New Comics for 07/08/10 just now realized that it’s two weeks until San Diego Comic-Con

Get to pulling this Thursday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, David, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, and Matt.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What have you just now realized?


  1. Only 3 books. Jonah Hex and The Walking Dead should make it a great week.

    I’m buying a shitload of hardcovers: the three Blackest Night books and the Absolute Planetary volume 1.

  2. BQ: I just realized that I haven’t done any work since lunch. I’ve been on iFanboy all afternoon. Whatever. My office door is closed. My secret dies with me.

  3. Solid week for me, plus a reprint to mix things up.

    Batman and Robin #13, Hellboy: The Storm #1, Hit-Monkey #1 (must buy!), Sweet Tooth #11, Thunderbolts #144 2nd reprint (Maybe getting it, I think I ordered it too late and will get it next week….but we’ll see.)

    BQ: I’m going to Atlantic City and will gamble.

  4. I think comics are coming out on Wednesday in Canada. Good thing our nation’s birthday was on a thursday!

  5. Why isn’t Hickman writing the Fantastic Four Annual? I’m currently reading FF because of Hickman and if he isn’t writing the Annual will it have any sway in Hickman’s run? Is Hickman still writing FF?

    BQ: I have just now realized that I like Jonathan Hickman.

  6. Only Four books for me this week but a nice mix: Batman and Robin, Hawkeye and Mockingbird, Sweet Tooth and Amazing Spider-Man.

    BQ: I Have to go wash my car!

  7. Lots of things I’m excited about this week: Asm, B&R, Walking Dead, Scalped, Sweet Tooth, and Hellboy.

    Also alot of books I’m waiting for reviews on.

  8. Apparently it’s a two book week for me.

    BQ: I’ve just realized that the fact that it’s a two book week — and therefore I’m spending less money on comics this week — actually makes me sad.  That’s just weird and not particularly rational. I’ve also realized that Bibio may be the perfect music group/artist for me. 

  9. All of the books I listed are easily in my top 10. Best week for comics in quite some time.

  10. @ChrisG: Probably because Bryan Hitch is doing the art and so it was probably scheduled to come out 2 years ago.

  11. Two thoughts:

    1. It’s insane how many good/highly anticipated books are out this week.

    2. How BATMAN: ODYSSEY #1 isn’t a top-pulled book is beyond me.

  12. @conor: Maybe it’s just me, but that title smells ‘trade waiting’ a mile away. But it is shocking that it isn’t even in the top ten pulled yet.

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    There are too many major books coming out. Catch ya on the flip side, Shadowland. 

  14. thursday is the 8th, not the 7th  :p  

    I think I’m dropping  a lot of titles this week, JLA, Action Comics, Avengers, maybe New Avengers, time to thin out the subscription box 

  15. @conor–i almost fear that a lot of current readers don’t know/care who Neal Adams is and see it as just another Bat book.

  16. I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the list this week. I think I’ll be calling a lot of audibles in the shop Thursday.

  17. House of Mystery + Red Robin + Walking Dead + Demo + Batman Odyssey = nice week!

    BQ: I am just starting to realize that in addition to comics and non-fiction books, I am able to get down with some new novels. Check out City of Thieves by David Benioff, which I found out about from Joe Hill’s (Locke and Key+ great books) website. 

  18. Amazing Spider-Man, Batman and Robin, Brightest Day, Hawkeye and Mockingbird, Jonah Hex, Red Robin, Scarlet, X-Force, X-men, and Casanova

  19. All the Blackest Night trades that are out this week shall me MINE! Now I can finally get up to speed! What’s that? Brightest Day? Aw man…

    BQ: That Predators is out this week!

  20. I’ve been looking forward to Landridge and Samnee’s Thor: The Mighty Avenger since all those prep-sketches they released so many months ago. Very excited. 


  21. BQ: This week is much bigger than I thought, and my list only seems to keep expanding like my ever-growing waist.

  22. BQ: That the amount of time I have to finish my project for my summer job just got cut from 5 weeks to 3 weeks.  I really needed those 2 weeks.

  23. Sweet Tooth, Hellboy, Casanova, Wire Hangers, Batman: Odyssey, Scarlet, King City and Chimichanga from last week. Awesome week!

    BQ: That MIDNIGHT NATION by JMS is the best book I’ve read all year. 

  24. 11 pulls plus a hardcover this week.  Some real quality like Scalped, Demo, Casanova (bought it first time, but can’t resist the new Ba/Moon material), Batman and Robin and Spidey.  I think with Batman Odyssey I’ll have to wait and see what the word of mouth is, as much as I like Adams’ art he’s never been much of a writer for me.  Might wait for trade on Children’s Crusade too, if only becvause of the bi-monthly schedule.

    BQ:  I realise I have to ditch some books but I also realise I can’t think of any I can lose…hmmm.

  25. BQ this morning i realized suddenly that tonight I will be seeing Hole live for the very first time. Suck it high school bucket list

  26. BQ: I just realized how many staffers you guys have now. Wow. Love all the content. Keep it up!

  27. Biggest week I’ve had in a while: Sweet Tooth, iZombie, Demo, Sparta USA

    BQ: I just now realized I’ve grown tired of Gatorade’s new G2 flavors.

  28. I’m most looking forward to Red Robin and Shadowland. Brightest day is just a nice story not something I anticipate. 

     Dropped Batman and Robin. I gave it a year and I’m not going to keep buying it just because they dangle a villain in front of me. 

  29. Most excited for more Spider-Man but sketpically intrigued by the Shadowland.


    BQ: I’m going on a trip tomorrow and I realized I need to pack my own water. Stupid desert. 

  30. Amazing Spider-Man #636
    Sweet Tooth #11
    The Walking Dead #74
    I, Zombie #3
    Secret Six #23
    Hellboy: The Storm #1
    Scalped #39
    Demo: Volume II #6

  31. Those with a light week, may I suggest HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD?  The 2nd printing of issue 1 comes out AND issue 2– that’s like 1/3 of a trade right there!  🙂

  32. BQ: That Superman Secret Origin may never come out

  33. Brightest Day 

    Hellboy The Storm

    Jonah Hex

    Batman Odyssey 

     BQ: I hate living in California

  34. Holy god, do I really have 16 books this week?  I have high hopes for the awesomeness of this week though because it will be packed with goodness.

    BQ:  That starting a casserole that needs to bake for an hour is dumb to do at 6:45 in the pm.  Me hungry now….

  35. There  are a ton of books I would like to buy but I have to cut back a lil so only IronMan, Secret Six, Batman and Robin  and Brightest day this week.


    BQ:  I will get Neal Adams Batman and Red Robin in trade or hardcover when they come out but it sucks not getting them now.

  36. 20 books this week, most excited for Batman & Robin, Amazing Spider-Man, and Hellboy. Also, Predators.

    BQ: I’m realizing now that the tuna steak wasn’t quite done.

  37. Heavy stack this week. Lots I’m looking forward to: Walking Dead, Batman and Robin, Amazing SM, Sweet Tooth, I Zombie, and FINALLY getting to the end of Second Coming…

    BQ: Things are going pretty well for me lately.

  38. 14 Books this week.  I won’t be getting Batman Odyssey right away, it’s getting mailed to me.

    BQ: That I had not posted on iFanboy today. 

  39. Batman & Robin, Scalped and Young Avengers for me this week.

    And a couple of maybes, Secret Six and X-Women.

    BQ: I have finally come around and just accepted that all comics are $4 these days and there are a few that are still $3 instead of the other way around. I fought the idea as much as I could but I have now made peace with that.

  40. 11 books. Would have been more if I wasn’t waiting for the trades for all these mini’s.

    Bonus Question: It’s kinda hot out.

  41. Biggish week.

    BQ:How much I’d love to be at San Diego *wipes away tear*

  42. BQ: There’s a lot of those Blackest Night trades. My Visa ain’t gonna like this…

  43. Ok Big week:
    Avengers Childrens Crusade #1 (OF 9)
    Batman And Robin #13
    Batman Odyssey #1 (OF 6)
    Brightest Day #5
    Electric Ant #4 (OF 5)
    Marvelman Familys Finest #1 (OF 6)
    Scarlet #1
    Steve Rogers Super-Soldier #1 (OF 4)
    Sweet Tooth #11
    Thanos Sourcebook
    Tom Strong And The Robots Of Doom #2 (OF 6)

    BQ: Don’t let a one year old climb a ladder.

  44. Six books this week, plus 3 from last week I still haven’t gotten.


    BQ: Roger Waters is doing the Wall live on tour, and I can not even remotely afford tickets.  

  45. Batman & Robin!!  Red Robin, Brightest Day, iZombie, Irredeemable, and The Boys.  Nice week.  Now I just gotta figure out how I’m gonna get $20 for it all…???

    BQ:  I just realized that The Boys is now $3.99 when I can already BARELY afford my comics, if I can even get the money up at all for them.

  46. BQ: If Ron doesn’t pick X-Men 1 or X-Force I will jump out of my window.