New Comics for 08.31.2011 is Surrounded By Boxes

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris and Matt.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you were so inclined, and had the ability to do so, were you to pick up and move where would you go?

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  1. Three books this week:
    Justice League

    I’ll be buying the majority of them digitally. It feels like the dawning of a new age. I’m excited.

    BQ: Las Vegas. House prices are EXCEPTIONALLY low and the food it outstanding.

  2. Avatar photo JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    I’ve just got one issue and one trade this week. That’s it. I think this is the beginning of my new normal and I’m okay with that.

    BQ: I really liked NYC the two times I’ve visited. So much to do and so many cool people. However, my money goes so amazingly far here in southern Ohio, so I’m fine staying here.

  3. TINY WEEK!!! i’m glad because most of August has seemed like it was flooded with huge weeks. This means i can blow through my stack early and get to reading the awesomeness i got at FanExpo Canada!
    And I’m looking forward most to Sixth Gun and trying another issue of Iron Man 2.0
    and either Chicago, Toronto, or storm ravaged NYC

  4. So judging by the listings for Justice League #1 is every combo going to be listed twice?

  5. Tiny week:

    Secret Avengers #16 (Ellis’s first issue!)

    But I have a rule where if I have less then 3 books coming out I don’t bother going to the store. Not really worth it if there’s no competition reading the other books. Although Journey Into Mystery and Thunderbolts have .1 issues coming out this week….I think I’m gonna skip them though.

    BQ: Ireland. I’d love to live down there cause it looks so beautiful whether it’s sunny or rainy out.

  6. Just that New Teen Titans omnibus for me. I’ll probably check out Justice League on my buddy’s iPad too though.

    BQ: hmmm. NYC, Chicago, I dunno. Someplace with a ton of great restaurants, bars, a great brewery or two, and a team in the National League.

  7. BQ. Hawaii.

  8. Top 5 Reads this week are:



    BQ: Pacific Northwest

  9. JL, Flashpoint, X-Force, Invincible, POTA

    I’m curious to see if the end of Flashpoint leads into JL in any way.

    BQ: Denver, CO or Austin, TX.

    • I live in an Austin suburb, and while there is a lot of cool stuff here, it was 112F yesterday. It’s too hot for humans. No wonder the pioneers died at like 35. We really don’t get seasons either. Move someplace with a cooler climate.

    • Crap, forgot about the weather. Scratch that. When I was in Austin it was Fall, so it was pretty cool. I live in Florida and hate the heat.

  10. ASM #668
    Flashpoint #5
    Invincible #82
    Justice League #1
    Rocketeer Adventures #4
    Skullkickers #10
    Star Wars Adventures
    Super Dinosaur #4
    Ultimate Hawkeye #1

    BQ: Chicago!

  11. Looking forward to the start of the reboot and the ending to Flashpoint. Also X-Force and Hawkeye.

    BQ: I couldnt leave the North East and Fall. It’s to pretty. But if I had to I’d go Southern California. San Diego area.

  12. Light week (YAY!). Might try a trade, and probably pick up a couple I passed on last week due to it being so big.

    FLASHPOINT #5 (OF 5)

    BQ: I love Las Vegas, but it is hotter than where I am already (but it’s a dry heat!). Maybe if I were a vampire and could stay in during the day. I would prefer something warm but not hot, with a good beach/coast, maybe Capri or someplace exotic. Used to want to move to Cozumel and be a bartender, but not sure if it is safe anymore.

  13. I’ll try out Justice League #1, but there are others coming out in September I’m more excited about. Also getting Essential Web of Spider-Man Vol. 1, for some reason I always wound up picking up Web Spidey comics more than the other two titles at the time. And apparently Uncanny X-Force, Vol. 1 is out? Is it really, because I just submitted my order for October’s comics last week and that was on there. Here’s hoping, I’d rather have it now then wait a month and a half!

  14. Here we go then, time to buckle in as NuDCU starts here. I’ve gradually grown more and more excited the closer we get, so thats a good thing…also Ultimates 1 was really intriguing to me so Hawkeye is one to look forward to as well.

    Oh, and the Web of Spidey Essential for a slice of nostalgia too.

    BQ: NYC, not a moment’s hesitation as long as I could afford to live there once I got there. Been once, would go back in less than a heartbeat.

  15. Question, is there anything we can do to get more cover art on books that don’t yet have cover art on the iFanboy system? Sometimes annoying when I’m the only person pulling a book, and it doesn’t have any cover art image.

    • Oh yeah, I’m picking up

      INVINCIBLE #82
      SAVAGE DRAGON #173
      2000 AD PACK JULY 2011*
      2000 AD PACK JUNE 2011 (Technically came out a month ago, only now appearing on the shipping list)*

      (*) = Items without item images

  16. Angel and Faith
    The Goon
    Justice League
    The Amazing Spiderman

    BQ: Probably a cool castle in Romania or NYC.

  17. It’s a tiny, tiny week for me. Not really interested in Justice League and I missed out on Flashpoint, so it’s Ellis/McKelvie on Secret Avengers. Yes, that’s it. I’m sorry everyone.

    BQ: Either somewhere with a nice beach or on the river. I got addicted to kayaking this summer and it’s KILLING me not to be on the water.

  18. Justice League, Rocketeer Adventures, and Angel and Faith.

    BQ: Somewhere cold, I’m tired of hundred degree weather.

  19. really light week for me with just Justice League.
    But I have been waiting for this reboot. Hopefully worth the wait.

    BQ: back to Okinawa

  20. FLASHPOINT #5 (OF 5)

    Will there be a separate cover coming with the combo pack? If not, then I will just be getting the single Justice League #1 issue, without the digital.

    Bonus Question: Seattle, Washington.

  21. GOON #35

    BQ: In a vacuum, Greece. All things considered, probably Costa Rica.

  22. Justice League!!! I’m really excited for the new 52.

    BQ: Portland, Oregon. Me and my fiancee visited there last year and the vibe was perfect for us.

  23. How do I still have 8 books this week? Blergh. I really need to cut back my pull list cause this is just getting ridiculous. I thought this would be light, you know, with DC only shipping 2 books. Still, I’m looking forward to everything, so I guess I have that going for me.

    BQ: You know, it’s hard to say because I really like where I live now. I get the four seasons, my neighborhood is quiet, and I have everything I need within a 20 mile radius. If I had to pick, I’d probably move out into the country and enjoy the pace of a farm town like Smallville (which I realize is not real).

  24. Flashpoint and JL, then Journey into Mystery .1 (Gr. Hate .1’s) Thor 5, Uncanny X-Force 14, and Rocketeer Adventures 4. Ultimate Hawkeye is going to be impulse when I get there.

    BQ: Love Maine, no idea why. Went on one vacation and it was just my temperature and…dunno but I liked it.

  25. This week im grabbing Uncanny X-Force, Amazing Spiderman and Justice League…. oh and also Spiderman Infested which is a collective of all the infest issues that lead into spider island… never read them so figured id give it a look.

    For the bonus question before it got so horrible over there i would have said Egypt… then again i dont know about living there ive just always wanted to go there to see the pyramids … To live i would probably say Greece… again its messed up over there right now lol

  26. Going to browse the store for trades and beginning a subscription for Sept.
    5 titles-
    Batman & Robin
    Detective Comics
    Batman – The Dark Knight
    Swamp Thing

    Wish I could get more (tight budget)… Marvel and other companies too!
    BQ-Utah, my dad is from there

  27. My wallet thanks you comics industry…only 6 books this week (after 14 last week).

    But it’s still a significant week!!! Can’t wait.

  28. Only 3 books for me this week: Justice League, Spider-Man and Secret Avengers. Can’t wait for Justice League!

    BQ: Somewhere quiet that doesn’t get overly hot, like New Hampshire or Vermont. Loved it there when i;ve gone on vacations.

  29. I got 5 on Amazing Spider-Man but I’m subscribed through Marvel and that usually doesn’t get 2 my house till about a week afterwards. Other than that I’m getting the last issue of Incredible Hulk, Invincible, the new Justice League though I’m not subscribed at my comic store and it’ll probably be sold out, hopefully The Mighty Thor will get better or I’m droppin’ out, and last but not least Uncanny X-Force.

  30. just Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 for me

    BQ: New York or San Francisco

  31. Pretty big week for me. Getting Herc, Incredible hulk, Iron Man2.0, JIM, Justice League, Mighty Thor, Secret Avengers, Ultimate Hawkeye, X- Force, Amazing Spider Man, Angel & Faith, F.I; The Deep, Flashpoint and Deadly hands of Kung Fu.

    Biggest week i’ve had in a while but i can’t not get most of these, Hercs getting realy close to make or break for me though, same as Iron Man 2.0 but now that fear itselfs left the book it should pick up.
    BQ: Melbourne Vic. Australia, You’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful city in the world and the foods amazing.

  32. Bonus question! (Didn’t know where else it would go)

    I would move to San Diego. La Jolla is the best weather you can get in the US (in my opinion), and if you work from home, you’d probably be more comfortable there than anywhere else. Of course, if you’re living in La Jolla and working from home, I desperately want to know how you’re making that much money in your own house. You’ve gotta have a genie…