New comics for 09/10/08 are jealous of listener e-mail

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

This week I’m most looking forward to The Stand #1, Pax Romana #3, Criminal #2, and Batman: Confidential #21. And if I’m totally honest, it’s hard not to get jazzed up by that cover for Secret Invasion #6.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Does the village/town/hamlet/city you live in have a nickname?



  1. Just Secret Invasion #6 this week, unless Queen & Country Definitive Ed. vol. 3 is actually coming out.

    Also, didn’t Pax Romana #3 come out already?

    BQ: The Whaling City

  2. Does Marvel have to put out every single Secret Invasion book in the same week always?  I’m enjoying them, but jeez.

    Oddly, I’m excited for Civil War: House of M.  Despite the stupid title, Gage does good work playing in the cracks in other people’s crossovers, and I do enjoy the House of M as an alternate universe.

    BQ: Not unless "Home of Jon Bon Jovi" counts as a nickname.

  3. Let’s bring on Secret Invasion and some more Ex Machina. That book needs to come out more. It’s been how long since the last issue?

    BQ: Urban Dictionary has classified my town (Normally affectionately "The City in the Country" (that’s how boring my town is) into two areas: the upper-upper-middle to upper class district and the lower-middle to low class distrac. Their names? Upper Windmill Poway (known for the big houses) and Lower Windmill Poway (known for being a ghetto).

  4. I think I’m most looking forward to Magneto Testament (since I’ve been loving the Angel limited series) and Deadpool.

    BQ: My friend jokingly refers to it as GPT: The Backyard of NYC. 

  5. Big week…most looking forward to Dugout OGN – it’s about baseball and a prison break, and written by Adam Beechen.

    BQ: Yes. Something to do with wind.

  6. I’m lookin’ forward to GLC, Criminal 2, Booster and Clone Wars (I LOVE Star Wars, so unless this sucks I’m good)

    BQ: uh… not my hometown. But I technically live in Lewiston, ME (I go to school here) which is part of the Twin Cities (also called "The Real LA") 

  7. Secret Invasion and Ultimate Origins for me. Civil War: House of M is tempting so I’ll flip through it first.

  8. I was surprised when all the pre-GOP convention hype started to discover it was in St. Paul.  I had been under the impression it was going to be in New York.  I couldn’t figure out why I thought that, then I realized it was because of the current storyline in ‘Ex Machina’ — which may actually have been going on since 2004. 

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to ‘Ex Machina’ — I wish the publishing schedule were more regular, but I’m such a fan of these characters I will take them whenever I can get them.  I’m also hoping that Secret Invasion is really moving along now, and I’m looking forward to seeing Renee and Cris together again in Final Crisis: Revelations.

    BQ: RVA, River City


  9. PAX ROMANA!!!!  Sweet.

    Also, that SI book from Marvel 🙂

    BQ:  The T Dot. Although I’m originally from Mississauga, which people call the sausage or Saga.

  10. I’m looking forward to the return of the Merc with a Mouth: Deadpool vol. 3, #1! However, i’m severly saddened by his imediate tie-in status with Secret Invasion. Why!? Can’t they let the series get a foothold before shoehorning him into a big crossover event? Oh well. I’m still gonna read. Also, Magneto Testament sounds kinda cool.

     BQ: I guess you could say its "Pennsylvania Amish Country" or "Home of the Amish" but the actual nickname is The Red Rose City

  11. Batman Confidential #21 is only book I care about this week. Pretty sure everything else will be awful in comparison.

    BQ: The Second City and The Windy City.  

  12. Damn…apparently I’m all about Secret Invasion this week. Everything else is stuff I’d rather buy in trade.

    Deadpool #1
    Ms Marvel #30
    Secret Invasion #6 (OF 8)
    Secret Invasion Inhumans #2 (OF 4)
    Secret Invasion Runaways Young Avengers #3 (OF 3)
    Secret Invasion X-Men #2 (OF 4)

    BQ: I don’t think "L.A." counts as a nickname for Los Angeles, so I dunno.


  13. @KreiderDesigns   Wow, you’re right up the road from Intercourse.  Do you ever visit there in honor of Deadpool?  (I’d say, "Have a drink there" but I’m not sure Intercourse even has a bar).

  14. @Ohcaroline    No, never been to intercourse. Maybe someday I’ll do the PA inuendo tour and start in Blue Ball, go to Intercourse and end in Paradise. (I’m not sure Intercourse has a bar either)

  15. Secret Invasion rules my pull list this week.  In addition, I’m looking forward to BPRD: The Warning #3; Batman Confidential #21; Booster Gold #12; Green Arrow Black Canary #12; Invincible #52; Dynamo 5 #6; ASM #571; Criminal 2 #5; and Lone Ranger #16.  A very good week, it seems to me.

    BQ: "Richmond, Virginia: The Capital of the Confederacy, Which Is Still So Deep In Denial That It Refuses To Acknowledge That The South Lost The War Between The States."

  16. @Diabhol – City of Angels

  17. Oooh, a really solid week!

    Criminal, Lone Ranger, Bucky in Secret Invasion, and Batman Confidential.

    The Tennessee Valley 

  18. BPRD!  Criminal!  Action!  Stand!

    International ed. of Watchmen! 

    BQ: The City of Brotherly Love!  The Cradle of Liberty!  Philly! Filthadelphia!

  19. looking forward to Criminal and Pax Romana.

    BQ: Space City thanks to NASA. Fattest City in the US thanks to some survey a couple years back.

  20. Pax Romana, Criminal, Ex machina, and Revelations, for those playing at home that translates to Hickman, Brubaker, K Vaungn, and Rucka all in a week.




    Wow, just pulled my books and it’s clear what I’m most looking forward to. This is the big one here: Cap, Thor and Tony together again. Can’t get much better than that for a Marvel fan. Lotsa good books but, damn..  



  22. Decent week, especially for someone who doesn’t usually pull a ton.

    Amazing Spidey, Deadpool, Green Arrow / Black Canary, Invincible, SI Runaways / New Avengers, Ultimate Origins.

    BQ: The Forest City (Portland, ME)


  23. Booster Gold, BPRD, Final Crisis Revelations, GL Corps, Invincible, Trinity.  Probably looking forward to Revelations the most.

    BQ- "The City Beautiful".

  24. I’m going getting Criminal this week, and I’m happy with that.

    BQ: "Celebrity Lake" or "Crosstown".

  25. Looking forward to this week.  I’m excited for Criminal, Batman Confidential, SI, and Dynamo 5.

    BQ:  Uh…I don’t know.  STL?  Jimski, little help…

  26. Top 3


    Ultimate Orings

    Amazing spider man


    BQ: I don’t think so. 



  27. Excited for Booster Gold #12, Amazing Spider-Man #571, Criminal 2 #5, Deadpool #1, Secret Invasion #6 (OF 8), and Civil War House Of M #1 (OF 5)

    BQ: The Unknown Sector of CT…cuz no one knows where it is…its Union, CT btw

  28. Another slow week for me….GL Corps, The Stand, Booster Gold, and Deadpool. I think Deadpool is what I’m looking forward to the most, good writer and the previews show good art….Yeah it’s a damn SI tie in but hey Black Panther, Herc, and Nova were good tie-ins….plus Captain Britian’s first issue was a SI tie in…So why cant this be good?

    BQ: Township…..considering I live in a Township. Yeah my area isnt too clever lol

  29. Criminal, SI, GLC and that Omega trade.

     BQ: Lard.  My town is Manteca which is Spanish for lard… so… yeah.

  30. I’ve just realized that there are some really good trades/hardcovers coming out this week.

    Batman: The Black Glove, Wolverine Origins: Deadpool, Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, Gotham Central vol.1, and Omega the Unknown? Man if I only had more then 3 dollars in my account I’d hit the streets getting these puppies. Oh well that’s a positive side of working at a book store. 🙂

  31. I’d be more amped for Deadpool if it wasn’t a SI tie-in … but Criminal is out this week, so it’s all gravy. Also lookin’ forward to Final Crisis: Revelations.

    I will also buy the "bumper" Pax Romana & issue #3 to catch up OR get the last 4 issues of Amazing Spider-Man (my first issues since BND) … still deciding which to get. Feel free to give me advice on what you think I should get out of the two.

    BQ – The City Of Pure Awesomeness.

    (Joke. Melbourne no nickname that I know of.)

  32. BQ: Born in the city of brotherly love, moved to the steel city (or iron city if you prefer), now livin in Cowtown (Ft. Worth).

  33. @WadeWilson – That’s a tough one.  Depends on what you like more.  Text heavy, mind-bending, time travel story with a militaristic and theological bent or high-flying Spider-Man vs. Venom vs. Anti-Venom vs. Norman Osborn action.

  34. @Neb- I’ve always heard St. Louis being called the "Gateway City"

  35. I think I’m most stoked for I Kill Giants #2.  Also Pax, ASM, and BPRD.

    BQ:  Fort Wayne, IN…the City of Churches.  It’s pretty ironic considering I’m an atheist.  I guess we have a UU church, but I don’t want to smell like hippie.

  36. Just Dynamo 5 #16.

    BQ: Yea its "St.Kitts", but they is an Island called that so I never use the name.

  37. One more step closer to being done with Secret Invasion! Let’s see how much of the cover actually reflects the issue. Pretty small week for me so I’m not expecting a lot.

    BQ: The Valley

  38. Light week with only Criminal, Secret Invasion, and Young Lairs.  Also who else loves the back issue interviews of Criminal?


    BQ: Sac-town. City of Trees, and Sacto.

  39. I’m mostly with the Secret Invasion stuff, I guess.  Though Civil War: House of M and the Magneto limited look good, too.


    BQ:  The Twin Cities 

  40. Wow I think this might be the biggest week I’ve ever had.  GCPD alone doubles by usual amount of money spent.

  41. Oh

    New York – NYC, New Yiddy, The Big Apple, Gotham, the Empire City

    Queens – The Q, The Desert

    Elmhurst – The ‘Hurst

  42. If Atomic Robo Dogs of War #2 and All Star Batman and Robin #10 actually come out as they are supposed to even though they aren’t on the iFanboy release list I will be very happy. If not I might just be waiting until next week for comics.

    BQ: Twin Cities  

  43. Secret Invasion #6, Secret Invasion: Inhumans #2, Ultimate Orgins #4, and House of M: Civil War

     and im picking up The Stand #1 for my girlfriend, her first comic ever (her fav book)

    BQ: Smallest Town in CT 

  44. I would have sworn that Hellcat series was an ongoing. Though I’d have been hard pressed to explain why, from a business standpoint.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Ms. Marvel move on from the Eternal Secret Invasion Fight Scene. I’m looking forward to seeing Secret Invasion proper build on the events of last issue. Ooh, and Invincible is coming out again; has it been six months already?

    BQ: @Neb, we are the Gateway City most of the time, though some old timers still refer to it as "Mound City" for reasons that are all but entirely lost to history. (Those native American mounds in Cahokia used to be everywhere.) Oh! And thanks to the genius of Nelly, we are occasionally referred to as "the Lou," much to the giddy delight of Englishmen everywhere.

  45. Sticking with Trinity.

    Bonus Question: Home of the World Famous mayo Clinic – so, Med City…

  46. Good lord…I haven’t heard the phrase "City of Angels" in a couple years. I’d completely forgotten about it…


  47. Light week for me, just Batman Confidential and Young Liars in issues. I’m gonna get the Gotham Central and Black Glove trades though, so the wallet’s not taking too much of a breather, lol.

    I’m gonna pick up Dynamo5 this week for the first time. Heard loads of good things about it, but the Talksplode podcast sealed the deal. Plus with Noble Causes ending (sigh!) I need a regular fix of the Faerber-verse.

    BQ: My town doesn’t have an official nickname, but is often referred to by the locals as Ringworm. This term is not meant either affectionately or endearingly.

  48. I have been waiting for Pax Romana #3 for ages. I am a big Warcraft Lore nut, so I am looking forward to the Ashbringer book. Secret Invasion #6 of course, and Deadpool!

    BQ. I currently live in Austin, TX (Live music capitol of the world), but my hometown is Waco, TX; affectionately refered to as Wacko.

  49. Also, the Branch Dividian thing WAS NOT IN WACO! So tired of explaining that when I tell someone where I am from. It was like, 25 miles away in a completely different county.

  50. St. Louis – "Gateway to the West"

  51. Oh, I amost forgot! Waco is the birth place of Dr. Pepper!

  52. I am looking forward to: SI #6, Deadpool #1, SI X-Men #2, Ms. Marvel #30, but most of all, SI Inhumans #2.


    I recently resolved not to be suckered by X-Books any longer (sorry Ron), so I will not be getting X-Men Magneto Testament or Civil War House of M (although that one sounds a bit more interesting, since it has Apocalypse).


    Proud resident of the Elm City, New Haven, CT.

  53. I’ll give ‘The Stand’ a try, and stick with FC: Reveleations for now.

    BQ: "Pig’s Eye" / The Twin Cities

  54. most looking forward to SI6 and Deadpool 1.

     BQ: A place not cool enough to have a nick name

  55. Secret Invasion

    Big Apple

  56. I received All Star Batman. Hope it gets included in the list…

  57. After being on vacation I picked up 3 weeks worth of books at nearly $150 – I haven’t a clue what came out when.  I guess I’ll have to do a little retroactive pull list so I know what order to read everything! I’m just psyched to get back to reading ANYTHING so I can catch up with the podcast

     BQ: The Birthplace of Recorded Sound

  58. @flapjaxx – If you got a copy of ALL STAR BATMAN you should sell it RIGHT NOW.  Also, which list?