New Comics for 06/11/08 have relocated to the surface of the sun!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Well, even though Y: The Last Man, Vol. 10 was on the initial shipping list — it’s not on the final one, so that’s a major bummer.

Bonus Question: Where is the hottest place you’ve ever been?

When I was 10 my family went to Death Valley, CA and it was very aptly named. I don’t remember how hot it was, but it was so hot I didn’t make it more than about ten feet out of the car before I can back in. I chose not to go running in the white sand dunes.


  1. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    My home town. Houston, texas.

  2. Really, really light week this week. Only seven books, and I’ve officially started the anti-Trinity movement, I just don’t care enough. I’ll get the trade of the main story by Bagley.

    Most exciting? Action Comics. I’m driving this and Booster Gold into the ground. Everyone should read them. So great books.

    Bonus: I went to Vegas last year and got out of the car. I think it was 122 degrees. Felt like a freaking oven… And it was dry, which isn’t as bad as humidity, but it was just so awful I didn’t want to move at all… Just get into the hotel or wherever there was A/C. 

  3. Mostly DC this week for me, probably looking forward the most to Invincible #50, hopefully it’s worth the extended wait we seem to be getting from Kirkman with the last few issues (3 months since #49).

    I think I’ll be dropping Booster Gold after this issue, it hasn’t really lived up to my expectations after 52 but I wanted to at least finish the Blue Beetle arc. 

  4. Looking forward to Batman Confidential the most.  What a great arc right now…classic Batgirl and Catwoman.  My LCS didn’t get Booster Gold #9 to me, so I’ve been buggin’ ’em and hopefully will get 9 and 10 this week.  Also, Green Arrow/Black Canary, Huntress, Wonder Woman, and Trinity.  There is potential for it to be a great week.

    BQ: Yes, Vegas can get scorching, but like GungaDin said, it’s a dry heat.  The most unbearable I’ve been was Washington DC chaperoning a group of 8th graders.  Ugghhh!! Hot, humid, and jr. highers…not a good combination. 

  5. light week for me only six books. i think the book iam looking forword to is Cap Britain and M I13.


    BQ: I relly have’t been any where bisides MO,KS,IA, and CO. So i’ll have to say one of the frist three.   

  6. Boy, I’m not really looking forward to anything; maybe I ought to drop everything on my list this week.

    Wait!: Captain Britain and Spidey. Good times.

    BQ: In college, I spent the summers painting the dorms at my school. At the time, they did not have A.C. and were essentially unventilated. I’m convinced that part of the reason I love the music of 1995 so much is that I was high on fumes and sweat lodge listening to most of it.

  7. Looking forward the most to Invincible #50!! It’s been so long sinds the last issue, I really whant to know what’s going to happen. I’m alsow buying Action Comics, booster gold, trinity, green arrow / black canary, green lantern corps and fear agent.

     Hottest place ever would be Tabernas in Spain. We went to a western village where they made Once upon a time in the West. It was the middle of the summer and I can remember that after every little move you made you where exhausted! (A picture for the people that are interested: The western village )

  8. Trinity, GL Corps, Salvation Run, Shockfront, Legacy of Doom, and BPRD for me.

     BQ: Needles, California is the Anus of the Inferno.  You could put ice water in a cup and stand outside and the water will have evaporated before you could the cup to your lips.

  9. Some good stuff this week, but nothing that really just screams POTW! I’m prob. most curious about Red Mass for Mars…love the name! About as good a name as Pax Romana…Hickman does it again!

    Hotest place: (cues the Al Green Music) My Bedroom Baby! Seriously, Downtown Atlanta can be a scortcher. I live outside of Nashville, so the South in general is hot. What we may lack in humility, we make up in humidity. Don’t sweat on your comics!


  10. Man I’ve got a biggish week this week. It’s my DC Greens week with Green Lantern Corps and Green and Black Arrow Canary.  And speaking of Space and Greens, I’m picking up "Who do you trust" only because I want to know about Agent Brand, and only because of lingering feelings from Astonishing X-Men #25.  Normally, I’m not into these Secret Invasion one-offs because they’re either inconsequential and thus not really worth it, or they are consequential, in which case I wouldn’t buy it out of protest for forcing me to pick up all the tie-in crossover books (which they’re already doing).  And if I wouldn’t normally buy it for those reasons, I wouldn’t buy it because whenever I read the title, I think of Jack Nicholson saying "Hubba hubba hubba.  Who do you trust?" with a Prince soundtrack.  And I just don’t need that kind of mental antagonism.

  11. Oh, and bonus comment.  The hottest place I’ve been is where I currently reside, Austin.  Last week, the temperature was all up at 98 or 99 (but so humid, the heat index was at 107).  A few summersr ago, it reached 112 in August, which was hotter by a few degrees than it was in Death Valley on that same day.

  12. Slow week….prolly most interested in Red Mass for Mars. 

    BQ: Singapore. My first day there I stupidly walked my shaved head around without cover – I can still see the sun spots on my head.

  13. Nothing I’m that invested in this week, but lots of stuff that could be fun.  ‘Eternals,’ ‘Captain Britain,’ and more Batgirl-Catwoman in Batman Confidential.  Plus I’m interested in the Agent Brand story in the Secret Invastion one-shot.

    BQ: The worst heat/humidity combination I ever remember being in was in Washington DC in August, walking up and down the National Mall.  We were supposed to schlep to Capitol Hill, but gave up and hailed a cab (which takes a lot of incentive, because the logistics of cab fares within the District are evil).  Based on my few experiences with dry heat though (Utah, Arizona — in the SPRING) and I’ll take mid-Atlantic humidity any day.  At least feel like I’m on earth.  It’s supposed to feel like a sauna, not an oven!

  14. heavy week for me with 11 or 12 books. I keep trying to cut down, last week it was only 7 but i know with the secret invasion and final crisis tie ins this will only go up.

    looking forward to gotham underground, has been a cracking series and captain britain after the first issue. mainly dc but a couple of potential marvel dimaonds, focusing on the skrulls so lets see.

    B.Q not sure really sorry

  15. Kind of an light week for me; Gotham Underground #9, Batman Confidential #18, Screamland #4, Young Liars #4, and Angel #8.

    Most excited about the conclusion of Gotham Underground, seeing what batshit-crazy stuff happens in Young Liars this month, and finishing the Angel ‘First Night’ mini, which has been good but I wanna get back to the main story.

    BQ: The hottest place I’ve ever been was sitting across a table from Clare Kramer. It was a cold, rainy day in Bournemouth, but damn that room felt hot! 😉 

  16. Started off looking small but boosted itself to 14 definates and several not sures!

     Will have to wait till after the dentist visit ive got on thursday morning before i go get my comics if im groggy ill probably pick up half the definates just cause i cant concentrate.

  17. Meaty week for me.  Looking most forward to Skaar.


    BQ:  I lived in Arizona for a short period of time.  I remember one day going out for a smoke and having my shoes literally melt to the the black was insane.

  18. Meaty week for me.  Looking most forward to Skaar.


    BQ:  I lived in Arizona for a short period of time.  I remember one day going out for a smoke and having my shoes literally melt to the the black was insane.

  19. X-Men Legacy got the axe last week. Hard to believe I could throw in the towel in the middle of an arc, but, christ almighty, it’s soooooooo f’n boring and the art’d like to make me sick. This week Green Arrow Black Canary’s pullin’ in fast on dead man’s curve and Trinity’s close behind.

    Finally, the conclusion to Salvation Run!  But the book that interests me most this week – "Skaar, Son of Hulk." I’m dyin for some Hulk action with the movie comin out this weekend and the main title described best as an "A-blah-mination" (though, it does show promise. i saw Thor in the heat of battle with red Hulk on the cover of #5. YAY!).

    BQ: The hottest place I’ve ever been? Working in a Chrysler plant over the last twelve years during St. Louis summers. Anybody who’s been here knows the humidity’s as bad as anywhere. It’s bad outside, but imagine busting your balls in a machine shop where you’ve got to wear long sleeve shirts and pants with the heat reaching 120+ on a regular basis. Or don’t.    

  20. Oh snap! Angel: After the Fall comes out this week. Heck yes!

  21. Light week.  6 books.  I’m probably most into "Green Arrow/Black Canary" and "Captain Britain".  But, I missed "Kick-Ass" and "Nightwing" last week so I’ll try to pick those up.  Won’t cry if I don’t.

    BQ: I’m also going to go with DC in August.  My sister and her family live in the Virginia/DC area, and my wife and daughter and I went there last summer to visit.  She asked what I wanted to do, and I said I’d like to see some of our nation’s fine landmarks.  She laughed a bit and said, "Sure".  Needless to say, when I felt what it was like during the daytime in DC and on the mall, I decided a driving tour of our nation’s fine landmarks in Japan’s finest crafted minivan would be good enough. 

  22. Pretty light week for me as well with 4 books. I’m most looking forward to Hack/Slash and Young Liars. 

    BQ: The hottest place I’ve ever been was probably Greece in the summer when I was a little kid. 47 degrees there isn’t unheard of. During that summer, there were massive fires which added to the already excruciating heat and it was awful.

  23. @rockgood – We’ll assume that you mean 47 degrees Celsius?

  24. yeah I forgot to write it, sorry about that.

  25. Only 3 books for me…yay for new Twelve!

     BQ: I also have been to Death Valley. It was hot. And I live in Texas so I know what hot is.

  26. 47 degrees Celsius = 116.6 degrees Farenheit


  27. Local #12!  I can’t wait, so sad that’s it’s over, though.  This should be an ongoing… even if it only comes out about four times a year.

     BQ: My bedroom.  Goddamn room-above-the-garage bs.

  28. A very light week this week, but I’m looking forward to Captain Britain. 

    BQ: Saudi Arabia while wearing my charcoal lined chemical gear during the first Gulf War.

  29. You can actually hear the moment I was in the hottest place I’ve ever been.  It was also in Death Valley, CA, in June, when my wife and I decided to go camping on the sun.  I called into the podcast that week from the road.

    It’s one of the shows from 2006 I think.  HOT!

  30. Lots of great stuff this week, but not quite as hoppin’ as the last two weeks. I’m also looking forward to the final issue of Local – this has been a great series, and this should be a great final issue. Also got two Spidey books (one with Tony F’n Harris!), a Secret Invasion tie-in I’m looking forward to, Trinity of course, Young Liars, Batman with Maguire and a nekkid Batgirl, GA/BC – a lot of good but not stellar books on the list this week. Guess I’ve been spoiled by the last two weeks.

    BQ: Real answer: Rainforest on some Caribbean island. Took a tour to try to find monkeys. The tour guide couldn’t find any, so she hiked us into the jungle to try to find some. Just muggy like you couldn’t believe, which just makes the heat feel even worse.

    Pseudo-funny answer: Stageside at the Hustler club.

    @RaceMcCloud and Dez – Living in the greater DC area sucks sweaty, stinky ball sack. I’d rather live in that Vegas/Death Valley dry heat than have to put up with the humidity that comes in off the water. Summers here, which run from about the end of May to freakin’ November, are just sticky, musty, hazy messes.

    By the way, heat index reached about 105 today, with more of the same Tuesday. Ahhhhhh, summer.

  31. I didn’t see Y The Last Man on the pull list. Have I been given false hope?

  32. Light week for me. I’m most excited about Lock and Key. It’s been a great series so far. I’m also looking forward to the Twelve.

     I think the hottest place I’ve ever been has to be Great Adventure in late August. Any theme park in the summer seems UNGODLY hot. 

  33. Absolute Sandman Hc Vol 03

    Amazing Spider-Man #562

    Bprd War On Frogs #1

    Captain Britain And Mi 13 #2

    Pilot Season Lady Pendragon #1

    Secret Invasion Who Do You Trust

    Silent Hillnners Reward #4

    Spider-Man With Great Power #4 (OF 5)

    Twelve #6 (OF 12)


    BQ: My Shag pad, this afternoon. 

  34. So many books this week… Wonder Woman is out this week! 🙂 

    There’s Vegas a couple of years ago but the fact that it is 95 degrees right now is making dread what July and August are going to be like… 


  35. Summer in Dubai… Nothing beats 100+ degrees with 80+ humidity. One second outside and you’re hot, sticky and, if you wear glasses, blinded. For the people who dont escape to another country for July and August, survive solely by running from one air-conditioned building/vehicle to another.

  36. I’ve spent extended periods of the month of August in both Phoenix and Vegas – both sucked.  Although – nothing has seemed hotter than my first summer in Cincinnati.  It was in the 100’s – one window AC unit – lived on the fourth floor – oh yeah – and I couldn’t move because Ron had just broken my leg.

  37. I have a really light week…like 4 books.  So, that means I may be getting some things from previous weeks (including Manhunter).  I’m on the fence with Red Mass for Mars.  While I’m glad Hickman is writing it, I LOVE his design sense, so it’s kind of a bummer he’s not doing the art.  Transhuman is good, but it’s no Nightly News, and I’m waiting for the trade of Pax.  I’ll probably flip through this one in the store and see.

    I’m most looking foward to: Action Comics!  Geoff Johns + Gary Frank + Brainiac= Solid Gold.

    BQ:  The bottom of the Grand Canyon in the middle of June.  I believe the heat at the bottom that day was like 125 degrees.  My fiance (then girlfriend) and I thought it would be keen to hike the canyon that day.  Boy, did we regret it.

  38. Charlatan Ball #1 – I’ve been waiting for this book for a while. Should be alot of fun. Joe Casey is a king.

  39. Most lookin’ forward to:

    Green Lantern Corps

    Punisher Max Little Black Book

    BQ: I’ve never really been anywhere … so, some heatwaves in summer in Melbourne, Australia, where I live have been pretty toasty.

    Hey iFanboys — The link to Ron’s comic pulls for this week is showing last weeks comics. Or is it just doing that for me?

  40. @WadeWilson – Ron hasn’t made his pulls yet.

  41. Absolute Sandman, Number of the Beast 5 (Wildstorm completist; it’s an illness), Madman Atomic Comics 9. Light week number wise; big week $$ wise. Looking forward to Sandman, since I aint read those stories yet. Your vidcast is responsible for me buying these. Thank god for instocktrades.

    Hottest place: Attic room in the New Guild Co-op, Austin Texas, summer ’93. 90 year old house, tin roof, no insulation, 105 degree days, 90 degree nights, no A/C. I literally drank two litres of water each night, between going to bed and getting up in the morning. It wasn’t possible to spend time in the room during the day.

  42. Great week. Looking at at least 6 books. I can’t wait to see McKone on Spider-man.

     The Hottest place I’ve been, its more about exrtremes, I worked in the freezer room of an abbitoir when I was on uni holidays. One summer it was -17 degrees in the freezer room, all rugged up and whatnot, and on breaks you would go outside and it would be 45 degrees outside (I’m talking Celsius here).

  43. Booster Gold #10
    Bprd War On Frogs #1
    Captain Britain And Mi 13 #2
    Clandestine #5 (OF 5)
    Dc Universe Special Superman Mongul
    Eternals #1
    Goon #25
    Green Lantern Corps #25
    Hulk Raging Thunder
    Iron Man Legacy Of Doom #3 (OF 4)
    Last Defenders #4 (OF 6)
    Madman Atomic Comics #9
    Secret Invasion Who Do You Trust
    Spider-Man With Great Power #4 (OF 5)
    Trinity #2
    Twelve #6 (OF 12)

    I don’t think I have any weeks with less than 7-8 books anymore. And I’m trying to cut down.

    Hottest place was probably Israel – out in the desert on top of Masada. We went down to the Dead Sea, but thats like swimming in cooking oil. No help.

  44. A suprisingly heavy week, but nothing great is coming out, other then Action Comics, glad to see Frank back on art.

    I’m not seeing enough love for Locke & Key, its a great comic, and a good horror comic to boot. So people gotta check that out, or maybe when it comes out in trade.

    I’m giving Titans the three treatment, the characters don’t feel right, Winick is making everyone too cooky and funny. So if it feels any weirder this time around, I might drop it, but part of me is intrigued by the story, and Starfire’s hottness.

    BQ:When I moved from Florida to Oregon, we stopped by a Sonic in the middle of Texas. I can’t remember specifically how hot it was, but I know for sure that if I went into the kiddie play place, I would’ve died!

  45. @Gordon – Ron broke your leg? I think there’s a story there. Were you a bad intern and tried to escape iFanboy Towers?

  46. Another small week for me… huzzah that the last Local is finally coming.  It’s bittersweet, but easily the best series I’ve been reading the last year.

    The hottest place I’ve ever been?  Some house, it was on fire – I was inside when it flashed on us.  I remember all I could see is orange and red…

  47. Ahhh. Such a relief. I have a light week after two straight weeks of wallet murder. I think Titans may get the axe this week.

    BQ: I grew up, and still live in, central Texas. That is about the hottest place I have ever been. It won’t be too long untill we are up around 110. 

  48. I’m stoked that Invincible #50 is finally coming out, and for the new arc of Action Comics, hopefully Johns keeps knocking it out of the park.  It’s kind of freakish how in tune he is with DC characters.

    Bonus Question:  The Carrizo Plain National Monument.  It’s (I think) the next valley over from Death Valley, and it was extraordinarily hot.  103 as I recall, but I can honestly say that the fact that it’s so dry out there makes the heat much more bearable.  And I’m fat, I know about unbearable heat.  When it’s 90 with 90% humidity here in PA, it’s way worse than it was that day at the Carrizo Plain.

  49. Angel After The Fall #8
    Captain Britain And Mi 13 #2
    Moon Knight #19
    Secret Invasion Who Do You Trust
    Twelve #6 (OF 12)
    X-Force Aint No Dog

    Another light week, relatively speaking.

    BQ: The hottest place was probably Black Rock City, NV, but it’s hard to say for sure.


  50. I think I’m most excited about New Universal: shockfront #2, in a "Meh" kindof week.

    BQ: Missouri State Fair, Sedalia, MO. Last year. Brutal.

  51. The last Y The Last Man trade has been on the upcoming list at diamond for weeks if not months now.  I don’t know if it will ever come out.  I bought the last few issues back when the last issue came out because I figured it would take forever.

  52. Not picking up anything new, aside from Sonic the Hedgehog for my little cousin.

    BQ:  I live in Indiana.  One time, I went to Ohio.

  53. A welcome light week for me (5 books) after the last 2 weeks. Two Johns books and Invincible #50 should make it a good week.

    BQ: I’ve been in lots of hot weather, but practicing with a drum corps on a blacktop parking lot in Houston (temp was around 103) in the summer of 1994 was pretty brutal. I was in Tokyo for my honeymoon last August and that was pretty hot and humid, as well.

  54. Phoenix, AZ. Hottest day ever here was 6/22/90, 122. And, you you can always identify a Phoenician because they will always follow telling you how hot it is here with "But …. It’s a dry heat!"

     ps. I’ve noticed on some of the podcasts that some of you are Star Wars Fans, but…No love for Star Wars Legacy or Knight of the old Republic from Darkhorse. What Gives!?

  55. @zefyr – We’ve talked about that one one of the audio shows, I can’t remember which.  We just don’t have a lot of interest in the comics.  We’re in Star Wars Burn Out mode.

  56. Looking forward to ACTION 866 the most!

    Dropping Batman Confidential, Tiny Titans, and Young Liars.

    Hottest place ever?  Houston, TX

  57. ps. Conor, how can you get Josh and Ron to pick up ACTION this week?

    I have a feeling this is a great place to jump on for those that missed out on the legion story.


  58. No Y-the last man trade #10!!! Gahhh! I have just re-read the entire series ready for the last part! It was even better than I remembered too!