New Comics for 09/22/2010 love them some TV

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, and Matt.

This week Conor has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: It's "premiere week" here in the United States, the week where the major broadcast networks roll out their new shows after taking the summer off. What are you most excited about on TV this week?


  1. House.

  2. Smallville, no question.

  3. Boardwalk Empire

  4. House

  5. Big Bang Theory

  6. Avengers Academy #4, Dynamo 5 #4, Flash #5, and Supergirl #56.

    BQ: N/A.

  7. Hockey Night In Canada… It’s why we even bother keeping the CBC around

  8. How I Met Your Mother

  9. Lots of ‘new creative teams’ on books this week — Swierczynski taking over Black Widow, Fraction on Thor, and Parker/Hardman on Hulk.  

    BQ: Season 2 premiere of Community, last year’s best show!


  10. Wow, 8 comics this week, thats a big week for me!

    How I met your mother, Glee, and thinking about catching Undercovers and Chase.

  11. Justice League Generation Lost & Avengers Academy are my biggest books this week.

    For TV premieres this week: Smallville, Dexter, Supernatural.  Next Tuesday though brings back Stargate Universe! That season finale was the most cliffhangery, and I can’t wait to see how it picks up.

  12. Nemesis, Superman/Batman and FLASH are a few of my top picks this week.


    BQ: I am looking foward to all the pilot shows,

     it is fun to see what is new and woner if it will last or fade.

  13. Dropping Ultimate Mystery and Titans. Excited for Thor and Treehouse of Horror


    BQ: Fringe and Community

  14. Fringe! Also, Smallvile!  No wait, Dexter!  I guess there is life for tv after 24 and Lost.  (Of course, never mind that Breaking Bad and Mad Men are both the best shows on tv.  Walking Dead better bring it.)

  15. Avengers #5, Fantastic Four #583, Power Girl #16, Secret Avengers #5, and Uncanny X-Men #528.

    BQ:  Lots of shows starting this week, I can’t pick just one to be the most excited for, but the top few are: How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Fringe, The Office, and Community. 

  16. Justice League Generation Lost, Darkwing Duck and the Flash are my favorite books this week. And its also being weighed down by some Shadowland Tie-ins I’m not even sure I want… Oh well, I have no one to blame but myself.

    BQ Big Bang Theory. 

  17. Decent week for me. Lookin forward to Walking Dead #77 and GL Corps.

    BQ: I really only tune in regularly for two shows on TV (Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy), and they’re both underway already. Gonna give Boardwalk Empire a shot though. Lookin forward to that.

  18. Flash and Generation Lost=a fun week for me. I also need to track down Mystery Society from last week…none of my shops got it.

    Can’t believe that i missed Boardwalk Empire last night…thank goodness for on demand.  

  19. Excited for Flash, Fantastic Four, and Thor: Mighty Avenger DOUBLE RAINBOW!

     BQ: Boardwalk Empire, HIMYM, The Office, and I might try out the new Hawaii 5-0.

     (Cue theme song and ‘surfing’ hand motions)

  20. BQ: This week is all about the season premier of Glee.

  21. Can’t wait to check out Skullkickers, also excited for Flash & JL Generation Lost.  Should be a fun week.

    BQ:  Not sure if it starts this week or not, but I can’t wait for Archer to come back. 

  22. Does Conor realize that he has 12 four dollar books? That’s gonna hurt.

  23. House, Fringe, Bones, that’s about it.

  24. TV: Supernatural and Smallville 

    Books: "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" and "Project Superpowers Chapter Two"

  25. BQ: Fringe.

  26. Chuck, The Big Bang Theory & Modern family are the series I am most excited about this week.

  27. BQ: Looking forward to Dexter the most, but I also can’t wait for The Office and Community.

  28. @Minion: Yes. Conor also realizes that that’s how much comics cost.

    This is also Conor’s job.

  29. BQ: Community.

  30. I’m definitely buying Flash, Ultimate Spidey and LoSH. I’m on the fence about FF. Three sounds interesting & Marvel hasn’t jacked the price on it, so I might give it a shot. BQ: How I Met Your Mother, Community, Outsourced and Big Bang Theory.

  31. Light Week for me: Flash, Muppet Show, and Secret Avengers. I also think I’m gonna pick up Thor: The Mighty Avenger, either that double sized issue thats coming out this week or the regular back issues. Depends what my store is holding.

    BQ: Prob most excited for the eventual return of Parks and Recreations(Rob Lowe AND Adam Scott? Yes and Please) but also Community, Fringe, Venture Bros is already back so I’m a happy camper. And also Chuck and the skull splitting return of Metalocalypse!!!

  32. BQ: boardwalk empire and eastbound & down

  33. I’m actually glad for this light week after these last 2 weeks.  Flash and JL:Generation Lost are all I’m anticipating.  Will also be a good week to look at the 25% off deals for graphic novels at Midtown Comics.

    BQ: Geez, who has the time nowadays?  I wish I had time for TV with all the comics, books, movies, and video games I have to catch up on.  I guess Community and The Event is really it for me.

  34. Just Skullkickers for me. The writing sounds pretty solid, but I’m not crazy about the art. I’m hoping I’m surprised, or one is strong enough to make up for the other.

    BQ: Community – as ohcaroline already said, it really was the best show last season. 

  35. Especially looking forward to Fables and Walking Dead this week.

     BQ: The office.

  36. Lots of DC books again this week and looking forward to Skullkickers.


    BQ: CHUCK! It’s the most under-appreciated show that is MADE for people on this forum. How many shows are so steeped in the culture of the 80s and 90s and translates it to tv along with some awesome action, humor, mystery, and the sexy Yvonne Strahovski. 

  37. Good solid week with some interesting stuff like Thor by Fraction and a new Black Widow team (he took over well on iron fist a couple of years back), as well as Epting on FF.  Less excited by Nemesis, but I’m kind of locked in to the series now.  Also looking forward to volume 1 of the Casey Wildcats reprints.

    BQ: It’s not quite so easy over here in the UK, but still This Is England 86, in it’s third week, is absolutely phenomonal.  Spooks starts again tonight as well, which is always a fun treat for the fall.  I also understand we get Boardwalk Empire fairly soon, so that’s cool..

  38. GLEE!!!!

  39. @odare77 – Dude, I just watched This is England a week or so ago and was blown away. I’m glad to hear the mini-series is pretty great too. 

  40. Flash #5
    Gi Joe Origins #19
    Green Lantern Corps #52
    Hulk #25
    Justice League Generation Lost #10
    Skullkickers #1
    Supergirl #56
    Thor #615
    BQ: Big Bang Theory, $h*! My Dad Says, How I Met Your Mother  
  41. Generation Lost is my favorite this week, but they need to get Magog out of it quick.

    BQ/ Castle, The Mentalist and Smallvile

  42. BQ: Chuck, Castle, Undercovers, Bones, Fringe

  43. House, nuff said

  44. Bart Simpson’s Treehouse Of Horror #16.  Think Marvel’s Strange Tales with the Simpsons.

    Also Super/Powergirl week. (DC should stagger those titles.)

    BQ: I guess Chuck. Walking Dead isn’t until Halloween & Beast Legends already started.

  45. Jumping on to Black Widow because of Swierczynski, interested to see what he does with it.

    BQ: Bored to Death, Eastbound & Down, Community, Bones.

  46. Correct Answer: Boardwalk Emipre.

    Totally Incorrect Answer: Big Bang Theory.  

  47. Boardwalk empire is sitting on te DVR ready to go. Other than that, I’ll be waiting a year for my tv shows (I watch on DVD) but of those, Sons of Anarchy for my money is one of the best, most compelling tv shows on tv right now.

  48. It’s Avengers Mania this week with 3 Avengers books coming out for me. Plus Flash and Fantastic Four. great week fro comics!


    BQ: No HBO, so no Boardwalk Empire for me. Most excited for House and Big Bang Theory. Probably gonna check out Lone Star also.  

  49. It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia! I can’t wait; somuch that i had a dream with charlie day and the gang.

    FLASH #5!!!

  50. BOARDWALK EMPIRE for new show, but elated that SONS OF ANARCHY is back, and TERRIERS has been enjoyable as well.

  51. Smallville……………………………….. 

  52. Once again, delays have made this week a small one for me. Two Morrison titles, Brave and the Bold, and Punisher MAX all not coming out like they were suppose too.

    Fantastic Four, Green Lantern Corps, Hit-Monkey, and Secret Avengers.

    BQ: Returning show? Modern Family.

    New show?…..Uh well…..nothing. 

  53. Just getting Flash and Dark Tower. Boring week for me.


    BQ: I guess I’ll be watchig the NBC Thurdsday comedies although I’m really enjoying Community and occasionally 30 Rock. Excited for the return of The Good Guys on Fox and I also have high hopes for Running Wilde. I mean, a show created by Mitch Hurwitz (Creator of Arrested Development) and starring Will Arnet. How can I not try it out for an episode or two?

  54. Woldcats 3.0 Year One TPB. Awesome stuff.

    TeeVee….let’s see…oh, yeah. Terriers is really fucking good.

    And I want to see Grage Park in a bikini at least once, so I’ll watch Hawai’i Five-0 tonight.

  55. Yes!! Hawaii 5-O and it’s Grace Park

  56. There are so many shows I don’t know which one to be most excited for. I’m going to go with Fringe.

  57. Boardwalk Empire, though I have no HBO. Yeah…

  58. Smallville by far.



  59. Only two ‘official’ pulls from my LCS: Elephantmen, The Walking Dead; 

    but I’ve got a handfull of other books I’ll keep my eyes out for:  Treehouse of Horror, FF, Nemesis, Spirit, Velocity

    BQ:  I don’t have cable.

  60. This is one of those weeks where I’m surprised by how few books I have.  Then, I remember that its possibly just setting me up for the big hurt next week or the week after.  Some good stuff this week, though, fo’ sho’.

    BQ:  Fingers are crossed that the cable and Internet get hooked up this week at my new house.  I’m totally looking forward to Modern Family.

  61. Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #3
    Avengers #5
    Fables #98
    Nemesis #3
    Ultimate Comics Mystery #3
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #14
    Uncanny X-Men #528
    Walking Dead #77

    BQ: Walking Dead, Outsourced (since products that my company makes are being used in the show), Community, Holly’s return on the Office, Boardwalk Empire was disappointing.

  62. Big Bang Theory and Community; can’t wait for Sheldon’s first date with Blossom

  63. I’m only pulling Flash and Green Lantern Corps this week.  I really feel as if there was more stuff supposed to come out this week but suffered from those damn delays AGAIN!!  God, is Return Of BW gonna wrap up before Batman INC. starts?

    I’m probably gonna leave Streets Of Gotham on the rack unless somehow they actually managed to squeeze in another segment of House Of Hush for us!

    BQ:  I wish I had HBO so I could check out Boardwalk Empire!  I live in the damn AC area for Christ’s sake!  I got stuck watching Hawaii Five O instead.  It wasn’t as gay as I thought it would be, but I still didn’t get to see the whole thing before falling asleep…

  64. 24 comics this week. Not particularly excited about any one of them over the others, but I am taking a chance and trying something new with Skullkickers.

    BQ: Chuck, the Office, 30 Rock, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Community, Human Target. Gonna give a couple of NBC’s new ones a try, they look vaguely interesting maybe. 

  65. Big Bang Theory and Modern Family a very close second.