in a row with NO Crisis books? Way to build the tension of a disaster in the DCU guys! Just ignore it for 2 weeks, lol.

    I’m most lookin’ forward to Back To Brooklyn, mainly because not much else is coming out (for me). I hope it’s good!

    BQ — I got bored of Heroes about half way through the first series.

    PS — That Wolverine Origins cover is AWESOME. Cover of the week, easy (IMO), maybe the best of the month.

  37. some solid titles, but not really jazzed about any of them…I can wait to pick up my stack next week

  38. OH YEAH POWERS BABY!!!!!  Great great news.  THat’s the one I’m most excited about.

    BQ: I did watch last night and thought it was excellent.  I’d almost recommend skipping the second season and just diving right in.  You won’t miss much.

  39. I’m really stoked for this week.  I’m basically anticipating everything this week.

    BQ:  Nope.  I don’t watch the show, and my Xbox has been more seductive than the fall line up.

  40. Cap #42, time for the showdown!

    BQ: I have been doing a bit of late night binging on Heroes, catching up through my Netflix instant queque. Started on Friday, nearly through the first season already. 

  41. Avengers Initiative #17
    Black Panther #41
    Captain America #42
    Deadpool #2
    Ms Marvel #31
    New Avengers #45
    New Warriors #16
    Runaways 3 #2
    She-Hulk 2 #33
    Thunderbolts #124
    Wolverine Origins #28
    X-Force #7
    X-Men Legacy #216

    Pretty much everything on this list looks excellent to me, for the most part. Wolverine Origins looks good for the first time in ages,  though New Warriors is kind of teetering on the edge.

    BQ: Haven’t watched Heroes yet. Got it recorded.



  43. SPawn

    Not too big on Heroes