New Comics for 09/10/09 might still be drunk from the party on Friday

Get to pulling this Thursday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Some interesting and exciting books this week including The Unwritten #5, Ultimate Avengers #2, Green Lantern Corps #40, The Marvels Project #2, Red Robin #4, B.P.R.D. 1947 #3, Superman: World of New Krypton #7, Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #6, Blackest Night: Batman #2, Amazing Spider-Man #604 and Adventure Comics #2.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you could live in any fictional world/universe/etc. which would it be?


  1. Just a Green Lantern Corps for me.


    BQ: I would live in the Simpson’s Universe

  2. 12 books again for me.  All of this good writing is killing me 😛

    BQ: I’d go for the DCU, even with the zombies running around.  The other option being Tolkien’s universe, I loves me some fantasy. 

  3. I would live in the Top Ten universe.  It would be crazy and hectic and amazing.

    Plus, it’d be cool to see a drunken 100 foot monster wobble his way across the city, just as long as he didn’t step on my apartment building!


  4. BQ: Oz

  5. Adventure Comics #2
    Blackest Night Batman #2 (OF 3)
    Bprd 1947 #3 (OF 5)
    Green Lantern Corps #40
    Kick Ass #7
    Marvels Project #2 (OF 8)
    Superman World Of New Krypton #7 (OF 12)
    Unwritten #5
    Wednesday Comics #10 (OF 12)

    BQ: Heaven

  6. BPRD 1947 #03
    Adventure Comics #02
    Blackest Night: Batman #02
    DMZ #45
    GLC #40
    Red Robin #04
    Shield #01
    Unwritten #05
    G-Man: Cape Crisis #02
    ASM #604
    Dark Reign List: Avengers #01
    Dark Reign: Young Avengers #04
    Kick Ass #07
    Marvels Project #02
    Nomad: Girl Without a World #01
    Ultimate Comics Avengers #02

    I suggest everyone check out Eric Trautmann’s THE SHIELD #01! Between this and JSA VS. KOBRA, he’s absolutely killing it right now. Trust me when I say that if you don’t check this out you’ll be very, very sorry. Plus, it comes with a co-feature by Brandon Jerwa! You can’t lose!

    BQ: Wonderland.

  7. Huge week, 13 books. Looking forward to BPRD and Adventure Comics most

    BQ: DCU Opal City, or living in the Scott Pilgrim universe

  8. @PaulMontgomery : Is that the universe with Witches or large men who answer to the name "Bubba".

  9. man this is a great great week, GLC, ASM and ultimate avengers plus red robin and a slew of other stuff


    BQ: Star Trek – the new continuity or the Marvel Universe

  10. BQ: Star Trek; good god put me on the bridge of a starship.

  11. Just got five comics this week.  For me, that’s a lot.

    BQ: The original Godzilla universe.  I’d hang out with Godzilla Junior.

  12. I will believe that Kick Ass is out this week when I am holding it in my hands. I’m pretty excited for the Ultimate Avengers book though!

    BQ: Star Trek. Really anything set in the future where I can live on a colony in space. 

  13. BQ: the paul dni dc animated universe

  14. I just love that Wednesday Comics is coming out on a Thursday.

  15. Wednesday Comics on Thursday? There is no emoticon on how I am feeling!!

    Green Lantern Corps #40

    Hellboy the Wild Hunt #6

    Incredible Hercules #134

    Punisher: Frank Castle MAX #74

    W….Thursday Comics #10

    Special Guests: Marvel 1602 HC and Mystic Comics 70th Anniversary (maybe, like Craig Ferguson it could be pushed off until later)

    BQ: I second for the Simpsons Universe

  16. BQ: Star Wars. Because most natural laws of physics don’t apply.

  17. AAAArrrrggg!!! I wont be able to get my comics till friday! stupid labor day! The comics I’m most excited for are Adventure Comics(can’t wait), Wednesday Comics, DMZ, Blackest Night: Batman, Muppet Robin Hood, Unwritten and Superman W.O.N.K.

    BQ: Mid-World/Dark Tower-verse. That way i could visit all universes(if i could get to that damned tower). That or Imagination Land 

  18. 13 books and a hardcover – lots to read this week. 

    BQ – Since we each define our own realities, I think that many people of the comic-reading persuasion already DO live in their preferred universe.  Oh, and I’ll second Rando Calrissian – I did live in the Scott Pilgrim universe in my early twenties.  Scarily so sometimes. 

  19. 8 books for me, which is too many for my poor wallet. Looking forward to Bprd, hellboy, the list, kickass, marvels project, and ultimate avengers. Gonna give Nomad a shot, the previews looked interesting enough. 

    BQ: I’m gonna say Y: the last man universe for reasons I will tell you when your older. 

  20. BQ: The Pokemon universe.  People don’t seem to have to carry real jobs there, all they do is play with pokemon.  And there’s no real conflict other than pokemon conflict.

  21. Adventure Comics #2

    Amazing Spider-Man #604

    Blackest Night Batman #2 (OF 3)

    Dark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Exodus

    Dark Reign List Avengers One Shot

    Dark Reign Young Avengers #4 (OF 5)

    Green Lantern Corps #40

    Incredible Hercules #134

    Kick Ass #7

    Marvels Project #2 (OF 8)

    Red Robin #4

    Superman World Of New Krypton #7 (OF 12)

    Ultimate Comics Avengers #2

    Unwritten #5

    Wednesday Comics #10 (OF 12)


    Gigantic week for me.

  22. @shenanigans excuse me if i’m wrong in thinking you were born with testicles, and that you are of the male sex, but if you were in the Y universe wouldn’t you be dead.   

  23. @jag2004-Fuck yeah.  Nice choice, Pokemon kick ass.

    Looking forward to World of New Krypton and Secret Six.  Also plan on picking up the latest Gotham Central hardcover later on this month.  Might check out Ultimate Avengers, give it another shot perhaps.

    BQ:  The Twitterverse

  24. Nice, medium-size week with some promising books – Blackest Night, Avengers The List,  Ultimates (yes, I called it Ultimates), Marvels Project, KICK_ASS, Amazing Spider-Man with that DICK Chameleon, Punisher Max (this Bayou stoy has been great, fun Punisher), Unwritten. Lots of good reads.

    BQ: Extras, because you know that Big Brother rant at the end would be the biggest YouTube sensation ever.

  25. BQ: The Doctor Who universe, because I could seriously use a TARDIS right about now.

  26. 11 books!  I’m really looking forward to ASM, Kick-Ass (if it comes out), and Green Lantern Corps.


    BQ: the Futurama universe.  Where else would I find a cure from my crippling bone-itis?

  27. Amazing Spider-Man, Superman: WoNK, Unwritten, and Wednesday Comics for me.

    BQ: Definitely Star Trek. Preferrably during the original series, but I’d settle for the Wrath of Khan era.

  28. Adventure Comics #2
    Blackest Night Batman #2 (OF 3)
    Bprd 1947 #3 (OF 5)
    Green Lantern Corps #40
    Hellboy Wild Hunt #6 (OF 8)
    Red Robin #4
    Superman World Of New Krypton #7 (OF 12)
    Unwritten #5
    Wednesday Comics #10 (OF 12)
    BQ: The world Douglas Adams created for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Assuming I had a nice embroidered towel with me. 
  29. Pretty steady week for me. I haven’t had any huge ones and really no slow weeks for me. Something always catches my eye. 

    BQ: I’d say the Star Wars universe. I want to be a freaking Jedi!  

  30. 8 comics and 1 Hardcover Gotham Central book. This is gonna be a great week!

    BQ:Star Trek

  31. BQ – I shall continue with the love for Star Trek.  But with my luck and to paraphrase McCoy "I’ll get a freighter."

  32. Big week for me , most looking forward to BPRD, Marvels Project and War Of Kings

     BQ:  Oooh, tough one…I would plump for either the world of a 60s spy movie or Tony Harris’s deco Opal City.

  33. 17 books ffffffffffffffffffffff

  34. BQ:  I’ve thought about this for years and I still can’t decide, I think maybe Futurama just to get that sandwhich with the worms that made Fry craxy buff and smart or in Eureka.

    Maybe just the DCU.

  35. Models Inc. #1 from Marvel was left off the list.  It’s supposed to be in stores Thurs.

  36. BQ:  college.

  37. looking forward to the conclusion of Utopia, The List Avengers one shot, Marvels Project, and Max Punisher

    BQ: Criminal, because all the women are babes

  38. Oh man, 11 books.  This whole "only buy $25 worth of comics a week" deal that I worked out with my wife is getting harder.  Something needs to start sucking…and soon.  I’m looking forward to the Hellboy-verse books, Doom Patrol, GLC, Realm of Kings, and Adventure Comics.  This should be a pretty great week.

    BQ: Earth 36?  Which one was that again? 

  39. You forgot about MAYHEM

  40. Green Lantern Corps

    Blackest Night: Batman

    Amazing Spider-Man

    Red Robin

    Adventure Comics

    and perhaps, The List: Avengers

    BQ: me three for The Simpsons

  41. 12 books all dc or marvel , thats unusual actually


    havent got the unwritten on my pull list this week as i was going to drop it but going to go back and read the first 4, might decide to keep going with it we shall see, i like it but not crazy about it, i have high standards

     i think jessica fletcher in murder she wrote is the universe for me, anywhere a charming mystery writer is taken into the confidence of law enforcement around the world is my kind of town




  42. Adventure Comics #2

    Amazing Spider-Man #604

    Blackest Night Batman #2 (OF 3)

    Dark Reign List Avengers One Shot

    Doom Patrol #2

    Green Lantern Corps #40

    Marvels Project #2 (OF 8)

    Nomad Girl Without A World #1 (OF 4)

    Superman World Of New Krypton #7 (OF 12)

    Ultimate Comics Avengers #2

    War Of Kings Who Will Rule One-Shot

    Wednesday Comics #10 (OF 12)

  43. oh yeah and Models Inc #1 was solicited but dont see that here, also didnt get Irrredeemable #6 last week, dont know if it shipped to the UK or not?

  44. MODELS INC. isn’t on Diamond’s list for this week which is where our list comes from. Sometimes they make mistakes and leave things off. We’ll look into it.

  45. Another small week for me.  Still excited about the Blackest Night titles, and I"m hoping Adventure Comics stays awesome.  I’m also still looking forward to X-Men Forever, but please don’t tell anyone but Ron about that.


    BQ: The universe inside that autistic boy’s head.  You know, TV land.

  46. Secret Six,  Red Robin,  Advedture Comics, Wednesday Comics, Booster Gold for sure and

     a few others I plan on checking out at the shop

    (like the Hulk one shot and the Shield thanks to Kwisdumb, I like JSA Vs KOBRA).


    BQ  I would live on LOST, even though it would be hard at times,

     if I were to die I would not be dead, second chances rule.

    Speaking of undead, it would be cool to live in ZombieNation,

    as a zombie killer not as a zombie.

  47.  BQ: the harry potter universe. hogwartz is still the school i wanted to go to, if not i agree with@wonderali i agree i could really need a tardis too

  48. Why are all the books I like $4, all of a sudden?  Oh, God, I’m turning into that person.


    BQ: I’ve always wanted to live in the world where Cameron Crowe’s movies take place.  Well, not Vanilla Sky, but the others.  People are fun and just a little bit nicer than reality and have good taste in music.

  49. Just Wednesday Comics and Soulfire 0 for me this week.

    BQ: I think it’d be cool to live in the Dune universe. Not to live on Arrakis specifically (I’m not a fan of hot weather), but because I’d want to be Bene Gesserit. Or the Doctor Whoniverse, but only if I got to be the companion.

  50. I’ve been catching up with DMZ in trades.I’m liking it a lot.I might go crazy and buy some recent back issues to catch up with reading it monthly.

    BQ: Not sure why Paul would like to spend time in a brutal prison but I guess I’ll go for Oz too, maybe as a warden so I can try to keep him from getting shivved.He meant what? oh….

  51. Most excited for everything on my freakin’ pull list, even Thunderbolts.

    BQ: Star Trek: TNG. I cannot think of a better utopia to live in. 🙂


  52. Only 7 books. Thank God. Most looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man!

    BQ: I want to live in whatever world Pixar movies take place in.

  53. amazing spiderman, marvels project, kick ass, utopia x men/dark avengers conclusion, blackest night batman, the list avengers, and secret six!!! 7 books most i had in awhile….Looking forward to kick ass!!!

  54. @adickhead Ya but the question was where would you live, hence I would be alive ha. actually I didn’t think about when I wrote it. But I still want it the Y universe, I could be a clone.

  55. Secret Six #13, Wednesday Comics #10, Models Inc #1 (if it ships), Vampirella: Second Coming #1 (Suydam cover), Love & Rockets: New Stories #2 and James Robinson’s Complete WildCATs TPB for me.

    BQ: Ummm… I don’t know. Maybe the Oafiverse from Ed Luce’s Wuvable Oaf comic. Because then I would be cute, sexy, funny and totally adorable.

  56. Did somebody say hell boy?

    BQ: I would love to live in the DiC cartoon Universe.

  57. Adventure Comics #2
    Blackest Night Batman #2 (OF 3)
    Dark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Exodus
    Dark Reign List Avengers One Shot
    Green Lantern Corps #40
    Red Robin #4
    Ultimate Comics Avengers #2
    War Of Kings Who Will Rule One-Shot
    Wednesday Comics #10 (OF 12)

    BQ:  Star Trek would probably be the most beneficial but I’d go with Heroes.  The show sucks now but the idea of super powers emerging in the real world setting is still awesome.

  58. Marvels project, ultimate avengers, hellboy, an adventure comics.
    Bq: the Johnny quest world. Or a world where Jurassic park didn’t go all wonky and the dinosaurs ate a bunch of people.

  59. BQ: I just thought of another one. What about the Truman Show universe? If you knew what it was, you could really fuck shit up.

  60. Astro City. For sure.

  61. ASM 604, War of Kings One Shot, Dark Avengers Xmen Utopia Exodus, Blackest Night Batman 2, Green Lantern Corps, Unwritten 5, and possibly Adventure Comics 1 and 2. This is a nice week for me. I won’t be overwhelmed with books. I am trying to limit myself to books I enjoy the most. Basically, if I kept leaving a book at the bottom of my stack I knew I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.


    BQ: I’d love to live @ Hogwards just to say "wingardium leviosa!"

  62. MODEL’S INC #1 has been added to the comics page.

  63. Hmm. Looks like it will be an okay week of books.


    finally Kick-ass #7 came out. I forgot about that book

  64. I’d kind of like to live in the Tick’s city.  Higher chance of amusement, lower chance of death.  I’d just be sure not to live on a top floor.

  65. Damn, it’s Ron’s week and I forgot that X-Men: Forever comes out this week.  I shutter to think what the pick might be 😛

  66. I was about to say what the pool is on it being an X-book this week.